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Why do you need a quick sitemap (Sitemap.xml) for online stores on OpenCart?

Order the installation of the fastest site map for online stores on OpenCart!

Do you want your online store to be in a leading position in the SERP? What are the steps you took to match the search engines requirements, so that they would put your online store in the TOP-10?

To help your web resource better interact with the search engines, at least you should ensure the correct indexing of your site by search engines.

What is a sitemap (sitemap.xml)? No doubt, each of us knows what the "contents" of a regular book look like. In turn, a site map is the same list of pages of your web resource for recognition in the context of search engines (XML format) or user convenience (HTML format).

The site map "suggested by" search engines:

  • which pages should be indexed first;
  • What is the frequency of the content update on the pages of the web resource?
  • The last time the site was updated.

"Site map" available the web resource

"Site map" is not available on the web resource

Search engines optimally index the site, taking in mind the priorities of indexing pages of a web resource

Search engines do not index the site at all and do not publish it in the search results

To enable search engines to "read" your online store on OpenCart in their language, and subsequently - to quickly learn about new categories and products on your Internet resource, the NeoSeo web studio specialists developed a software solution - "The fastest site map" for online stores on OpenCart.

Why is it profitable for you?

  • First, saving time (if there are many products in the Internet store and the server is weak, then building a site map and adding new categories and products based on the standard OpenCart module can take a lot of time).
  • Secondly, to avoid mistakes (building a site map using the standard OpenCart module may result an error if, say, there are not enough memory on the server or there are temporary restrictions on handling http requests).
  • Third, the organizational optimization of the structure of your online store.

What can a "quick site map" from "NeoSeo" do?

Undoubtedly, there are many generators of the site map on the Internet network, but on cheap hosting they are limited by:

  • Memory;
  • lead time.

Be sure: with the "Fastest Site Map" from NeoSeo Web Studio, these restrictions will never affect your online store.

The main advantage of our "Fastest Site Map" is the incredible speed of formation and the possibility of permanent updates with new revenues.


Unique features of the "Fastest site map" for online stores on OpenCart

  1. Generating a sitemap using sitemap.xml without redirecting to index.php? Route = ....
  2. Grouping cards for 50 000 goods (if necessary, you can specify other parameters).
  3. "Compress" the map (if the hosters save traffic).
  4. Generating a site map without CNC “Computer numerical control”
  5. Adding to your site map entries and blog categories (SEO CMS TOP / PRO, PAV Blog, Blog Manager, NeoSeo BLOG).
  6. Correct support of multi-store.

Example of the "Fastest site map" function

Learn how to check the site map for an online store on OpenCart

Do you want to check how the "Fastest site map" is formed for the online store on OpenCart? To do this, you need to enter in the address bar: domain / sitemap.xml, for example

Look, on this site almost 30 000 products, and the site map was formed only 0,3 seconds. Is it impressive?

Web-studio "NeoSeo" provides free technical support for the developed software solution "The fastest sitemap" for OpenCart, if these problems arise through the fault of our module.

If you need to improve the functionality of this solution, write to

Cost and terms of work performance specify from the sales manager, for that fill out the form below or call back to one of the numbers indicated in the header of the site.


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