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WE Build & Develop
ecommerce stores

Building E-commerce,
that makes money

What is "SEO-store"?

is an optimized software for Ecommerce stores, which corresponds to all rules and recommendations of search enginesGoogle and Bing

Why it’s important?

70% of customers visit online stores through search engines Google & Bing

"To make your online store one of the best on the market, it must initially be optimized for the requirements of search engines and buyers".

Nicolay Baldin

Marketer of web-studio NeoSeo
10 years of experience in
Ecommerce business promotion
Why us?

Dear customers, our main advantage over our competitors, that in turn also creates your advantages over your competitors, is that all our developments are based on experience, which we received in the field of promotion.

Designing and developing your online store, we initially think about the most important - how, after development, your store will attract buyers from search engines and actually sell.

Advantages of SEO-Store
as a software product

Adaptive, modern design

This demand is dictated by buyers and search engines. The presence of adaptive design directly affects the position of your site in the search results.

Fast website and full internal technical optimization

To ensure that search engines quickly scanned
and ranked the online store
in its place

SEO structure

It is specially designed to optimize the site for search engines, in order to get maximum traffic for free or at the lowest price, for example, in Google Adwords.

HTTPS protocol

We develop SEO-stores on securely for the customers and you, the encrypted protocol "https".Work quietly, so that you can only think about business and sales.

High Conversion

The whole procedure of making an order is made according to the last word of Internet marketing: it's simple, intuitively clear, on one page and with advanced functionality "abandoned cart".

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Feedback from our customers

A great development team. Make tasks of any complexity. Before that I worked with many companies, NEOSEO is still No. 1 in my rating. I wish prosperity.

Roman Orlov, muzline.ua

Some positive emotions working together with NeoSeo. Very high quality service, always in touch. They helped solve many questions. Very interesting, quality modules. The team has specialists in all areas. After working with this organization, there is no one who wants to return to freelancers and other dubious specialists. I hope for a long and fruitful work together with NeoSeo Separately would note the convenience of working with NeoSeo employees. Through the work area it is very convenient to conduct dialogues and discuss any tasks. Do not compare not with which skype, ICQ and other means of communication)) Thanks to NeOceo, I got the confidence that if I find myself in a dead end, I know who can come to the rescue

Dmitry Votly

Excellent company! All professionals do quickly and importantly - qualitatively. Although a bit more expensive than ordinary companies, they do so that you do not need to rework or finish it later. We work more than two years - everyone is happy!

Vitaliy Karasenko

I want to thank the team of programmers-developers for the creation of the site. This is our third site and we have something to compare. They are great guys who know what they are doing. Will fulfill any wishes of the customer, always prompt that the customer will be really useful, and what can be neglected. As a result, a very high-quality product is obtained, where it is easy to work, both to the user and to the administrator. For my part, I can give the best advice to the whole team of NEOSEO

Igor Talko

A huge thanks to programmer Alexander who followed all the agreements and handed over all the improvements of our site on time and with great professionalism. I wish you success and prosperity in your work!

Irina Klisch

I work with this company for several months. All quite well no problems or controversial moments does not occur = work is always on time, qualitatively. Prices are quite adequate. Very skilled specialists = my problem is solved. I recommend to all this company.

Sasha Dovhanyuk

Well I will say that a very high-quality product. Support is also at a high level. Not one project is started with modules for opencart, and I hope there will not be one more

Denys Izviekov

I purchased the module "Synchronization with 1C" - the module is just super! Works on all one hundred, unlike free. Those. support was fast enough. Not the first module that I buy in NEOSEO - and which time I'm convinced of the thoroughness and quality of the modules! Thank you for your work!!!

Sergey Kushnirenko

From the very beginning of the work, from the first letter, I liked the cooperation with the team of the guys. I purchased a module for synchronizing OpenCart with MySklad. It was necessary to adjust the time, understand what and how it works. The guys gave a couple of weeks of test license. For which many thanks. Given that I'm using OcStore and a third-party theme, the module became correct right away. As a result, I acquired a permanent license. Support is always promptly responded to my questions, helped, which shows the company's service. Not the first NeoSeo module I use. I plan to work with the guys and further on the rest of the services. And considering the previous experience, I am sure that the quality of services will be at the height of!

