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How to start an ascent to the TOPs of Google: order an SEO-audit from the web-studio "NeoSeo"!

Order SEO-audit - start competent promotion in the search!

You spend a lot of money to promote the site and attract new users, but the results are disappointing? Your online store is behind competitors' sites in search results, but what is the reason and why is it not clear?

You need the help of experts on OpenCart, we will find and eliminate all errors, so that your online store can reach the TOP positions in search results.

But how you know that how much your site meets the current requirements of SEO optimization? Of course, create SEO-audit ! Below you will learn how to improve the efficiency of your site and ensure high rankings in search results for specific queries.

SEO-audit: how to improve the quality of search engine promotion

SEO-audit of a site is the developed analysis, professional check of your web resource to confirm requirements of search engines.

Thanks to SEO-audit you will get detailed information, as far as:

  • Your online store meets the technical requirements of search engines, how correctly it was designed initially.
  • your site can generate organic traffic for medium and low frequency queries from Google and Yandex search engines.
  • your web resource has the correct SEO structure and basic elements for successful promotion (user-friendly URL, landing pages of categories and subcategories for SEO filters, mega-menus, etc.).

SEO-audit of a site is the beginning of high quality work on search optimization.

It can be compared with an examination by a professional doctor who gives recommendations for improving the "health" of your web resource. After all, the next stage is an exciting struggle for a "place under the sun," that is, for the top positions in the search results of Google and Yandex!

Specialists of the web-studio "NeoSeo" offer to conduct a high quality analysis of your site for compliance with all the requirements of modern search engine optimization SEO. And the first thing that requires a professional assessment of webmasters is the SEO structure in the context of the overall architecture of the site. After all, if SEO-structure, as the basis of the site, is not correct, it can not properly generate traffic from search engines.

A qualified analysis of SEO-structure of the site provides analysis and subsequent recommendations about:

  • the opportunity to optimize the site specifically for the most relevant, low and medium frequency queries in order to obtain the highest conversion traffic from search engines (for example, Google).
  • ease of use for site visitors.
  • A high level of intuitive navigation online store.
  • Move to any page of the site in two "clicks".

The analysis of SEO-structure of a site covers 5 components:

  1. analysis of the tree categories and subcategories: the possibility of creating and optimizing; compliance structure requirements of Google and Yandex; coverage of all search groups on the relevant topic of product offers.
  2. analysis of "landing pages" based on SEO filters: optimization opportunities with SEO filters as tools for generating search traffic; "Landing pages" for medium- and low-frequency search queries.
  3. analysis of "Mega-menu": evaluation of design and ease of use; the logic of products groups structure from the user’s perspective; attractiveness of the main "window" of the Online store.
  4. analysis of ways to organize additional menus and static pages of the site (about us, delivery and payment, etc.).
  5. analysis of the convenience of custom filters and tags for sorting goods in categories.

As a result of the analysis of the SEO structure of the site you will receive an expert conclusion: how much your web resource is capable of generating search traffic at the current stage, as well as specific recommendations for improving SEO optimization of your site.

SEO-audit: results of checking internal optimization

The next stage of professional SEO-audit is the verification of tags, meta tags and keywords, which play a big role in search engine optimization of the site. We estimate how well spelled out:

  • title tag.
  • meta tag Description.
  • Keywords.
  • headings from H1 to H6.

You will find out how unique the articles are on your site, whether the right percentage of keywords is used, how correctly they are placed, etc.

SEO-audit for content analysis is performed according to the following criteria:

  • overall content evaluation on the page (text, photo, video quality, etc.).
  • the convenience of placing content for the user: the font size and color, the availability of tables, the visual quality of pictures, photos, videos, etc.
  • the relevance of content to the requirements of search engines and users (unique text, key phrases, their frequencies, a list of required Keywords, etc.)
  • correspondence of content to format and correct placement (headings, paragraphs, linking, etc.)
  • Filling meaningful content, interest and usefulness for the user.

A significant point of SEO-audit is the technical evaluation of the internal optimization of the site for compliance with the requirements of Google and Yandex search engines.

In particular, the specialists of our web studio are checking:

  • mobile version or adaptive website design.
  • performing tests for the speed of loading pages.
  • quality of project optimization by speed and viewing on various devices (desktop + mobile) according to Google test
  • Sitemap files.
  • Correcting and managing robots.txt files.
  • Adjustment and conclusion of "breadcrumb" (navigation).
  • prescribing canonical URLs (rel = canonical attribute settings) on pages with partially duplicate content
  • micro-markings according to the format (for "bread crumbs", reviews on the product cards, reviews on the Online store, the presence of Google+ page, the price of the products, currency, goods in stock, markup for withdrawal, video, snapshot, etc.).
  • Duplicates of meta-tag values, and also whether sequential numbering of pages in meta tags is printed on pagination pages.
  • The last block of SEO-audit includes analysis of the external optimization of the site - the number and quality of external links to the resource. In particular, experts of the web-studio «NeoSeo» carry out a check.
  • outbound links (unknown links, links to authoritative sources, rel = nofollow for links to partners, etc.).
  • external links - donors (quantitative and qualitative indicators, presence of "spam" links, a superficial analysis of competitors' portfolios, comparisons of the portfolio with competitors, analysis of anchors, analysis of traffic of transfers, etc.).

To perform a SEO audit for the examination choose:

  • Home page.
  • Page categories of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels (selectively 2 pages).
  • Products cards (selectively 2 units).
  • Static pages (about us, delivery and payment, etc.).
  • Dynamic pages of news and articles (blog).

All the expert evaluations are received by the Customer in structured 5 tables, where comprehensive information on the results of professional SEO-audit from specialists of our web-studio is provided. In addition, the customer receives a general conclusion about the effectiveness of SEO for a particular site.

The timing of the SEO audit is 7 working days.

The result of the SEO audit service: the customer receives an expert detailed report - the starting point for improving the search engine optimization of the Internet store. Our web-studio gives 100% guarantee manual, based on "human" not computer and if necessary, qualitatively perform all the changes and recommendations on the results of the audit.

Contact the sales manager to specify the cost of SEO audit or fill in the form below.



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