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Case: SEO structure for the online furniture store

That is: entered in the development of online furniture store Furniture degree.

Task: to create SEO-structure for the category of “Closets” based on the analysis of competitors ' sites and analyzing search demand.

What has been done in the framework of the task:

  1. Analyzed competitors ' sites, collected useful filters.
  2. Conducted an analysis of search queries on the subject of wardrobes. Allocated to the primary search entity for the filters and landing, for example: narrow, with mirror, Matt, in the nursery etc. Made up the rules of crossing categories in the filters according to the search queries.
  3. Made a plan of creating landing pages. Put in the exel-file in the group of filters for categories and subcategories.
  4. Created on the site of the filters according to plan.
  5. Using the functionality “Generator landing pages” we created the 754 maximum demand relevant to the search pages.
  6. Made a template of the Title tag and meta tag Description and generated to landing pages.
  7. Added blocks Popular landing pages into categories.

Total conclusions:

The online store goes to production with a properly designed SEO-structure for the category Closets. The website can get free traffic by 754 set of queries on the “closets”.

When potential customers punch in a search string low-frequency queries, they will be taken to the appropriate landing page, for example:

  1. Under the query group “wardrobe in white wardrobe” created page with all necessary elements:
  2. Under the query group “two-door wardrobes with loft”:

The landing page has the necessary attributes:

  • unique url dvuhdvernye-shkafy-kupe-s-antresolyu
  • unique h1, title tag and meta tag description
  • the ability to place SEO the text
  1. Under the query group “closets in the living room trapezoid”:

The landing page has the necessary attributes:

  • unique url shkafy-kupe-v-gostinnuyu-trapecievidnye
  • unique h1, title tag and meta tag description
  • the ability to place SEO the text

All landing pages created are automatically placed in the website:

Implement plans made possible by a unique development from web Studio NeoSeo:

Now it is possible and necessary:

  1. Writing SEO texts and work on strengthening each boarding pass by reference to get free traffic from search engines.
  2. To configure the ads in the Google Ads and lead on every landing, and not on the General category and get the lowest possible CPC.
  3. Don't worry about the user experience on the website, because he always at hand he understands filters.

Caught a fish big and small, make money with us and remember about the development, there is no limit!

NeoSeo Team :)

PS. Perhaps the most important phase of developing an online store on OpenCart (and not only) to be able to create based on the analysis of search demand, SEO-the structure of the online store. Why do we say that the most important thing is "to be able"?! Yes because 90% of known CMS (control site), not to mention the bespoke development work, and especially any kind of designer or the marketplace that technological capability is simply not available. You will not be able to do "SEO-structure" of your Internet store, even if I wanted it. Learn more about the importance of creating an online store in this article...

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