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Providing the life of an online store on OpenCart

The activity of an online store requires constant and inexhaustible attention. Do not leave your "Baby" fate!

Interruptions in the work of the Internet store lead to: deterioration of reputation, loss of customers, earnings, minus in karma and other lemons. We decided to take care of the healthy sleep of our Clients and created the service "Providing the vital activity of the Internet store on OpenCart". This is a guarantee that your online store will work for you all the time, without interruption. What exactly is offered in this service?

Providing the life of an online store on OpenCart

Setting up backups for the online store

Our team configures the creation of backups and is responsible for the weekly verification that they are being created. If necessary, we guarantee the prompt setting of the task for the programmer NeoSeo to restore the site from backup (no queue, payment by timer).

Setting up backups for the online store

We take care that your data is not lost, lost or damaged, so we set up backups to store information that has been spent hours, days or even weeks of your time. The service includes:

  • monitoring the creation of backup copies;
  • operational work to restore data from backup (if necessary).

Providing a common "picture of the world" - a summary of the vital activity of the site

Each week we provide you with the latest information on:

  • total traffic;
  • site visibility;
  • Key phrases on which your site is ranked in search engines;
  • positions that your site occupies.

An example of such a report can be seen in the screenshot below. These data allow you to generally understand the effectiveness of promoting your online store.

Summary of the vital activity of the site

Weekly monitoring of the reference book of the online store

On the role of links in the promotion of the site, many articles are written, many SEO experts are developing lively discussions about the importance or, on the contrary, the uselessness of links. We know that links remain an important part of the promotion, and they can both help achieve the TOP, and prevent.

Our team tries to maintain the quality of Internet resources, so we carefully analyze your link profile for the presence of poor-quality, spam links. In case of an attack of ill-wishers, we will help you to react to such references in time, so as not to lose your position in organic issuance and close unwanted links in Google Webmaster.

The service is also useful for monitoring the "not disappearing" of purchased links that the site needs, and which webmasters like to remove without notification.

Monitoring Google Webmaster console messages, tracking errors and recommendations from Google

Monitoring Google Webmaster console messages

We noticed that some of our Clients do not use Google Search Console at all to track new mistakes and the general state of their online store, although here you can often find answers to very important questions:

  • Why the site does not grow;
  • What it is necessary to correct, that the searcher began to index pages of your resource better;
  • What you need to do to optimize your site for Google Search, etc.

We track messages from Google, site scanning errors and recommendations from the search engine so you can work peacefully on your business. Now you can not worry that miss, something important, while you are at a meeting with suppliers - we will keep you informed of all news

Weekly monitoring of the speed of loading pages of the site

In the circles of SEO experts actively negotiate a new algorithm from Google - Speed Update. After its launch, the download speed of the mobile version will be considered as a ranking factor, and the algorithm itself will lower in the issuance of sites that slowly load mobile pages.

This is due to the fact that most users use mobile devices to search for information and products on the Internet. Accordingly, they do not want to wait for an eternity, until the necessary information appears on their screen, so the speed is directly related to the behavioral factors of the users.

Monitoring of the speed of loading pages

Should I say after that about the importance of speed of loading pages for your online store?

Monitoring the availability of the site (up-time)

For the optimal functioning of the Internet store, its filling should always be available to users, but there are times when you go to the site, and he "lies, does not breathe."

A bit of theory: uptime is the time that the server and its components (http, ftp, mail, etc.) are accessible, respectively, downtime - the time when these same items are unavailable. No matter how colorful the ads of hosting providers are adorned with 100 percent guaranteed uptime, in fact, nobody can guarantee such availability of the server. You should always be prepared for the fact that the site can "lie down", be inaccessible and have problems due to the fact that the search bot decided not to visit at the wrong time.

Monitoring the availability of the online store

To avoid this, we monitor the availability of your online store 24/7 and are ready to quickly restore the site if problems arise.

Monitoring the positions of the online store

Monitoring the positions of the online store

To understand how effective the strategy of promoting your online store, you need to monitor its position in the organic:

Are there any sharp subsidence or skoks in the issue? Are all the important keywords ranked well? Did some important key words fall out? Maybe something worth "pull up"?

We monitor the position of your online store in the organic issuance of Google on 50 key phrases to "keep your hand on the pulse." And in case of a sharp fall, you will have the opportunity to identify the reasons and take appropriate measures in time.

Analysis of competitors

To improve the work of your online store, you should always monitor your competitors to constantly grow and be better, to occupy the same place in the issue. To do this, we conduct an analysis of competitors and give a choice of two options:

  • one idea of the project development based on the analysis of the pages of the leaders of the 1st competitor;
  • a short analysis of the reference portfolio of one competitor with the provision of a list of sites that refer to it in order to understand where you can buy a good link yourself.

The cost of the service "Providing the life of an online store on OpenCart" - you can see here. Discounts apply for payments of 3 (-15%) and 6 months (-25%). To order this service simply write to us in the feedback form, which is below.

Always glad to help the development of your online business,

Team NeoSeo.


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