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Exchange and synchronization of data with 1C

The service of setting the integration of exchange (exchange) and synchronization of the data of the Internet store on OpenCart with the program of accounting of goods 1C: Enterprise, trade management: how to facilitate your business.

You are the owner of an online store, which is developed on CMS OpenCart, and to account for inventory use the program "1C: Enterprise"? Are you tired of constantly making orders from the online store in manual mode, and the confusion with the amount of delivery that is added to the total cost of the goods has already reached the boiling point? Are you suffering because of correcting mistakes caused by the "human factor" when placing orders in 1C?

In this case, you URGENT need to configure the integration between the online store and 1C trade management, so that there is an automatic exchange and synchronization of data. To optimize the processes of your business, we offer a special software solution and a turnkey service that will allow you to configure the automatic exchange and synchronization of the online store with the 1C: Enterprise program. Integration of the data of the Internet store on OpenCart with 1С.

Інтеграція даних Інтернет-магазину на OpenCart з 1С

Why is it profitable for you to pay and configure the integration of the exchange and synchronization of data from the Internet store on OpenCart with 1C: Enterprise?

  • First, the financial benefit (no need to pay employees for ordering);
  • Secondly, organizational optimization of business processes (synchronization of orders, up-to-date information on stock balances, simplification of the process of issuing documents relating to delivery, etc. - all processes occur automatically);
  • Thirdly, saving time (for ordering, as well as for monitoring, checking and eliminating errors).
  • Fourth - all questions will be addressed by the best specialists in the market who have set up the exchange and synchronization with 1C: Enterprise more than 500 times "turnkey". The NeoSeo web studio specialists will listen to you, analyze all the incoming data, recommend the best options for achieving the goal and configure automatic data exchange processes between the Internet shop and the 1C: Turnkey enterprise remotely. From you you need only the formulation and the coordination of the task!

What is included in the content of the service?

Application 1C: The enterprise in the work of your online store on OpenCart, as well as synchronization of data with the offline store or warehouse provides:

  • automation of the organizational activity of the Internet store, adding a resource to the general accounting system of the enterprise;
  • an integrated picture of financial affairs and the results of the online store, as well as other points of sale;
  • optimization of financial analysis of the online store, etc.

Supported versions of OpenCart: 1.5.x, 2.x, NEW! 3 version!

Step № 1: "unloading" goods from 1C: Enterprise in the online store on OpenCart. Exchange (exchange) of data on the Internet store on OpenCart with 1C

What data about the goods are "unloaded" on the site?

  • the name of the product (in one language);
  • description of goods (in one language);
  • product category;
  • the manufacturer of the goods (if specified);
  • the main image of the product;
  • weight of the goods;
  • product parameters (length, width, height);
  • characteristics of the goods;
  • attributes of the goods;
  • the rest of the goods;
  • the basic price of the goods;
  • wholesale or promotional prices of goods.

Automatic synchronization of data occurs with a frequency, usually 1 time per hour, but if necessary, you can perform an emergency "unloading" of goods manually.

Step № 2: setting up "downloading" orders from the online store in 1C: Enterprise

Regular automatic "downloading" of orders from the website of your online store to OpenCart in the 1C: Enterprise program, trade management is usually 1 time / 5 minutes, but if necessary, you can "load" goods manually.

When "loading" orders into the 1C: Enterprise program, documents "Buyer order" are generated that contain the following information:

  • order number from the online store;
  • date of order from the online store;
  • ordered goods (according to the order list);
  • additional information to the order (notes, which the buyer specifies, if necessary).

When creating an order, a counterparty is created automatically, which contains data from the online store:

  • last name and first name;
  • E-mail address;
  • contact number;
  • delivery address.

Nota Bene! If the customer wants to create orders in 1C, you can include such items as "delivery method" or "payment method". However, as a rule, it is more expedient to arrange such information as notes to the order. Synchronization of the data of the Internet store on OpenCart with 1С.

Синхронізація даних Інтернет-магазину на OpenCart з 1С

Please note that when you "unload" orders, the option "delivery method" can be issued as the same nomenclature. This will allow you to avoid inaccuracies: otminusovanie of the total amount of the price for the goods and the cost of delivery.

