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Service Integration an online store on OpenCart with Bitrix24

In online trading the most effective way to save time and win quality in work is the ongoing integration of the online store with CRM. With its help one shot you can kill two birds with one stone. Only in this case not to kill, but to:

  1. all the information in one place. No need to take anything with Bitrix24, is it an online store, and mold into one. By integrating everything is already done for you.
  2. as already mentioned - time. Manual data migration, and nervous breakdowns due to the error correction will not be necessary. All information from CRM to Bitrix24 and online store on OpenCart will be synced automatically. Presented how much time do You have? And now not just a dream, and proceed to action. Order the service “the Integration of Bitrix 24 with the website on OpenCart” in web Studio NeoSeo and get the opportunity to realize something that I never have enough time.

What is included in the setting of Bitriks 24 integration with OpenCart

The works for data exchange between Bitrix24 and online store can be divided into 3 stages:

  1. To verify admin access in. This task is Yours. Check whether You have access to the Bitrix24 system, since not all online stores available the opportunity to integrate with. If You are among the lucky ones, then skip to the next paragraph.
  2. Fill in the brief. This stage also need to do You. And from it depend the future action of specialists NeoSeo. Your task is to consider in detail and specify that You would like to sync between your online store and a CRM, how it should occur, what additional functionality to add, etc after filling out the brief, study us and discuss the details with You, we will be able to begin the assignment.
  3. To configure integration with Bitrix24. For the execution of this stage are responsible by our experts. The service will be held:
  • the installation of the module “Integration with Bitrix24 website on OpenCart” according to the standards of NeoSeo.
  • after the installation of the module is setting up the connection on the side of Bitrix24. That is, this stage involves the connection with the CRM integration module.
  • data entry organization and a responsible person from Bitrix24. From this stage it is already possible to unload orders. But the data exchange can be done only after fully setting up synchronization in accordance with the requirements of the customer.
  • the next stage - the creation of contacts, leads and deals in the system Bitrix24. To generate leads you need to register on the website using the standard OpenCart methods. Deals in Bitrix are created on the basis of the orders of authorized buyers. If the creation of contacts has been enabled, the transactions in the order are assigned to the contact, data that is created on the basis of leads. If you are using standard methods to create order, each item creates a new transaction.
  • test synchronization start online store OpenCart and Bitrix24 CRM. Based on the results obtained prescribed task time interval option, the basic exchange.

What wishes to integrate an online store on OpenCart Bitrix24 has not been indicated in the brief, the NeoSeo team will try to perform the task quickly and efficiently. To request a brief please contact us by email And to learn more about the cost of the service go to the link.

Book a service integration site on Therefore, with Beatrix, and we will make every effort to a couple of days You have already enjoyed the result.

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