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How to promote online store: proven methods

Do you think about opening your online store, or do you want to increase the attendance of an existing one? Then you came to the right place! In this article we will tell you about the most effective ways of promotion, and much you can do yourself!

How to promote your online store

Every literate entrepreneur, while making a business plan for entering the online trade, is of course obliged to immediately take into account his subsequent development.

How to attract customers to the Internet store? Which Internet marketing channels should you use first, and which later? How much money does it take to make the first sale? etc. In reality, in the CIS market, few people think that after the development of the Internet store, the most important and expensive pleasure begins - its promotion and promotion.

You will be very lucky if at the stage of choosing a contractor to create an online store in the Development Team there is an Internet marketer who will tell you how to correctly create an SEO structure of the Internet store, and the contractor himself, before rolling out your offspring, will carry out all the work on the internal technical optimization - otherwise, you recoil from the stage of active promotion for another 2-3 months, and if you are very unlucky with the developer, you will have to redo the Internet store again.

Also you are lucky if the sales manager from the developer will not hold back, but will prepare you well in advance for the fact that on the Internet store in the first 6-12 months you need to have a budget, on average, from 3 to 12K USD, who will be promoting: you yourself or a contractor organization.

So, where should we start thinking?

First of all, before proceeding to such a difficult business as the promotion of an online store, we recommend defining your goals and comparing them with your budget.

Very often, at the stage of "assessing the cost of services for promotion and promotion of the Internet store," the client asks to calculate everything in the world: search engine promotion, contextual advertising, targeted advertising with retargeting, and ... And why? Yes, you want to sell immediately and a lot, but in fact, the budgets for you are not "rubber" and the truth is that you need to understand where your "fish" is swimming and how to bring it to the site. You need the first 10,000 visitors to understand, but does your business work in principle? - here is your goal! You need the right strategy, because in one case it's better to focus on price-aggregators and marketplays, and in the other - social networks or advertising in Google Adwords. In any case, you need traffic here and now.

Promotion of the Internet store on its own

How to understand, where better to convert traffic? Where to invest first of all? The answer is simple - you need to analyze the market yourself, and you can turn to a specialized firm, in particular web-studio "NeoSeo", and get a competent strategy on the way out. In this case, you practically do not have to waste your personal time. However, the disadvantage of this option is that the site promotion strategy will cost a certain amount of money. The result, of course, is worth it, but what if there is no budget?

To get by with a minimal investment of money, you can try to unleash the Internet store solely on your own. However, you will have to spend a decent amount of time to learn all the nuances. Therefore, if you want to save, but get the best possible result from the promotion, it is better to choose a mixed approach. Something to do on your own, and something to instruct a specialized firm.

So, let's take a closer look at what the most popular Internet marketing tools are and how to choose the most effective ways to promote an online store? Let's start with those that you can use without involving specialists.

Promotion of the Internet store on its own

How to promote online store self-advice from NeoSeo

In this section we will tell you about ways to promote the online store, which you can use yourself. But remember that for a positive result you will need to do this constantly, and not from time to time. If you want, you can at any stage resort to the help of specialists.

Social networks

In recent decades, virtually no one does without social networks. This segment of the Internet is so popular that not using it for advertising would be a huge omission.

To promote the online store, first of all you should consider the options for promotion in such social networks as:

Promotion of an online store in social networks: tips from NeoSeo

  • Instagram;
  • Facebook;
  • Twitter.

These options are suitable for attracting audiences from around the world. Ideally, it's best to use several social networks at once. But in fact you may not have enough for all time and money, so give priority to the most priority option.

Please note that for the promotion of the Internet store, a page in the social network should be kept every day, where, it is desirable, new information should constantly appear.

Otherwise, subscribers will scatter. In addition, to engage the audience, conduct any events, publish reports on promotions, sales and proceeds. Communicate with subscribers, answer their questions and comments. Maximum interact with people.

Marketing in social networks

Targeting and contextual advertising

This type of advertising works directly with a clearly defined target audience. You install all the necessary parameters in person. One disadvantage is that targeting advertising is paid. However, with the right set up of advertising campaigns and through repeated sales, it quickly pays for itself. This way of promoting the online store is extremely effective in addition to e-mail marketing.