For example: "Delivery by courier, 1pc, 30 UAH." - this nomenclature will be separated from the price for the goods. In this case, the order amount in the online store and in the 1C: Enterprise program will be the same.

Step № 3: "unloading" orders

Specialists of web-studio "NeoSeo" set up a regular automatic "unloading" of orders. For automatic "unloading" of orders, you may need to create an additional order status (for example, "In processing", "Completed"). This "final" status is needed to ensure that the order in the future is not "unloaded" repeatedly.

If you have a large number of products in your online store, for convenience we can offer "Quick Product Editor" and "Quick Order Editor" for online stores on OpenCart own development.

Features of our software solution with other programs

Synchronization of the data of the online store (exchange) on OpenCart with the program of accounting of goods occurs with the following versions of 1C: Enterprise, Trade Management - 8.1, 8.2, 8.3.

Our software solution supports these configurations:

  • UT 2.3 and higher (Ukraine);
  • UT 10 and higher (Russia);
  • UNF 1.6 and higher.
  • Configure the data of the online store on OpenCart with 1C

Настройка данных Интернет-магазина на OpenCart с 1С

Information about the software solution

Exchange module, synchronization and integration of the data of the Internet store on OpenCart with 1C: 1C: The company has been successfully installed by the specialists of the web-studio "NeoSeo" more than 500 times "on a turn-key basis".

Among the online stores that use our software solution:

  • and etc.

Advantages of working with our software solution:

The software solution for synchronizing the data of the Internet store with the 1C accounting software from NeoSeo web studio is used by thousands of webmasters and web studios from all over the CIS - this is a constantly updated, the best solution on the market.

Technical support

Web-studio "NeoSeo" provides free technical support for the developed software solution. However, it happens that problems can arise not in the work of our software solution, but in the program itself 1C: Enterprise (for example, the discrepancy between the number of balances in 1C and the online store). In this case, we will solve all the issues, but on a fee basis.

Frequently asked Questions:

1. Question: Is it possible to test the "NeoSeo Exchange with 1s" module and synchronize the data of the Internet store on OpenCart with the 1C program before purchasing?

Answer: Yes, we provide a test license that will allow you to get acquainted with the functional, test everything and evaluate the capabilities of the NeoSeo module. The test license is issued once for 14 days for 1 domain. Re-issuance of the license is not possible.

2. Question: Is it possible to configure the 1C exchange module from NeoSeo yourself?

Answer: Yes, when purchasing (or testing) the module, a general instruction for configuration is provided. With the help of it, buyers configure the exchange independently without problems. If nevertheless there are difficulties you can always contact us for advice or for ordering a synchronization service with 1s key.

3. Question: Is it possible to fill in the database 1c with data from the site with the help of the "NeoSeo Exchange with 1s" module or do I have to manually slaughter all the goods in 1s?

Answer: The module supports the unloading of goods and categories from the site. The CommerceML protocol does not support downloading data on products from the site in 1s from the box. If you have a problem to fill the 1c database from the site, and you are a 1c programmer or at least able to hire a 1c programmer, here is the instruction how to implement it: 85290

In another case, we can help you transfer the goods to 1s. For evaluation - specify version 1c and send a screen about the program to

4. Question: for how long is the license for using the "NeoSeo Exchange with 1s" module after payment?

Answer: After purchase, the license is granted for absolutely, but you can get the module updates for free within 1 year. At the end of this period, if you need to upgrade, you will have to pay for the renewal. If you do not need to update, then you do not need to renew anything.

5. Question: when unloading more than 10,000 products from 1s, a server error of 500 or 504 occurs, if you upload less then everything is fine, you improved the hosting tariff, but nothing has changed, only the name and the price without pictures are in goods. There may be some restrictions on the operation of the script or the ability to process data in batches. How can you solve such a problem?

Answer: in this case, try to include the archive in the module settings. Or, configure several exchanges with different directories that will be started after each other. But, if you use the Disable Missing setting - this option should be discarded, otherwise the desired products can be disabled.

6. Question: In 1c product modifications are created by individual goods, but on the site it is necessary that these goods become options. Is it possible?

