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How to make money without leaving your home: TOP-17 best ideas for business

Are you looking for opportunities to earn money decently? In this article you will find the TOP of the most interesting, promising and, most importantly, real ways of "remote" earnings.

Starting their own business, quite often entrepreneurs make the mistake and immediately take off the office, buy furniture and equipment. Meanwhile, these funds can be profitable to save and invest in the development of their business, the purchase of the basic goods, raw materials or means of production.

Ideas for business

For start, the most important thing is the desire to earn money. Students, young mothers and all those startups who have not yet accumulated a lot of capital can organize their "home business" via the Internet.

1. Internet store as the best engine of business

Online store

Its online store - this is one of the most successful options for earning. Of course, at the first stages it will be difficult, because you will have to solve all the issues of delivery, search and consulting clients, administration. However, having learned in small, you can gradually increase the scale: to offer more goods, to start an advertising campaign in social networks. The main thing in this matter is not to surrender halfway.,,, were once also small.

All you need to start - 6-10 thousand hryvnia for the professional development of a convenient site. NeoSeo specialists will help you with the most convenient and fastest online store on the OpenCart platform. The latter is increasingly popular, because it is based on the development of selling SEO-shops with adaptive design, appropriate structure and excellent promotion opportunities.

As for the purchase of goods, then for starters it is worth to confine yourself to several basic categories. Alternatively, you can use a model of cooperation, such as dropshipping, that is, direct deliveries: from the producer to the customer, but through the intermediary - you.

The market for e-commerce increases every hour. According to statistics, in Europe, 8 out of 10 users make purchases online. Therefore, it can be argued that opening your online store is a good investment. If necessary, it can be profitable to sell, just like a traditional store.

2. Cleaning services as an opportunity to earn

Cleaning services

To start such a business, in fact, you do not need any investment. Elementary tools and safe chemicals are the main thing for this work. You can place ads on the most popular and free bulletin boards, for example, on the CFM, Klumba, Kidstaff, Klub.

Use this kind of services, of course, want bachelors, busy businessmen and businesswoman, the elderly.

Although this idea is a smile for many, it is very promising. Over time, you can create your own site with the services offered, and simultaneously start selling cleaning tools and household products.

Another direction of the company's development is an increase in the number of services provided, for example, together with cleaning, it also offers customers electrician services, plumbing, water delivery and garbage disposal.

To get their regular customers, it is important to pay more attention to the wishes of customers, to do their work diligently.

3. Sewing to order - a promising business idea

Women and girls who know how and love to sew, can make good money on this business. If there are not a lot of customers first, then you can start with a few universal products. As an example, you can name: baby blankets, curtains, tablecloths, sheets, etc.

Another interesting option is bags for gifts or for toys. If you select several different colors and materials, this will increase the chances of a quick sale of products, because customers will have plenty to choose from.

Having coped with such work, it will be possible to pass to more expensive offers, in particular: women's dresses and outer clothing. For exclusive clothes on order, people are often willing to pay a very high price.

To begin with, you will need a simple but robust sewing machine. On commercial Internet sites, professional sewing equipment can be bought only for 6-8 thousand hryvnia. Of course, you will still need to buy material, threads, and also work on making patterns.

Looking for customers at the initial stage of business is most convenient in social networks. With the increase in product groups, you will have to open your online store, where the client will be able to choose the right color, sizes, accessories, etc. The NeoSeo web studio develops convenient for users and for the administrator SEO shops on the OpenCart platform.

4. Beauty salon for dogs (grooming-salon) as an opportunity to earn decently


Pleasing your fluffy customers is much easier than for people. The main thing in this business is to have a sense of style, to understand the breeds of animals and to love your work.

To start, you need very little investment: money for hairdressing tools and tools, a couch for animals.

All chances for development of an animal saloon are in large cities with a population of 300-400 thousand people.

"Having earned" its base of regular customers, it is worthwhile to think about expanding the institution and renting a large room.

5. Interior design as the embodiment of a business idea

More and more ordinary users are interested in designer products and repairs. This business is suitable for creative people who know how to fantasize, successfully combine different objects, colors and materials.