Targeting and contextual advertising can be configured in search engines (for example, in Google Adwords), and in social networks. In doing so, you should clearly understand who your target audience is. In targeting advertising you can set the following parameters:

  • Socio-demographic. The display of advertising will be for people of a certain age, sex, profession, etc.
  • Geographical location. You can specify a region or customize the display of advertising only to people who are within a certain radius from a particular point.
  • Advertising by interests. Accordingly, the display of advertising will only be carried out for visitors who are supposedly interested in the product.
  • Show time. To do this, you should first determine at what time of day people are most often looking for the goods that you provide in your online store.

Targeting advertising for the promotion of online store, tips NeoSeo

However, before using targeted advertising, well define your target audience, think over your advertising message, or better two, compare the cost of a click for the transition, and then start advertising campaigns with a budget limit for the day. Once you have enough data to analyze, select the most effective advertising space. Google Analytics and CRM systems help you.

SEO-promotion of the Internet store with the help of specialists

In this section we will talk about such methods of promotion, which are difficult to conduct without special preparation. Of course, nothing is impossible, but it will take a lot of time to figure it all out. For this reason, many prefer to use the services of specialists.


How to promote your online store with the help of SEO

SEO-promotion will bring your site to one of the first places in the issue of search queries. And this means that a large number of visitors will enter your Internet store, relatively speaking for free. Accordingly, sales will grow.

This type of promotion is considered one of the most effective. But the fact is that it includes a lot of various activities to improve the quality of the site, including work on internal technical optimization of the online store, as well as an expensive pleasure to increase the reference mass from authoritative sources. For this reason, immediately you will not be able to get tangible results. It will take time both to implement edits by programmers and search engines to "see" your edits and work on the site and start ranking your site in the TOP-10.

The ideal option is a competent distribution of funds for the promotion and promotion of your site, which will include not only fast traffic, but work in terms of long-term strategy, as clicks in targeted and contextual advertising every year become more expensive.

Contextual advertising + Remarketing in Google Adwords and Yandex.Direct

This type of advertising, along with targeting is very effective and refers to the so-called. "Fast traffic." If the advertising campaign is correctly set up, the results, in the form of calls and purchase orders, will not take long. You immediately, after approval of your ads by the moderators Google Adwords or Yandex.Direct, you will feel the flow of visitors to the site, well, with the competent construction of the internal sales department, of course, you will have the first sales.

In this case, the efficiency and cost of the click, again, will largely depend on the SEO structure of your online store, because the more relevant the pages to search queries, the cheaper it will be to cost each click, well, one sale in particular.

Depending on the purpose, your ads can be displayed directly on the exact, phrase and broad matches of search queries.

Contextual advertising to attract new customers

There are three types of contextual advertising:

  • text - phrases with links;
  • banner - advertising in the form of images;
  • video ads - a small video with a link.

Teaser advertising This type of advertising is a picture with a title, text and a link. Typically, the image and message are chosen so as to attract attention.

The huge advantage of teaser advertising - it is inexpensive. However, visits through teasers do not always lead to tangible results. To ensure that such advertising was effective, you need to monitor quality traffic. Sites with poor-quality traffic will have to be blocked.

Additional tools to promote the online store

The main tools for analyzing the channels of promotion


During the promotion of the Internet store, an important point is the analysis of the data obtained. It is necessary in order to keep track of which activities were effective and which did not bring benefits. It is the analyst that allows you to determine the direction and leave the most effective ways to promote the online store. Among popular and free services we recommend Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrics.


There are a lot of various methods of promotion of the online store, but if you want to achieve the best results, then you should use an integrated approach. Do not be afraid to combine and combine different types of advertising. The only thing that is worth remembering, in advance, in detail, think over the strategy. This will save you from unnecessary actions and unnecessary work.

From recommendations it is also worth noting that in most cases, the most effective strategy will be to get fast traffic: targeted, contextual advertising, and placement on price aggregators. It is getting a quick result, you can quickly correct the proposal, quickly hear your shortcomings from customers and generally understand whether you have developed a business plan ...

Yes, it will not be easy to set up everything and we just have to warn you. All these stories of "draining the budgets" are true, because most people do not want to pay for services, and to read the instructions for 500 pages is too lazy. A magic pill, as you know, does not happen - either roll up your sleeves or trust people who have spent a lot of their time to figure it all out.

In any case, we wish you every success, and if you need to remember, the specialists of Web-studio "NeoSeo" will always help you with the promotion of the Internet store - contact us!


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