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What should I do if I run backups for the online shop {SEO-Shop}, OpenCart 2.x, 3.x, ocStore

When working with the module “Backup” to run backup copies usually use the following command:

/usr/bin/php /home/.../public_html/.../cron/soforp_backup.php

And usually with this team, all is well, except for a few rare occasions.

The case of the first hosting and php5.3

php5.3 refuses to work with ioncube, giving stupid and senseless mistakes. The problem is solved just in the server settings to change php version to, for example, 5.5

The case of the second - php_cgi.

Usually when you run from the console server variable $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] is not populated. In this case, incub looking at it with the understanding and softens license verification to console commands could work.

However, some hosters instead of the console give php_cgi php that populates this variable with a blank value and validation of licenses starts to throw errors.

Solutions to the following problems:

1. Check if there is any command /usr/bin/php-cli .

If such a team is, then try to start it.

2. If there is no such command, then go to the host to provide.

3. If the previous two do not solve the problem, then ask the hosting provider to update ioncube to 6-th version.

Also note that when configuring the module via Yandex.Disk, the link to download the backup copy is available only in a browser with VPN enabled.

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