To work, you will need a computer and special design programs installed on it to simulate various options for arranging a room. Clients can be searched both among ordinary citizens, and among owners of offices, commercial establishments - restaurants, schools, cafes, etc.

As an option, you can try to negotiate with developers, owners of construction stores for the provision of design services.

Each of his quality work must be photographed and filmed on video. Such a gallery will be especially useful when you can create your site. Web-studio NeoSeo offers you to develop selling websites for any purpose and for every taste.

6. Electronics repair: a useful and profitable business

Electronics repair

Repairing computers and mobile devices at home is very convenient. Unlike specialists who repair household appliances, you do not need to go to the client.

As for the customers, they will definitely be, because for each user today there are 2-3 electronic devices. If you trust the statistics of TNS Infratest, as early as 2016, more than 72% of people under 32 years of age are active users of tablets.

Broken glass, frequent device reboot, lack of image or sound, inability to connect Internet - frequent gadget malfunction. Of course, it is much more profitable to pay 300-900 hryvnia for repairs than buying new devices.

No doubt, who will choose for himself such a variant of employment, will not know what the economic crisis is.

7. Cosmetics of home production - an actual business idea

Frequent discussions on the environmental friendliness of detergents and cosmetics, as well as the disappointing results of research on the impact of certain women's products (lac spray, gel-lacquer, etc.), make spending more money on quality, and most importantly, safe cosmetics.

The most simple and successful option for start is soap making. As noted by entrepreneurs who have already managed to make good money on this, only 200-500 hryvnias will be spent on natural ingredients. Recipes for cooking detergent in the network can be found quite a lot.

Success will become unquestionable if customers themselves are convinced of 100% naturalness of the product. To do this, it's not enough to describe the composition, it's also worth demonstrating (photo or video) the process of working through your website or Youtube channel.

8. Handmade products as a way of decent income

No less interesting and profitable work is the making of things by one's own hands. In Europe and the US, even for a small felt toy, made by human hands, buyers are willing to pay several hundred, and sometimes thousands of dollars. Such a thing - safe and unique - is its main advantages.

Answering the question, what to produce, it is worth saying: what you know best. The goods must be authoritative and qualitative. As an option - ceramic vases, embroidered toys on the Christmas tree, knitted socks, earrings from beads, wooden holders for cups, etc.

Success will come along with creativity. Even not very necessary thing buyers are ready to buy, if it will be a trend. It's worth asking: which characters of cartoons and films are most popular, which football teams have the most fans and which performers are building entire stadiums. The use of actual images, inscriptions will ensure the products quick sale.

9. The profession of the guide: how to make money interestingly and cognitively

Conducting excursions

If you live in a big city or a city with a deep history, then you can earn fascinating stories. You can start with tourist assistance. Coming to a foreign city, it is difficult to immediately navigate: where to go, where to eat and sleep. An assistant in these matters will not be superfluous.

You can also develop your current and non-standard excursion program. Customers are better to look for among the travel companies, because they can provide you with large groups of tourists.

It does not hurt to advertise in social networks, on thematic forums, especially in the seasonal period.

10. Translator: earn your knowledge

Owning at least one foreign language at a high level, you can organize your business. The services of an interpreter will invariably be used by students, persons who issue documents for traveling abroad, owners of companies or stores that have suppliers abroad, as well as tourists who are interested in visiting Ukraine.

Of course, the most popular today is English. However, knowing other languages, you can be calm for lack of serious competition.

If you can learn languages easily, then you do not need to be lazy. The highest level - more customers and money.

11. Real estate agent as a great way to earn

Persons with an analytical mindset and an economic education will be able to realize themselves in the real estate sphere. A personal agent for sale and purchase can easily become if you learn to monitor the market, understand the cost of housing and land in different parts of your city.

As the experience of many agencies shows, in this niche one can also gain a permanent client base, but only on condition of diligence and decency.

To rent a house means to receive monthly payments without effort. Therefore, to take advantage of this opportunity, virtually all owners of uninhabited apartments are trying. This can also be decently earned, with almost no investment.

