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Do not doubt about the need for high speed loading of the online store on mobile. Thousands of studies prove that page speed and sales are directly related. If you are asking yourself, why do I need to pay money, why do I need a fast online store?

 – The answer is one: “For sales only, for your high sales”, insofar as:

  1. If you have a fast online store, since May 2021 its speed will be appreciated by Google, which in this help announced that the speed of CORE WEB VITALS will now be a ranking factor in search results.
  2. If you have a cool fast online store, then it will be CONVENIENT for your Customers, will not make them nervous and wait a long time for pages, products, photos, etc. to load.
  3. And since your fast online store will appeal to visitors to use, they will be pleased to get information quickly and conveniently on their mobile devices, they will buy from you more often than on the average slow competitor site. In professional terminology – your online store will have a higher percentage of conversion from users to Buyers (all other things being equal, which include: high-quality presentation of the product (description, images, video, price of the product), delivery terms, selection and assortment, polite managers, conditions guarantees and returns, stock availability, etc.).

Let's summarize. You need a fast online store because:

  1. Fast online shopping will "respect" and rank well on Google, and these are huge advantages and savings on advertising budgets in paid advertising.
  2. It will be loved by Customers who are more willing to make purchases, thereby, as a competent marketer, you will increase the return on investment in advertising and in the development of the online vector of your business. For equal costs, you will get more sales than competitors with slow sites, research here:

After a detailed analysis of guides and references for webmasters from Google and Yandex, we have formed 4 relevant solutions that are aimed at improving the loading speed of the mobile version of the site (the most important factor for search engines when placing sites in their free results).

  1. Improve Core Web Vitals (as measured by Google PageSpeed Insights
  2. Develop a progressive mobile app – PWA (we'll actually talk about it below)
  3. Create Accelerated Mobile Pages – AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).
  4. To develop Turbo pages (relevant for projects focused on promotion in Yandex)

All technologies – These are direct recommendations from Google and Yandex, they urge webmasters to make high-quality, fast sites, motivating them with high positions in their free SERPs. 

Those. As thinking entrepreneurs, right now you should pay more attention not to the usual, desktop version of your stores, but to look and think about how convenient and fast your customers are to use the mobile version.

We wrote for another 3-4 years that it is the quality of the mobile version that today affects the position of your store, incl. and in the desktop search engine results (here: and here

Let us remind once again that it is the SPEED of loading pages of the mobile version that is now the KEY factor in the ranking of sites by the search engines Google and Yandex. They consider the speed of loading pages to be the most important for users, and it is the fast sites that they give out first on their pages of free search results.

Sources of:

How the Progressive Mobile App (PWA) works can be viewed here:,,

Google is constantly changing the algorithms and its requirements for mobile versions of sites (after the changes in the summer of 2020, all sites are anew “sagged” according to Google PageSpeed Insight, and all sites again received low scores and errors that are very difficult to fix, let alone bring the test scores to “green zone”, those. 90+ points.

We installed the PWA at, go there and click everything yourself.

Find out in our video on Youtube channel, how PWA works: 


The term PWA (Progressive Web App) or a progressive web app — it is literally translated “progressive mobile app” for your online store, the next stage of website development for your users.

After entering the site, the system will prompt the user to install it in a pop-up window or from the browser menu manually.

Progressive Web Apps are supported in browsers installed by 93% of users. It is PWA that is now recommended by Google, this is the latest innovation, the most progressive technology that solves all issues of the convenience of using an online store from mobile devices..

Installing such an application is the best way to speed up the loading speed of your online store on mobile devices, and at the same time improve indexing by search engines, improve the position of the online store in search results (the presence of PWA and fast loading of the site on mobile devices is directly taken into account by search engines in their algorithms).

How are PWAs different from native apps?

Native application — it is a standalone program that resides on a smartphone. To develop it, you need to hire specialists who, in fact, will create the entire site from scratch in the application. You will also need to register it in the market and then send users to download this application to the application market. You will also need to monitor the relevance of the application, which will add a lot of inconvenience to the administration and support of all versions of the site..

PWA – these are websites that appear as mobile apps. PWAs are more like Google Docs in that they can perform the same functions as native programs, but through an Internet browser. At the same time, there is no need to develop a separate application, add it to the market and support it separately, which will significantly save support costs.


Since the PWA will repeat the design of your site and its responsiveness, there is no need to adapt it separately for different devices. The application will completely copy the adaptability of your site and will be displayed in the full version on a PC, and will adapt to mobile screens on mobile devices.

Offline capability and push notifications.

The application will allow the site to work with low Internet speed by caching the main data on the smartphone. With the help of push notifications, you can notify your visitors about promotions, news, etc. By delivering the message directly to the smartphone (bypassing emails, SMS, etc.)

Why do you need a progressive web app?

PWAs help solve problems such as internet speed, slow website loading and user experience.

The main bonuses that you will receive using PWA:

