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Your store goes through 9 stages of development

Four of which are made for your sales

Stage 1 : Functions
Stage 2 : Design
Stage 3 : Filling and exchange
Stage 4 : Server settings
Stage 5 : Preparing to launch
Stage 6 : SEO structure
Stage 7 : Internal optimization
Stage 8 : Google Ads
Stage 9 : Speed up loading
Technical development
Stage 1. Functions — what your store will be able to do
We will create a store with a set to 150 modules with flexible function settings.
Modification of any module for individual tasks is possible.
Today we are developing on OpenCart 2.1, platform "Premium with 1С", and we also develop based on: our version of OpenCart 3.0 + the fastest FireStore theme, FireStore Premium or Fashion
Stage 2. Design — how your store will look like
We offer three options for creating a design:
  • based on our templates;
  • based on a template with individual elements — for example, by drawing the main page or product card;
  • completely custom design.
Read the article below to understand which design option is right for you..
learn about all design options
Stage 3. Filling and data exchange
We organize filling or data synchronization in any way you need:
1. Synchronization with the 1C system: Enterprise, TorgSoft, MoySklad, Klass365, Brain API, etc. We will set up fast and accurate data exchange to optimize business processes. The automated exchange process provides periodic unloading of the product catalog to the online store, and customer orders from the store to 1C. More details…
2. Importing data from a vendor file. Automatic adding / updating of products from the price lists of the supplier of the following formats: XML, YML, XLSX, XLS, CSV. Vendor files can be downloaded one time or downloaded periodically at the desired time. More details…
3. Parsing products from a donor site. Allows you to automatically fill online store with relevant products (with prices, descriptions, images) and categories from donor site. More details…
Stage 4. Server configuring
We help you choose a reliable hosting. We set up server and deploy store on it.
Stage 5. Preparing to launch
We carry out final testing. We hand over a project with a screen sharing online. We set up the operation of the online store on a secure encrypted protocol. We teach the basics of store management.
Development for your sales
Stage 6. SEO structure
SEO-structure of the product catalog determines whether you can get free traffic from search engines, and also serves to attract fast paid traffic at the lowest CPC. A properly created structure consists of hundreds of landing pages that are most relevant to thousands of low and medium-frequency queries. See how it works in case, also watch the video:
We study customer search queries and create store structure based on them
You get thousands of optimized pages that significantly reduce your search ad CPCs. After 3-7 months of promotion, they bring customers for free.
Stage 7. Internal optimization
We follow search engines recommendations for webmasters so, that store is well indexed and correctly perceived by search monopolists. Already at the development stage, we prescribe meta tags, do micro-markup, set up the fastest sitemap, etc. by the list.
find out what is included in internal technical optimization work
You do not have to spend money on SEO audit and code correction for promotion after the store launch. Direct this money, for example, to Google Shopping and get your first customers in a few days.
Stage 8. Advertising on Google Shopping
Immediately after online store launch, we set up advertising campaigns in Google Shopping and bring first customers. When your customers search for your product names, Google will show your Shopping ads above all search results.
In addition to Google Shopping, we can set up product advertisements on social networks Facebook, Instagram. Learn more ...
Stage 9. Accelerating page loading speed
Speed of mobile version loading pages is now a KEY factor in the ranking of sites by search engines Google and Yandex.

4 solutions to speed up page loading:

1. Improved performance by Google PageSpeed Insights (Core Web Vitals). In the summer of 2020, Google introduced new algorithms, according to which the assessment of the page load speed of any site is determined by three indicators, which are now called "Core Web Vitals": 
  • LCP (download speed of main content), 
  • FID (waiting time before the first content interaction), 
  • CLS (stability of layout and elements that do not interfere with content interaction). More details
For today, 03/12/2021, we received the following indicators for our platform, model A:
Google PageSpeed Insights Test Metrics for Home Page
Google PageSpeed Insights Test Metrics for a Category Page
Google PageSpeed Insights Test Metrics for Product Cards


2. PWA (Progressive Web App). Progressive mobile app for your online store. They are supported by the browsers installed by 93% of users. It is PWA that is now recommended by Google, this is the latest innovation, the most progressive technology that solves all issues of the convenience of using an online store from mobile devices. Детальнее…
3. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). AMP pages are simplified versions of online store pages that load many times faster than standard mobile site version.  Pages speed displaying is increased primarily due to site elements simplification, special layout and caching. More details…
4. Yandex Turbo Pages. The technology allows you to create lightweight versions of pages for display on mobile devices. The loading speed of the turbo page is about 15 times faster than usual. More details…
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Benefit from an experienced Team
  • When ordering a development from us, you get a synchronized Team of technical specialists and marketers to get a selling store.
  • Get pricing and «manufacturer» warranties. We develop our solutions ourselves and will always be able to modify them to suit your individual business characteristics. You will receive these products at the lowest price guaranteed.
Store — Your property
  • After development, you get your own online store. You can sell it, rent it out, etc.
  • Add new features freely. Hire other contractors. You are not need to agree on anything with anyone.
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