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Hello! How can we help you?
Order the creation of an online store “turnkey” on the basis of SEO-Shop model A, web-studio NeoSeo
Develop an Online store
{ready for promotion}
from 599$
Order individual programming and technical support of online stores based on {SEO-Shop} or OpenCart, web-studio NeoSeo
Technical support
for Online stores
from 10$/1h.
Order promotion of online stores: SEO, PPC, Marketplace and Price aggregators, email marketing, web-studio NeoSeo
Online Stores:
email marketing
from 500$/month
Expand the functionality of the online store with ready-made modules, web-studio NeoSeo
Extend functionality
Online store
using ready-made
from 10$

Who you are?

img The revolutionaries team is in full bloom that helps businessmen achieve their e-commerce goals. img

What you can do and do
the best?

Developing optimized
and adapted for later
successful promotion
Online stores {SEO-shops} .
Bring to online stores
Customers, we provide sales
{SEO + PPC}. .
We support and develop online stores
on CMS OpenCart. We share the developed modules and program individual needs of Clients.

How! we do it

What makes our business unique?

Advantage №1 - Customer Perspective

Creating an online store we are developing not just a program code that will perform its program functions from the point of view of a programming language, we are looking wider and deeper.

We are sure that the web resource should not only "work" - it is obliged to sell!

A modern online store should not only be fashionable, convenient, functional, most importantly, it should be optimized for search engines and provide constant growth of sales

We have created {Seo-Shop} - a solution for the development of your online business that meets all the requirements of search engines and buyers, so that the former give you traffic and the latter bring you their money.

Nikolay Baldin, marketer of web-studio NeoSeo baldin

Advantage №2 - Only OPENCART and {SEO Shop}

  • Narrow specialization and experience We do not do business cards, landing pages, etc. We concentrate exclusively on the development of online stores, which makes us a leading player in the market.
  • We work since 2014 as a web-studio NeoSeo;
  • launched more than 100 successful online stores;
  • more than 50 software modules developed
    for OpenCart and {SEO Shop};
  • More than 200 projects are serviced monthly in
    technical support plan;
  • More than 2000 module sales and
  • more than 500 grateful reviews to them.

Advantage №3 - modern technologies and values

Openness and transparency

You monitor the implementation of tasks from the Client’s personal account, where it is convenient and easy to communicate with our employees - direct performers, without intermediaries, and, if necessary, you can communicate directly with the company management.



Forget about all sorts of headaches associated with finding the right specialists . At your service are programmers, designers, layout designers, testers, copywriters and marketing specialists. We resolve any issues.


What we don't do
and never will we do?

We never will not develop online stores for cheap template solutions that are absolutely insignificant from the point of view of search engines and promotion in general.

We never let's not touch the development of an online store on non-e-commerce CMS, for example, WordPress (WooCommerse plugin), Joomla (Virtuemart plugin), Drupal (Commerse and Ubercart plugins). They are initially implemented as additional "plug-ins" and can never be compared with specialized solutions.

Our goal - not just create a working code, but ensure the subsequent promotion and commercial success of the project - only HardCord, only {SEO Shop} optimized e-commerce solution!

For whom do we do this?

Our Clients are:
  • Shopping Networks
  • Product Producers
  • Individual entrepreneurs
Anyone who wants to sell
with an online store on the World Wide Web

The geography of our

We currently have English, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Head Office
in the glorious city of Lviv


Over 100 positive reviews
on independent sites:

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To start cooperation, please
write a letter to the post officeinfo@neoseo.com.ua

we will be happy to help develop your business,
NeoSeo Team