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Module setup "NeoSeo Integration with Amo.CRM" for the online shop {SEO-Shop}, OpenCart 2.x, ocStore


Module installation NeoSeo Integration with Amo.CRM

You need to upload files from directory Upload the archive to the root of the website via FTP.

After that you must go to admin panel and choose “add-Ons” -> “Modules”

Next, you need to select a module NeoSeo Integration with Amo.CRM and click “Install”



Then navigate to “Extras” -> “add-ons Manager” and update the cache modifiers.

Configuration of the module NeoSeo Integration with Amo.CRM

To configure the module please go to the “Extensions - Modules”, find in the list of modules “NeoSeo Integration with Amo.CRM” and go to the settings module



Will open the main window of the module.


The “Parameters”Tab

On the “Parameters” tab the following settings are available

  • Status - Sets the status of the module “Enabled/Disabled”
  • ID integration id integration on the side of Amocrm
  • Secret key - Secret key of integration on the side of Amocrm
  • Authorization code - the authorization Code for integration on the side of Amocrm (Valid for 20 minutes)
  • Subdomain on subdomain account in the system Amocrm
  • Webhook URL - the Url address for processing obhukov if required

More details how to obtain the necessary data:

The first thing you need is to log in to your account Amocrm administrator / Director. Then go to “setting” - “Integration” and create a new integration click on “Create integration”


In the opened window fill in the following data:


1 - the Address of the website, be sure to https and / at the end.

2 - Choose the objects for access

3 - Enter the name of integration

4 - Enter a description of the integration


After performing these steps, you will have created access keys you need to enter in the module settings and save the settings. To copy keys you need to use the copy button next to the key, as they are visible



Subdomain in the system can be seen in the address bar. For example


After making all changes, you must save the settings


and upgrade guides.

Tab “Update reference”

Immediately after saving the settings, you must upgrade guides. Attention! Update the guides to do each time after making changes to custom field / funnel / stage funnels on the side Amocrm

During the upgrade the reference will be captured and saved constant access keys to the system.

If expired about 20 minutes and You do not have time to upgrade the directories you want to remove the integration on the side of Amocrm and repeat it.


Tab “Field buyer”

Tab “Field buyer” allows you to customize the field mapping buyer-side store with fields of buyer-side Amocrm


  • Field e-mail - you Must select from the drop-down list of fields employee Amocrm that responds to user's e-mail
  • The phone field - Must select from the drop-down list of fields Amocrm employee that answers the phone user
  • Responsible officer - you must select from the list of users Amocrm user that is marked as “responsible” when creating a contact.


The Deals Tab

The Deals tab Allows you to configure the transfer of information about transactions in the CRM system


  • The name of the transaction Box where you can specify “Name” for the transaction. You can use the template {order_id} in the formation of Which will be replaced with the order number.
  • Responsible officer - you Must select from the drop down list of employees that will be marked as “Responsible” when creating a transaction.


The tab “order Status”

The tab “order Status” Allows to adjust the compliance status of the orders in the store and the position of the deals in the funnel


The first parameter “remote Status of the order” must specify the order status on the store side that will be assigned to the order when you remove it from the sales funnel. Next, you need to compare the status of the orders on the store side with steps in the sales funnel on the side of the CLD system.

The statuses correspond to the statuses on the side Amocrm section “Transactions”

In addition to standard two: “Successfully implemented” and “Closed lost”, which is in all the craters and are binding for all sales pipelines in the system Amocrm


Tab “Create task”

Allows you to configure automatic creation of tasks when entering new transactions into the system Amocrm

  • Create tasks when you receive a new order - Specifies whether to create a new task can take values: Enabled / disabled
  • Responsible officer - you Must select from the drop-down list of company employees the employee, who will be tasked
  • Task title - the title Text of the task. You can use the template {order_id} in the formation of Which will be replaced with the order number.


The use of obhukov

In order to see the status change transaction in the CRM side of the website there is the possibility of using obhukov. That Is, the Amocrm system can transmit information on the transactions on Your website. To do this, configure the “Web Hook”.

You need to go to the tab “Settings” - “Integration” in the system Amocrm and click on “Web Hooks”


A window will appear add a new webhook


Where you must specify the “Webhook URL” specified in tab “Settings” module and select the event “the trade is deleted and Status of the transaction changed.” and press the “Save”button

If everything is saved correctly, you should receive notification about the working WebHome


The result of the module:

After ordering on the website on the side of CRM creates a transaction under a transaction


If you are configured to create a task is also created and the task


If you change the order status on the site's data goes to CRM



If you change the data at the CRM data is also supplied to the site.

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