Do you know where your customers come from: set the "Source orders"!

Each owner of an online store, forming a budget for his promotion, invests in certain sales channels: organic traffic, contextual advertising, SMM (Social Media Marketing), etc. How to determine which segments of promotion and sales are effective for your store and to which are waste of money?

The software "Source orders " from the NeoSeo web studio that will separate the "grain from the chaff" will help to answer this question: it will allocate really effective sales channels from those that do not do you any benefit.

"Source orders": channels for effective promotion of the online store

The software "Source orders" gives an opportunity to receive information about the order, based on a specific segment of attracting a buyer to the site. Therefore, the owner of the online store will be able to analyze the ways of purchasing on two parameters:

  1. "Source of first input": saves information about how the potential buyer first came to your site (for example, it could be a search engine or contextual advertising).
  2. "Source orders": saves information about where the user entered the online store on the day of order (for example, the same contextual advertising, but there may be direct traffic - Direct, which assumes the user's input on the corresponding link - from bookmarks or sent to him by another person).

So, our software gives you the opportunity to analyze the advisability of investing in specific channels for the promotion of your web resource. For example, you can invest a third of the advertising budget of the Online store in promotion through SMM, and the "source orders" shows that orders in this segment are not available

Here's an objective picture for you.

Information about the software solution "Source orders"

Basic requirements for setting up the "Source orders" module:

  • PHP 5.3 and higher;
  • OpenСart 1.5., 2.0.;
  • VQMOD 2.4.1 and higher;
  • IonCube Loader (domain license).

Please note that version 3 of the software "Source orders" is incompatible with version 2.5; also, this software solution is incompatible with site caching modules, for example, boost, etc.

Technical support

Web-studio «NeoSeo» provides free technical support of the software «Source orders» for OpenCart.

For more detailed segmentation of sales channels of your online store, web studio NeoSeo specialists will set up the e-commerce and web analytics program Google Analytics.

Cost and terms of work, you can specify from the sales manager, for this, fill in the form below or call one of the numbers indicated in the header of the site.


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