Answer: there are several options:

1. Manually correct the entire nomenclature.

2. Use the article numbers in the options. A special module is added, which adds an article field to the options and then all the goods have to be started manually in the store, i.e. manually specified and the product, and options to it, and the article in the option. This is a fabulous menengit, but almost the only way for those who want on the 1c side to store each option in a separate position. In this case, you will also need manual work, but on the side of the store.

3. The second option can be automated. Those. On the side 1c, two properties are introduced - a series and an option. The series is what allows you to group the items into one product. For example, iPhone 6s. The option is something to group. For example 32GB, 64GB, 128GB. As a result, if we see that the product has a series, then we are looking for a product with the same series and add an option with the specified name to it. And we will get one product of the iPhone 6s with the options 32GB, 64GB, 128GB. This method has not been implemented yet and it will take work both on your part and with ours.

7. Question: can your module for the integration, exchange and synchronization of the data of the Internet store with the 1C program transfer a discount, discount card or coupon number with a discount in% of orders in 1C?

Answer: The module supports the transfer of the results of the order, including discounts in the order. But only in the form of goods. The exchange protocol with 1s is not intended for transfer of discounts, etc., therefore all discounts and delivery methods (all results in the order) in 1s can be transferred only in the form of goods.

Those. when opening an order, you will have something like this in 1c:

Product 1 - 100 UAH

Product 2 - 200 UAH

Personal discount - 10 UAH

8. Question: I put the "NeoSeo Exchange with 1s" module, the goods are unloaded, and orders do not load in 1s - XML ​​could not be read. What to do?

Answer: try changing the encoding of the file. To do this, in the module settings on the orders tab, find the option "Unload in utf-8". If it is on, turn it off and vice versa. If disabled, turn it on. Also, maybe the reason is that the order file is not valid. This is possible, when the name of the goods, the method of pre-loading or payment uses an unsupported symbol. In order to verify the validity of the module, you must download it through the module settings and open it in the browser, or else pass through the XML validator.

9. Question: what is the fundamental difference between the modules "NeoSeo Exchange with Class365" and "NeoSeo Exchange with 1s"?

Answer: is that there is a difference in these two decisions and it is big. The "NeoSeo Exchange with 1s" module is designed for CommerceML communication and all the functionality of the module is limited to this format. Those. all that allows the format by the standard module supports. If you need something over, you need to modify it. If 1c can still be modified, because there is access to the configurator (if the version is not cloudy), then the class265 and my warehouse do not allow this. Those. they do not complete the protocol. If you do not need anything beyond the standard (exchange of goods in one direction from class 365 to the site, orders from the site to class 265), then you can use this module.

The Exchange with Class 365 module is implemented specifically for this system and does not work on protocol, but on their API. Accordingly, the module supports the basic functions that the API provides and, if necessary, you can refine the functionality of the module if you need anything. The module supports the exchange of goods, categories, buyers in both directions. There are some points. For example, if a product is added to the site, only the title, description, attributes will fall into the class. The remainder and the price will need to be driven into the classroom manually. You can take this module for a test period and test its operation. After you decide what is best for you.

10. Question: In your practice, +/- how much does such a job end up (approximately)? Or how to estimate the cost of work before starting work? Maybe you will do it 50 hours, maybe 15 hours. The cost is three times more, so you want to understand the approximate time frame. Ask any questions from me about what and how to synchronize and at least roughly estimate how much it will cost. And it's not clear, an approximate cost fork.

Answer: Fill, please, the brief

After filling it please inform. Believe our experience. It happens that everything is written in the brief and there should not be any problems, but 1s is an external service, a lot depends on the configuration, keeping records, and so on. Brief makes it clear what you want to get as a result, but does not foresee the problem. All difficult situations always arise only when working on a task and can not foresee them in advance. For example, we begin work, it turns out that the necessary data is not transmitted. We begin to understand the situation. Sometimes the solution requires a specialist to connect to 1c, which incurs additional costs, which can only assess the specialist 1c. Do you have a specialist? Therefore, you should be prepared for the fact that you may need to pay extra for the task and for additional expenses for the programmer 1c.

The cost and terms of works "turnkey"

The cost of setting the integration, exchange (exchange) and synchronization of the work of the Internet store with the program 1C: Enterprise, trade management "turnkey" - from 15 hours.