Gena Lavronenko

I've been working with web studio modules for almost two years. I installed myself NeoSeo Exchange 1C, Customer Reviews, Backups. Especially it would be desirable to note the module Exchange 1C - it helped us to finally connect our 1C with the site, although the structure of the goods was not very simple. They also always met and if they needed to quickly process / configure the modules for our specific needs. Worked with Alexander and Olga.

Saida Gubjoko

In general, the work of the team is satisfied - the project was completed: Neo Seo started the 4-yoga store from the obsolete platform on opencart. Disadvantages: there were non-compliance with deadlines and quick answers to inquiries. Pluses: compliance with all (except the timing :)), even oral, arrangements, patience, friendliness, professionalism. Separately, I want to be surprised that sales managers may not respond to letters at all stages of work, including, pre-sale.

Helena Neshcheret

Excellent team, always come to the rescue if necessary, intelligibly explain if the modules for the opencards are not so configured, and the modules themselves are made at a high level., I am pleased and I recommend

Konstantin Rusovsky
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We are a full-fledged Team
In the staff of our company works 35 employees for all occasions: programming, marketing, technical support. When you become a member of our family you will lose this “headache”, we solve any problems. weareteam
Narrow specialization and experience
  • we work since 2012
  • launched more than 100 successful online stores;
  • developed more than 50 program modules;
  • More than 200 projects are serviced monthly in terms of marketing and technical support
Openness and transparency
You follow the performance of tasks from your personal account of the Client, where it is convenient and easy to communicate with our employees - straight performers, without intermediaries, and, if necessary, you can communicate directly with the company's management. opennes

More than 100 satisfied customers, read reviews on independent sites:

We will pay

500 uah

for every day delay

After the delivery of the project, we give 30 days for testing the functionality. If suddenly there is a malfunction -

We will fix

it free

First sale in 7 days, after the start of advertising campaigns

5 reasons to replace the existing site and order an SEO-store

  • 1

    Adaptive design.

    The existing site is not adapted for viewing and shopping from mobile devices. You lose 50% of visitors, who even if they hit the site, leave in 2-3 seconds, because they are uncomfortable.

  • 2

    The look and structure of the site is outdated.

    The outdated navigation, the theme of the design, the style and content, the ways of organizing the catalog, the inconvenient small text sizes, the old icons...

  • 3

    There are no marketing.

    The functional abilities of the store do not work on new Internet marketing trends, which increase the percentage of conversion, for example, registration of a purchase on one page with the functionality of the "abandoned basket", the ability to make offers with a timer, etc.

  • 4

    The site is slowly loading and STOPS sales.

    Check your store for a test from Google (Google PageSpeed Insights). Low scores and red zone means that the promotion of the site in Google is significantly more complicated.

  • 5

    SEO-functionality for search engine promotion in Google is outdated.

    The unique development of web-studio NeoSeo - "SEO-filters", through which you can make landing pages for low and medium frequency queries.

It's time to upgrade your store so that it sells better and more!

Building a successful online store: what you need to know before ordering the development of an online store from a web studio?

Let's first understand - why you need an online store?

The fact is that if correctly built and promoted online store - it's a great way to get a good profit. E-commerce turns huge money - Ecommerce in Europe increased by 19 percent during 2017, the Global Ecommerce Association stats. Only in Asia, ecommerce will be growing harder this year. But with Europe having the highest internet penetration, the e-commerce boom in this region is all the more striking.

So, we need to think about how to open an online store. There are a lot of big money hidden here and the same great opportunities - a piece of the Internet is that you can attract customers not only from your city, but from all over the country (and when you grow further, then from other countries too). If you already have an offline store, think about it and ask yourself: how long should you work to make it grow to the global network?

An online store is your own network. Expand the borders, attract customers from all the cities of the country, develop a business - all this is much easier than you thought. It is enough just to order and make an online store from the right executor.

