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Why we try to only use its own design for the online shop {SEO-Shop}, OpenCart 2.x, 3.x, ocStore

According to our observations, the most successful Clients usually come with the question "we need that kind of functionality." The choice of tools for implementing business objectives, the Customer leaves us relying on our experience of solving such problems.

Sometimes Customers are asked to put one module or another third-party developer, and this article is dedicated to in the first place. We want to explain the reason why we have sold more than 60 modules, why their number is constantly increasing, and why we recommend leaving the choice of technical solutions for us.

Reason # 1 - Quality solutions.

Without exaggeration I can say that the main reason to create our own modules is not the highest quality of third-party modules.

It may seem that you spend 3-4 months building your counterpart is not very effective, if there is a normal working unit from a third party. However, our goal is one time to spend more time to further it worked without errors. Unfortunately, with third-party modules we are faced with a completely different result.

At first glance, everything seems to work fine: lots of shopping and some positive feedback. But then we put it to the Client and begins to receive a significant number of errors with the settings, then when you transfer the license with new domain or some other problem.

And like a trifle, but the Client refused to work delivery after cleaning the logs and the client lost orders a round sum, comparable to a week of development. And that's not a trifle. Now multiply the number of problems on a number of our Clients and .... and we will need to create their own modules that work with our Customers to 146% of cases, and we can be calm.

Reason # 2 - Ease of use.

You can start reasoning with the fact that the documentation is not at all modules. But it is nothing in comparison with those oshybkami that arise in practice. For example, in our experience there is quite a real case where you need to configure the import of goods from the xls file.

At first it may seem that nothing complicated here. So we chose the most popular module, configured it, and only while downloading opredelilas that it doesn't work with XLS and CSV only. Which is not very convenient, because going to Excel, when we save the file as CSV, it has to be formatted and loses all the tabs. If you use OpenOffice, you have to adjust every time the settings. And as a result, we get the instruction with screenshots on 4 sheets of A4, which is not very convenient. In addition, the module is constantly losing settings settings that every time you have to choose again.

So we decided to create a custom import module that works with CSV and XLS and does not lose settings. In addition, the loading is performed in 2 clicks that don't even need the instructions.

Reason # 3 - Efficiency support.

Of course everyone there are situations when even the most brilliant developers can reply for weeks. So, if you have any questions or bugs, it is very important that this issue was resolved as quickly as possible. Usually, such problems are not very high priority of the developers, and this situation may last for an indefinite period.

In such situations, we gladly would have helped you but can't. Because third party modules typically closed-source, or written is not typical for us the handwriting on the analysis of which will go twice as long.

What we have in the end?

In the end, it is advantageous to 1 time to spend 4 months creating high-quality and convenient module which is then put to all its Customers, and, if necessary, to finalize as quickly as possible.

Such modules we have more than 60. Some of them included in our mandatory basis. The rest can be purchased separately as needed.