If you need to do individual work, for example, you need to transfer additional data, or if there are products that use combinations of options, for example, color + size, in that case, write to, where we'll discuss everything with you.

The timing of the synchronization of data on the Internet store on OpenCart with 1C: Enterprise - from 5 working days.

Before starting the procedure for setting up the exchange and synchronization of the Internet store data with the 1C: Enterprise accounting program, you must fill out a special brief (make a request for editing).

Dear future NeoSeo web studio clients!

Please take into account that any work that you order in our web studio, we perform on specially deployed for this local and test environment.

As we already mentioned earlier, during any kind of programming work, conflicts and failures in the program code are possible, which can not be predicted. Therefore, it is important that programmers have the opportunity to make changes, test and adjust the work of the new functionality on the local and test environment, and then pass it to you for approval without affecting the main site.

This will avoid the occurrence of possible errors on the site and / or a complete stoppage of its work. You can check the correctness of the new functionality and if you want to make additional changes, and only after your approval we transfer the work data to the main site.

The deployment of a local and test environment requires 3 hours of specialist work (the prices of all services can be found here) .

In order to save money, you can opt out of the local and test environment, but then all the work will be done on your main site. In this case, the entire responsibility for the consequences due to possible mistakes and incorrect work of the Internet store falls on you.

An exception may be situations - if you have a completely new site, there are no visitors on it, and the work carried out will not affect the sales of your online store.

We will be glad to see you among our clients, leave your contacts below:


Пришлите, пож, бриф на заполнение "подключение модуля обмена 1С и опен карт". alena***
Да, конечно, бриф отправим, для более оперативной связи, пожалуйста, используйте связь через наш Telegram-чат
Планирую использовать модуль, но нужно наоборот с интернет магазина выгружать в 1С . работает ли модуль в обратную сторону?
Команда NeoSeo
Добрый день! Да, модуль обеспечивает обмен данными в обе стороны. Рекомендуем перед покупкой взять бесплатную тестовую лицензию, и проверить работу модуля на своем тестовом сайте.
Добрый день, у нас OpenCart 3.0 и УНФ для Украины версия 8.1, сможете настроить обмен?
Команда NeoSeo
Добрый день, да конечно, можем.
Добрый день! Пусть кто-то из специалистов свяжется со мной по вопросу интеграции сайта с 1с: УНФ
Команда NeoSeo
Добрый день, Виктория. Спасибо, что выбираете наши решения. Передадим Ваши контакты специалистам.
1 с-11.2 , сайт -Опенкарт 2.3 .Есть ли возможность настроить,чтобы товары выгружались на сайт не в одну ,а в несколько категорий,обозначенных предварительно в 1с. Соответственно ,чтобы остатки этих товаров и прочие атрибуты (характеристики,опции) были синхронизированы.
Команда NeoSeo
Добрый день, Артём. Да, конечно, такая возможность существует для Вашей модификации 1С и интеренет-магазина на OpenCart 2.3
1с торговля 10.3 поддерживается?
Команда NeoSeo
Андрей, если есть поддержка CommerceML2 или 3, то да, синхронизируются. Можете взять тестовую бесплатную лицензию и проверить.
Необходимо все данные (товар, категория, покупатели, заказы)передавать с сайта на 1С. И нужно формирование счёта в 1С . Какой модуль мне необходимо приобрести?
Команда NeoSeo
Добрый день, Андрей! Модуль обмена данными 1С и OpenCart
Здравствуйте. Есть ли у вас инструкция по подключению 1с к сайту (конфигурация "Управление торговлей, редакция 10.3")?
Команда NeoSeo
Добрый день! Перейдите, пожалуйста, по ссылке там в пунктах меню найдете нужную для Вас информацию.
Работает ли с УНФ для Украины?
Команда NeoSeo
Добрый день, Евгений! Да, конечно работает.
Где найти информацию сколько стоит модуль, как его приобрести, как обратиться к вам? Много много технической информации на странице, а ответов на ключевые вопросы нет.
Команда NeoSeo
Добрый день, Алексей. Если вы хотите купить модуль для самостоятельной настройки обмена OpenCart и 1С:Предприятие, пожалуйста, перейдите по ссылке для версий 2.1-2.3 сюда, а для версии 3.0 сюда 

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