But this, of course, is not a fairy tale about a goldfish. You can not just come to the developers, say "I want thousands of customers a day" and get ordered - that is, you can, but in this case the fish for you will turn out to be really golden.

There will have to start step by step. First, the development of the site of the online store and promotion, then first customer. But what will happen next depends only on you.

The only thing that does not depend on you is the creation of the site. Here all will do the developers, so your task is to choose the right guys for this mission and ask them the right questions in order to get the correct result.

Let's talk about this choice.

Creating an online store by freelancers or a web studio?

When you realize that you need a turnkey online store, there are two options: go to freelancers or order development from a web studio. Of course, you can refer to a friend who will assure that he will do the same, but three times cheaper - but if you are a businessman, you should know about what leads to doubtful savings.

A site that does not sell and does not attract customers, believe me you do not need this, even if it’s three times cheaper. So let's say to a friendly programmer "no thank you" and return to our choice.

Let me remind you: we have freelancers and web studios here. In fact, the only advantage of freelancers is their cheapness. This is logical, because the freelancer does not need to rent an office and pay taxes (well, by law it is necessary, but we all know how it works). This may look like this: when you pay a freelancer, you pay only for work. When you pay web studio, you pay office rent and utility bills.

But this is only at first view. Let's figure out why in the end it will be cheaper and faster to order a website from a web studio than a freelancer.

The fact is that you are not protected in any way with freelancers. They never (most often) do not sign the contract, so the quality of the work depends only on the desire of the freelancer himself. You paid, and you made a poor-quality site (and even broke the deadline)? Well, you did want to save money, did not you?

Of course, not all freelancers work poorly and slowly. But the probability of getting on such a "specialist" is very high.

And freelancers often disappear. It looks like this:

  1. You agreed on the deal.
  2. You have given an advance payment (usually 50%).
  3. Freelancer has ceased to communicate.

Nobody knows what happened, just an employee to whom you paid half of the money can disappear and stop responding. The only thing you can do is write him a negative review.

And the last thing: there is only one freelancer. The development of an online store site is a complex task for which at least three people are needed: a developer, a designer, a marketer (because the site has little to write, it should also look good, and you can not forget about promotion). Three people - this is the minimum, that is, ideally, you should work somewhere 5-10 people, depending on what kind of result is needed.

You can hire 5 freelancers, but here you will lose the teamwork and cooperation will become a nightmare.

What are good at web-studio?

They, more often than not, sign the contract. This means that when you work with them, your rights will be protected legally. By signing the agreement, the parties undertake obligations from which it is unlikely to simply refuse or change its essential conditions, so the wishes supported by the law and the contract often ends with successful projects.

They do not disappear. The best web studios anywhere have an excellent reputation, which they earned for many years, many old customers and a cool portfolio - hardly any self-respecting studio will allow you to "throw", as often happens in freelancers.

Many people work in studios. In NeoSeo, for example, on a regular basis, from morning to evening, and sometimes on weekends, 5 programmers, marketers, designers and copywriters work - that is, we can perform any task several times faster and better than any freelancer, having always substitution .. It is more convenient and easier to coordinate the work, because all the specialists you need are gathered in one place.

There are several other important things that web studios can offer you:

  • Full control of the work: you can monitor what is done for your site in real time. With us, for example each client there is a personal page where it is possible to track completion of each task.
  • The quick implementation of small things and answers, the freelancer may not respond for a couple of days, the studio answers immediately and takes into account all your wishes.
  • Experience: at any web studio you can find professionals, who have already worked on freelancing and want to develop further. Most often, developers from the office will be more experienced and better than their colleagues-freelancers.
  • Support: NeoSeo fixes errors for free (if exist) within 30 days after completing the project and even more, we will always help with the development of your project and with the further support of the site, even after we hand over the project to the customer - and this is very cool. You will not find such a service from freelancers.In the best case, the freelancer made and disappeared - who will now understand what he did?
  • Compliance with deadlines: good web studios do not break deadlines, and if they break it - they will pay for each day of delay from their own pocket or do something for free, like bonus.

Development of an online store - what you need to think about before starting?

Here everything is simple: if you came to the web studio, be sure to pay attention to the experience, reviews and the presence of a demo store.

