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Class365 sync service

The online store and CRM should work interconnected as a whole. Only then can you calmly breathe and do really useful business or business activities for yourself. And for this you need to establish the (synchronous) operation of the online store with your CRM.

If we talk about the final result that the service “Synchronization of an online store on OpenCart (OpenCart) with CRM Class365” will bring, then this:

  • well-functioning site and CRM without the need to manually transfer data
  • the appearance of free time
  • "conservation" of nerves for more important things.

But in order to achieve such a result, you need to go a considerable way of settings.

What is included in the service of setting up the module Integration with Class365

The NeoSeo team will fully synchronize the online store with CRM and hand over to the Client the already configured tool for full work. But even the smallest setting, we start only after the Client completes the brief with all the wishes and requirements for integration.

Within the framework of the Integration service with Class365, a number of works are carried out:

  1. Module installation.
  2. When the module is installed, the connection is configured on the Class365 side. At this stage, a connection is created through the API, and the module is connected.
  3. After a successful connection, the data of the organization and the responsible person from Class365 are indicated. Such actions are necessary for unloading orders.
  4. The next step is setting up an exchange. It is carried out depending on customer requirements - one-sided or two-sided. Here, the basic configuration of the module is carried out, which takes place directly in the settings for the exchange of goods, namely:
  • Configuring additional fields for use as an attribute or option;
  • conditions for the creation of goods and categories or the exchange of the unloading of all goods and structures in Class365;
  • setting prices for promotional offers;
  • setting category uploads with the option of uploading to one category;
  • if the site uses related options or images, the modules are also configured to work together and analyze the correct filling of options on the Class365 side;
  • the setting of the “Orders” option includes an indication of the methods of delivery and / or payment with goods created for the corresponding methods on the side of Klass365;
  • setting up discount unloading.
  1. Each online store has a different quantity of goods, respectively, from which the exchange takes a different length of time. Therefore, during the first exchange, its exact duration is fixed, after which a task is drawn up with the frequency of starting the exchange. This will eliminate the imposition of exchanges and its blocking.
  2. To set up the exchange of buyers and orders, an accelerated reduced exchange is used. In the case of a two-way exchange of orders, testing is carried out to update the list of goods or their quantities received from Class365 changed orders. If there is a need, the output of the distribution of warehouses for the shop window of the online store is being finalized.

All these settings depend on the wishes of the Client, prescribed in the brief. Accordingly, the time spent also depends on what the Client would like to synchronize and how. If you need to configure a one-way exchange, it will be faster, a two-way exchange will take a longer process. And if you want everything to work without failures after setting up synchronization, order synchronization with Class365 from experienced specialists.

Contact NeoSeo web studio and get high-quality integration with Class365 according to all your requirements. We will do all the work as quickly as possible, and most importantly, we will try to make you 100% satisfied with the result.

Always happy to help,

NeoSeo team.