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Effective promotion of an online store

Are you interested in the enormous opportunities of online business and You would like to bring your online store to the next level? Then it's time to think about his promotion! And in this case, You will help the specialists of web-Studio NeoSeo.

But first we offer You to get acquainted with the theme of promoting an online store. What difficulties can arise? And what horizons are opened when the effective promotion of the web site? In detail we will tell about this next.Інтернет-магазин

Website promotion on your own: pros and cons

There are a large number of articles on the Internet on how to independently promote an online store. However, it is worth saying that the quality of such an advancement, as a rule, leaves much to be desired. In addition, there are no guarantees of the final result.

The benefits of self-promotion? It makes sense when you just open your online store. Indeed, in this period, as a rule, the budget is quite limited, and sales are still small. So the savings have a logical basis, and the time and effort spent will be justified. However, at some point you will want to further promote your online business. Then it is already possible to turn to specialists.

The disadvantages of self-promotion. To develop a new field of activity will have to spend a lot of time. But specialists in various fields are working on the promotion of the online store. It is simply impossible to cover all the information physically.

We unwind the online store yourself

At this stage, is this option the most optimal for you? Then to the point! Preliminary make a plan of advancement and think over a strategy. And only then proceed directly to the action.

The target audience. In order for the promotion to be truly effective, you must clearly understand who your customers will be. Their age, gender, social status and much more. This will help to better understand the preferences of customers, and, therefore, use the right marketing and advertising moves.

In addition, thanks to an understanding of the target audience, you can make your offer to customers more interesting.

Popular goods. If you are just opening your online store, it is best to choose the most popular product. Buy it in small batches. Watch what is bought better and what does not go at all. Do not immediately order large batches. It is better to take in small quantities, but different types of selected products. And using the dropshipping system, you don’t need to invest financial resources in the purchase of consignments.Інтернет магазин

Promotion channels. Then decide exactly how you will increase traffic to your web resource. Will you promote your online store on social networks, on partner sites or in another way.

If you have a very limited budget at the start, it is best to start with contextual advertising. Unlike SEO-optimization, it will give results almost immediately. However, contextual advertising must be able to use correctly. Otherwise, it will not give any effect. In addition, contextual advertising must be monitored and adjusted. It also requires cash investments. And that means that you have to constantly invest in its effectiveness.

Online store marketing strategy

Technical points. The site should be clear and user friendly. Otherwise, most customers will simply prefer to visit another web resource.

In addition, you need to make convenient navigation through the online store. This can be a catalog, a search using a variety of filters, or a special search string. Ideally, it's best to use it all at once.

Also, the technical component of the online store should be quite light and load quickly. Buyers, as a rule, are not very patient. NeoSeo web studio experts can help you with the usability of the site and the adaptability of the online store.

Orderliness. Arrange information on your resource so that it is thematically ordered. Thanks to this, it will be easier for customers to search for the necessary goods.

The site structure should be considered at the stage of creating an online store. At this stage, it is important to skillfully assemble the structure of the semantic core, because in the future, changing something is more difficult and costly.

We order promotion of the online store from specialists

You have neither the time nor the desire to deal with the promotion yourself? So it’s worth ordering promotion from qualified specialists. But in this case, you should first think through what kind of result you want to get in the end. Much will depend on your direct participation. And the faster you decide on your own desires, the more effective will be the work on promoting your online store.

High-quality promotion from highly qualified specialists, respectively, requires certain cash costs. Therefore, as a rule, they turn to him when the business is more or less established, and there is a constant (albeit small) stream of customers. But it is worth considering the moment that some promotion steps do not immediately give a result, but only after a certain time. So it will be necessary to stock up and patience.

One of the most effective ways of promotion is SEO-optimization. However, in order to implement it, a large amount of work is required. At the same time, even if you order the services of specialists, do not forget - your participation is also important.

Niche selection. Regardless of whether you order optimization from specialists or do it yourself, you must clearly determine the niche for your business. This will drastically narrow the scope of work and allow you to navigate what to do next.

In addition to the thematic focus of the online store, decide the geographic location of your target audience. Do you want to enter the international market or are you going to act exclusively locally?

On a note!

However, it is worth considering that the first results of SEO-promotion you will begin to receive only after a few months.

 Prosuvannya online store

SEO audit. If your online store has already been created and launched, then you should order the so-called SEO-audit from specialists. This is a comprehensive check, which is necessary before starting the promotion of your resource. It is she who will show what moments should be improved, what to change, etc.

In addition, an audit can be carried out after a certain time to check how successful the site promotion is.

Selection of key queries. It is for these requests that potential buyers will fall into your online store. Keywords are selected for each page of the online store. If everything is done correctly, then your resource will appear on one of the first pages in the issuance of search queries. Attendance will increase and, as a result, sales will increase.

Quality content. If you want customers to stay in your online store, you should fill it with quality content. Often in the first stages of creating a site it is filled with not the best images and articles. However, sooner or later, this will have to change. After all, filling a resource is no less important for users than, for example, website design.

Also, if necessary, the content can be changed, in accordance with the data obtained during the SEO audit.

Relink. This is the name of the process of linking various sites and different pages of one resource with each other. Correct linking will again have a positive effect on the issuance of your online store in search queries.


Promotion of an online store is an important and serious matter. Therefore, at a certain stage, it is very difficult to do without the help of qualified specialists. However, this fully pays for itself.

With proper website promotion, your online store will fall into the TOP of search results, and there will simply be no end from buyers. And the experts of our company know exactly how to do this!

Always happy to help your online business,

NeoSeo team


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