Let's start in order.

Why is experience important? Because people who have already made 200 online stores, know better how to do it than people doing their first or fifth order. Ideally, choose an agency that has been working for 5 years - in this case you will be sure of two things:

  • The fact that the studio does not disappear with your money. Those who have been working for several years, very much value their reputation and will guide you from technical assignment to a working site without surprises. Do not want to be thrown ?! go to the experienced developers.
  • The fact that at any studio they know their business. If developers work with sites for several years, they can be called experienced professionals - of course, such specialists will build an excellent online store for you.

Next point: reviews and reputation. There is nothing complicated - a studio with good, real reviews is better than a studio without reviews. The more comments from real customers of course is better.

Be careful: many studios add pseudo-reviews to their sites - they take photos of a real person, come up with a name and write a praise. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's still a lie, but we love it when everything is honest, right?

Therefore, we recommend that you check if the web studio has reviews somewhere other than their site. NeoSeo, for example, has reviews on Facebook and Google+ - such comments are not always refined and "licked," we ask each customer to write a review of cooperation, so we get the truth, sometimes not quite the way we see it, but it's honest.

The third point: the presence of a demo-store. This is an optional item, but if the web studio has one, it's very cool.

A demo store is a site created specifically to show (at least approximately) what you will get as a result. If the web studio offers you not just standard terms, but also shows an example of their work, these guys are confident in themselves and know what they are doing. It is important not to confuse your own development of the studio and templates of Internet shops of other developers, which can easily be found for 50$.

Creating an online store: How should be the site, the process and the future.

If you need a turnkey online store, ideally you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, later they will discuss the details with you, the agreed objectives and final technical assignment then make prepayment to developers - and later they work themselves. We tell what to look for in order not to let them fool you.

Your site should be fast, optimized and with an adaptive design. These three points are mandatory, so let's talk about them.

Fast site: this is very important. If the site loads slowly, you will lose 1% of customers for every 0.1 seconds of download - count how many visitors will close the page if it is loaded, say, 8 seconds.

But it's not just about the visitors. Search engines also like fast sites - so if everything is loaded quickly, promotion will be easier, faster and cheaper.

Optimized site: here we do not talk about search engine optimization, because if you order this option in the studio, you will be told. We mean internal technical optimization - this is a set of measures that prepare the site for promotion. If everything is done correctly, search engines will index the site faster and better at startup, and you will spend less money and time to bring your store to the top.

Adaptive design: this is when the site is ideally displayed on all devices (on computers, smartphones and tablets). This is extremely important, because already now more than half of users make purchases on the Internet from mobile devices - so if you miss the optimization for smartphones, you will lose more than half of the customers. Well, search engines prefer sites that are correctly displayed on all types of devices, so this is another advantage to the search engine optimization.

Have you decided to open your online store in Ukraine? Do you want to promote it successfully?

Do these three steps and we guarantee that you will remember us and this article more than once.

Ok, that's the way we briefly tried to bring you the most important aspects, let's look. What you need to do to get a cool, modern, selling online store on a turn-key basis and not lose money?

Only three things:

  • Choose a web studio with extensive experience and good reviews. You may have to pay more than a singl freelancer, but you will definitely get a good result.
  • Check if they make fast, optimized and adaptive sites (for this you need a demo store and portfolio). Good web-studios do not hide anything and are ready to show examples of their work. Check the speed of loading pages, tests from Google Page Speed and GTMetrix to help you.
  • Choose the right niche, suppliers and products that you will sell. This point is in last place, because everything depends on you only - you choose the product, and the developers and marketers just to make you a store to sell these products.

If everyone has done everything right, you will get the right turnkey online store with the right promotion strategy, will start bringing customers and selling right from the first weeks of their work. Such a store will quickly pay off and begins making a profit - the main thing is not to save on filling the right foundation, because later on, it depends on your success in promoting.

To order the development of an online store Welcome, please contact our sales department, we will help you to make a competent technical assignment that will take into account all the needs of your target audience and the nuances of business organization in general.

With the hope of Productive cooperation, Team NeoSeo.