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Memo for the Client: what you need to consider when ordering an individual design for an online store

Ordering the service of creating an individual design for an online store, quite often the Customer and the Contractor find themselves in a conflict situation because of the banal lack of a proper understanding of the forthcoming processes in a single direction.

Individual development of the online store

In this there is nothing surprising, because the customer does not every month turn to someone for this service, and, not having professional knowledge, most often he sees the task only superficially. This applies to absolutely all industries, not just IT. And we are loyal to this.

In order for us to have full mutual understanding, please read this article before placing an order.

How is work on creating the design of each page of the online store

Creating an online store design

The whole process is divided into three stages, and from the side of the web studio is carried out by three specialists:

  1. First, the designer draws and creates a page layout.
  2. Then the web designer embodies the project directly on the site.
  3. After that, the tester begins the work. He checks the work of the previous specialist, analyzing the layout for the exact conformity of the layout, which the Client approved. Only in the case when everything is executed 100% according to the approved layout (picture), the finished page is sent for verification to the Client, while still on the test site.

It seems that everything is simple, but where are the inconsistencies?

Unstack number 1: different tastes of the designer and the client.

At the same time, quite often it is possible to note not always the professional opinion of the Client about the quality of the layout design. Very often, after the presentation of the layout, we hear from the client the following: "I do not like this color, let's make a little more light," "And let's play with fonts?", "Can I move this block from the menu to the right?" ... Yes , it would seem that there is such a thing, the client simply wants to get what he likes on the way out. But, the problem is that very often the designer does not want to argue, but silently introduces wishes into the picture, but for some reason, the project is already suddenly turned off. The client is displeased ... The client is indignant, says: "Why did not you correct me, you need I had to say ... ". After all, he himself understands that the work is paid for, and the result turned out - "not very".

Therefore, we immediately warn and initially negotiate with each client: take into account the professional recommendations of the team work of the web studio. Accordingly, professional web designers and programmers with many years of experience have much more knowledge and competence than the Client who orders the service of individual design.

The most acceptable option: when the web studio team by their efforts creates the final product for the Client for the previously approved plan - in this case everything happens fairly quickly, qualitatively and at a fixed cost. If the Customer constantly introduces his wishes and adjustments, the process is usually delayed, and the output is "not clear what", and is paid for in actual fact for the hours spent.

Design creation: 2 models of cooperation, choose!

Models of cooperation in creating a design

Option 1. If you, as a Client, trust the professional opinion and taste of our designer, everything will be fast, at a high level and with a fixed price.

Option 2. If it seems to you that you understand better in this matter than our professional designer, he will do everything you want. This model of cooperation is quite possible, you can even try and change everything 10 times to choose the most. Of course, such work will be paid by you for the time actually spent by our web designer. The work will last as long as you want, until your complete satisfaction and the final approval of the final layout.

In any case, before starting to work, our specialists carefully study your requirements, which, ideally, should be stated in the form of a clear Technical Task (TOR). Sometimes our managers and the designer solve this problem themselves, taking as a basis information from the questionnaire filled out by the Client, specifying all the necessary nuances during communication with him in our program of accounting tasks or in the telephone mode.

Having familiarized himself with the requirements of the Customer, the designer calls the cost estimate and the approximate time for completion of his part of the work. After payment he starts to work.

Unexpected number 2. The combination of design and functional parts.

The combination of design and functionality

A layout with the programmer agreed? Edit - this is normal, but the functional must be!

Here is a typical example. Let's say the layout is approved and entered the work for the coder after such stages of coordination with:

  • designer;
  • the project manager;
  • responsible programmer for the project.

But suddenly the Customer comes up with the idea that it would be nice to place a button on the product card with a link and a text: "Found cheaper?". It would seem, what's the problem? Yes, there is no problem - just a designer, and not suspecting what and how is stipulated in the functional plan, draws such a link, and the layout designer performs its part of the task ... But then the Client has a complaint, he is outraged that when you click on the link Nothing happens. After all, after the click, a definite pop-up window should appear!

In fact, there was no talk about any pop-up window in the contract and the project manager has no right to stretch the fulfillment of the previously agreed tasks, because in this case, to pass the project on time, it will be necessary to "move" another project and pull out the programmer from there, accordingly, is unacceptable. That is, initially the customer "not clearly enough" set the task, and it seems to him: "What's wrong with that! Do it, I'm crying! "But, in fact, all the plans of programmers are painted, and now it is not clear how and where we find a free programmer who will install the necessary module?

Therefore it is very important that you, as Clients, understand why all the tasks that are not stipulated in the contract we carry out only after the delivery of the positions prescribed in the contract. Try nevertheless to set out all wishes in the smallest detail when placing an order before the beginning of work. If at any stage of creating or implementing a layout you have new ideas, just tell this information to us, we will write them down in the plan, but keep in mind that their implementation will require additional time, and we will implement them only after the project is handed over.

How to order an online store design

How to order online store design

In order to establish the most effective contact and achieve an ideal mutual understanding, provide us with the following information:

  1. Sphere of interests and kind of activity of the company. Tell us about all your products and services, goals and priorities.
  2. How do you differ from competitors. Perhaps this is an original approach to business organization, a code of corporate values or some other unique features.
  3. Tasks of the site. Maybe it will not just be an Online Store, but something more? For example, a huge web resource, which not only sells goods and services, but also represents the company as a whole, and moreover contains a lot of useful information articles. Or maybe, on the contrary, we need a very simple, highly specialized online market? You decide.
  4. Site structure. Here you need to specify hcow many in the future the online store should have sections and subsections. Do you plan to implement the SEO structure? If you are at a loss to answer this question, write to us, our managers will help to solve it.
  5. Aesthetic preferences. Indicate which fonts, shapes, shades and background textures you would like to use. Perhaps there are sites that you like, and would you like to get something like that? Send links to several examples. The bigger, the better.
  6. On which CMS (content management system) will your store function? If you are at a loss with the answer, let us know. The fact is that each CMS has its own features, which our specialists must necessarily take into account in the course of the work. We work on the basis of CMS OpenCart, which has many advantages for both users and site owners.
  7. What features would you like to equip your site with? It's about virtual buttons, calculators, pop-up information windows and images, context menus, collapsing lists and much more. Here, all aspects of the interaction between the web resource and the user are set out.
  8. Content. The number of pages in each section, the format of the information provided, the types of page content (video, pictures, text, icons, etc.), the structure of the interposition of blocks and individual graphic units.

If you gave us detailed information on each of the above points, you can rest assured that the design of your site will be prepared as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why is it better to apply for the development of design for an online store in the web studio NeoSeo?

Perfect result

Yes, there are inconsistencies, and we consider it our duty to do everything necessary to make the Customer comfortable working with us. Do not be afraid of any difficulties or the inability to find fair solutions in conflict situations - this is normal for us, we solve similar problems every day, because it is impossible to foresee everything.

NeoSeo specialists have quite a lot of experience in the market, therefore, although they are not able to provide all possible pitfalls, they will always find a solution to minimize their influence. We always work on conscience and hand over to the customer only a 100% complete, high-quality product, building up friendly, long-term partnership relations.

Please, we will help you with creating an adaptive, individual, unique, optimized design for the online store!

Always glad to help the development of your online business,

Team NeoSeo.


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