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Search engine promotion: site registration on Google and Yandex

Most buyers come to sites through search engines. Therefore, it is necessary to give proper attention to such search promotion. There are several ways to make the site visible to search engines. So, let's begin!

Registration of a site in the webmasters' panel

Everyone knows that for sales you need not only to create an online store, but also to promote the web resource in different ways. Yandex and Google systems constantly scan the Internet to replenish their database with newly created sites. But not everyone knows how to tell Yandex or Google, that you have a new site, and that it also needs to be indexed.

Google Webmaster

To get started, you need a valid Google account, for example, registered mail on Gmail. Then, go to the Search Console service located at

To add your site, you just need to insert its link and click "Add resource". Then you will be asked to confirm that you are its owner. To do this, you can upload a special file to your server or use alternative methods.

Registration for the Google Webmaster

When the site is indexed by the system, many interesting tools will appear on the same Google Webmaster bar. At first they may seem complicated, but eventually you will learn how to use them for search engine promotion.

Yandex Webmaster

The process of adding is quite similar. To do this, you need to register on, and then click the "Add site" button to enter its name. Click the "Add" button and use the convenient way for you to confirm that this is your site.

Adding a site to Yandex.Webmaster

As with Google, Yandex displays basic statistics and provides some basic tools for promotion. Over time, you can deal with all the points and use them to promote.

Other systems

Some developers also pay attention to less popular search engines. The process of adding sites there is also quite similar, so it will not cause any difficulties. In particular, to add a site to, register on and confirm the ownership. On Bing, registration is usually not required, you can simply add the site at

Search engine promotion: site registration on Google and Yandex

Also, it is not superfluous to go through business catalogs and add your site there. This will create a large number of links to it, and this is good for promotion. But you need to be careful, because such links are not particularly appreciated and can even lead to a ban.

By contacting NeoSeo to create a website, customers can get a quick and effective promotion of their online stores. Soon buyers will easily find the company's site through Google, Yandex and other search engines.

As you can see, adding a site does not take much time and does not cause complications. But you need to understand that this is only the beginning of promotion, in practice you will have to make many more different actions for effective promotion. Web-studio NeoSeo wishes to successfully promote your website!


Зарегистрировать сайт в поисковых системах – значит добавить его в очередь на индексирование и тем самым запустить бесплатные механизмы роста его трафика, когда впоследствии ваш сайт начнет отвечать на запросы пользователей поисковых систем. Пока сайт не зарегистрирован, ни Google, ни Яндекс ничего о нем не знают. Единственный способ, по которому на сайт могут прийти посетители, – это прямые ссылки от друзей. Хороший пост, четко и по существу.
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