12. Remote accountant: we work and earn!

Remote accountant

Having enough experience, a professional accountant does not have to look for work in the office. The process of filling out reports in the 21st century is fully automated. The presence of accounting (or entrepreneurial) programs, as well as access to the basic information of the enterprise - this, in fact, and all that will need an accountant at home.

This option of cooperation between FOPs and accountants is very common in European countries and the US. For the remote work, the owner of the company will have to pay several times less than for the daily stay of the employee in the office. As for the accountant himself, he can "lead" as many enterprises as physically can service. Consequently, wages at the end of the month can be quite high.

13. Furniture for animals as a realization of a profitable business idea

Profitable business at home for men - making houses for pets. More and more applicants of the network, if you trust the statistics of search engines, are interested in such products.

To make things "better", you first need to analyze the products of competitors, learn as much as possible about the animals for which furniture is offered, as well as the expectations of the target audience.

The demand for:

booths for dogs,

rags and cats for cats,

cages for birds.

Approaching your work with imagination, you will be able to create unique products, get ahead of competitors and satisfy the demands of all your customers.

14. Production of sweets: delicious business!

Production of sweets

Pamper yourself with something sweet, always ready for children and adults. Meanwhile, there are very few useful and natural sweets on the market. Demonstrating to his potential customers a video or photo report of the process of making candies or chocolate, it will be necessary to increase their authority in their eyes, and, accordingly, quickly sell out the first batch. You can get regular customers only if the offered products are useful, beautiful, tasty and appetizing.

At the start you do not need to spend too much money. Forms and basic food ingredients are the most important elements of production. For professional development, various confectionery courses and master classes will be appropriate.

You can find your first customers in social networks. If there are a lot of customers, it will be profitable for you to order the development of an online store. A full web resource you will need to successfully collect and process orders, monitor their implementation, administer production processes. Web-studio NeoSeo will help you with the development and promotion of an SEO store that generates sales.

15. Digital-outsourcing as an innovative business idea

This is a new, but very promising direction of Internet work. In fact, it involves performing various tasks related to the development, filling and promotion of the site, as well as advertising companies and products on the network. For starters, it's better to carefully study one direction, for example: graphic design, SEO strategy, contextual advertising, copywriting, and so on.

Do not expect that customers will come to you yourself. It is better to actively monitor already existing sites and offer administrators the promotion, the best design or quality texts (in a word, what you already know well). Over time, it will be necessary to hire additional assistants.

16. Making unusual bouquets: beautiful and profitable

Hoping to find interesting gifts for the anniversary, on the occasion of career growth, Birthday or other holidays, more often Ukrainians stop to buy original bouquets. They can be created from any food, fruits and sweets.

Every girl and woman will certainly want to receive a magic bouquet of chocolates or fresh grapes, juicy orange. The best gift for all occasions for men will be sets with alcoholic (mini bottles or bottles of cognac, vodka, whiskey, etc.) or low-alcohol (beer) drinks, besides, in addition to mouth-watering cheese sausages, elite cheeses or sea delicacies.

In this case it is important to be responsible for your product (buy only fresh products, and also keep a check). And, of course, you can not do without imagination and creativity!

17. Photo editing: the opportunity to earn without attachments

Being able to work with at least one photo editor, you can offer a photo processing service. Women and girls aged 14-35 years are the main target audience in this business. Add volume to hair or remove the red eye effect, or hide spots on clothes, skin imperfections are the basic requests for photo editors.

It is better to set a fixed price and start at a low price. "Having got your hand" and having learned how to work with different clients, requests and programs, you can start increasing your business, for example, offer printout of photobooks, purchase of photo items, albums, etc.

Tips for newcomers to implement their own business ideas

Its a business idea

Before undertaking the opening of one's own business, one should carefully analyze everything: find out the needs of people in their city, their solvency, the availability of direct competitors and determine the possible amount of the first investments. Also, a clear business plan should be drawn up, which will give an insight into which direction the business should develop.

Do not be disappointed if the first months do not bring the expected result. Some niches require more effort and time to "promote".

A person who does not regret himself can achieve success, but sincerely "invest his soul" in his work!

NeoSeo wishes success and prosperity to your business!


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