  • Promotion. Because Since search algorithms take into account the speed at which the first screen is received by users, then using PWA you will shorten this time for mobile users as much as possible and increase this indicator for various search engines. Since 80% of all users of mobile devices on Android use Google Chrome, all data on the loading speed of certain pages is of course transmitted to “centre”, the data is analyzed by a mobile bot and it is natural that fast sites get the best positions from Google in its free mobile search results. Well, the fact that it is the quality of the mobile version and the results of the assessment of the mobile bot that directly affect the desktop output, we will not even remember, 4 years ago we told in an article about “Mobile first”
  • The speed of the online store. After the user downloads the application, the resources of your site are cached and when he starts interacting with it, everything happens very quickly, because there is no need to constantly load already visited pages, scripts, styles and draw duplicate content, everything will be loaded when you first use the online store, and then only changes will be loaded.
  • Convenience. Installing the application will allow you to get to your site directly from the main screen of your smartphone, because when installing the application, an icon is immediately created there.
  • Autonomy. With the help of service “workers” you can draw a picture on the user's screen, even if the network is out of order and, depending on the caching settings, you can transfer the cached version of the site when the connection is lost, so that the client can get acquainted with the already viewed products.
  • Interaction and involvement. The app allows you to send push notifications directly to your device to all your users. The user will not miss your mailings: news, promotions, special offers, because he will be able to receive the notification as from a regular phone application.
  • User coverage. PWA can be installed on 93% of users, both on phones and PCs.
  • Safety. PWA works over https protocol — all information that is transmitted is encrypted.
  • Support and updates.Unlike native applications, there is no need to constantly maintain many versions of the application for different platforms, which significantly reduces the cost of maintaining your store. If a newer version of your store is released, users will have instant access to it simply by visiting your website..
  • Increase in the percentage of conversion of users to Customers. An important plus for business is that the application brings much more conversion compared to the mobile version of the site. According to Google, in front of specialists Lancôme the challenge was to create a fast downloadable, powerful mobile tool that can be found quickly and easily used. As a result, in 2016 the company got a web application. And what is the bottom line? The results speak for themselves: loading times decreased by 84%, conversions increased by 17%, mobile sessions on iOS increased by 53%, users opened 18% of push notifications, and 8% of consumers who opened a push notification made a purchase. Example company Lancôme became indicative for everyone who still doubted.

How do you get all these benefits?

You just need to order PWA development for your online store on OpenCart. To order a service “Full construction” write to us at Telegram chat.

After implementation You'll get:

  • PWA application designed with your site in mind and our company's high standards, as well as lifetime product updates.
  • Installation and configuration of PWA on your website.
  • Carrying out the necessary actions on a third-party service to send push notifications, as well as setting up directly from the admin. parts of your site
  • Information support on PWA issues in the first month of work.

Order the development of a progressive mobile application, get the highest page loading speed from mobile devices and you will increase both traffic and sales by 100%.

As always, taking care of the development of your online business,

NEOSEO team.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the PWA mobile app for OpenCart

1. You can register PWA in “Apple Store” and “Play Market” and how much will it cost?

  • Yes, but it may be necessary to carry out additional work on the layout of your online store, we will provide a detailed estimate upon request.

2. If the design is custom, will there be a problem with the PWA?

  • There will be no problems if the design is properly adapted for mobile devices.

3. If you edit the design – fine will adapt for PWA?

  • When editing a design, you should consider the layout for mobile devices. If the edits are displayed normally on mobile devices, then there will be no problems in the PWA.

4. Does the buyer need to download a PWA app?

  • You do not need to download, the installation is performed as an extension to the browser through which the application is installed. Installation takes place instantly, all cache files are monitored by the browser through which the application is installed.

5. On the Google market, the application will be automatic and it will be possible to download it?

  • There is no need to post / register anything on application markets

6. Is this a separate application with its own database? or it does not need to be serviced in any way, the information is taken from the site?

  • This application is closely related to the site, all changes on the site are immediately reflected in the application

7. How does it work PWA с Mozilla?

  • Mozilla dropped support PWA in renewal Firefox 85.

8. How is the cache configured in the application? if the information has changed, what to do in this case?

  • Caching happens automatically. If changes are made on the site, the cache will be automatically updated on clients' devices as soon as they enter the application.

9. How is it to upload android and apple to the market? a regular client will not download anything from the google browser, he will not understand this

  • There will be a notification in the browser about the availability of the application, the buyer simply clicks on this notification and confirms the installation of the application on the home screen.

10. What are the advantages of this desktop application?

  • For the desktop, the same advantages as for mobile devices. Support for caching + push notifications to the PC notification panel.

11. How does a buyer know that he needs to go to a plus or an arrow??

  • Upon entering the site, the buyer will be shown a notification that they can install the application.

12. Will work on Macs and iPhones?

  • Yes. Works on all systems

13. How does the shopping cart work in the app?

  • The in-app shopping cart only works with an active internet connection. There is no way to make purchases offline, because This requires communication with the site and payment systems, delivery services.

14. How will the application download (download) to the phone? If, through a regular application from the app store, we confirm the download of the application with a password from Apple ID, then how will it be?

  • There will be a notification in the browser about the availability of the application, the buyer simply clicks on this notification and confirms the installation of the application on the home screen.

15. Is it possible to manage the design? That is, the adaptation of the mob version of the site may not happen as needed in the application, can we rearrange the buttons or text and others as we need. If we can, how? It will be a separate payment for revision or as?

  • When editing a design, you should consider the layout for mobile devices. If the edits are displayed normally on mobile devices, then there will be no problems in the PWA. The design will repeat the mobile version of the site.

16. Does the application duplicate information on content from the site? That is, we have our own content for the region, will everything be identical as on the site?

The application will repeat the content that is displayed on the site.

17. Will I be able to see the analytics for the application? How many downloaded? How many have you removed? How long did you spend in the application, conversion to order? Or will it be the mob version and the application to be considered one?

  • The analytics of the app and the mobile version will count as the same visitors. For advanced tracking, you will need to connect paid analytics on the firebase service, as well as modify the PWA application additionally.

18. How will I manage the application? Push notifications, etc.? Is there any kind of cabinet? We will need to give the CIS audience some notifications, and other countries.

  • Sending push notifications is provided for all users from the admin area of the site.
  • It will be possible to separate the audience only if you pay separately on the firebase server for analytics and send mailing from the firebase website, you will also need to further refine the application on the website.

19. Is there a real example, who already uses it, to see how it works as a consumer ?

  • You can see how the application works at,, .