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Privacy policy

Last Modified Date: September 10, 2018

NeoSeo Web Studio cares about the privacy of its users and pays appropriate attention to the protection of their Personal Information. This section contains information about how we can collect and use personal information, as well as the rights and opportunities associated with such information that are provided to our visitors and users.

We encourage you to read this document and make sure that you fully understand it before you start using our website, buy our software or order a service.

1. Introduction.

This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes how we, NEECO LLC, (hereinafter NeoSeo) may collect and use information relating to each of our unregistered visitors and registered users in connection with their access and use of the NeoSeo websites (including https://neoseo.com.ua/ and any of its subdomains, hereinafter referred to as the "Website").

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to provide you with a clear explanation of when, why, and how we collect and use your personal information, as well as explain your legal rights. This Privacy Policy is not intended to revoke the terms of any agreement that you have with us, or any rights that you may have in accordance with applicable data privacy laws.

Read this document and make sure that you fully understand our policy regarding your personal information before you log in or use any of our services or services. If you have read and fully understand this Privacy Policy, but do not agree with it, you must immediately leave this website, application or service and avoid or stop using any of our services or services. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, contact us at support@neoseo.com.ua.

This document describes our privacy policy — what information we collect about our visitors and users, how we collect it, how we treat it, what measures we take to protect it, and your rights regarding your information.

By visiting the website or using any of our services, you confirm that you have read this Privacy Policy.

2. What information do we collect?

We collect two types of information about our Visitors and Users:

  1. Unidentified and non-identifying information relating to Visitors or unidentified Users, which may be available to us or collected automatically through his / her use of our software products or services. Such Information does not allow us to identify the Visitor or the User from whom it was collected. The information we collect mainly consists of technical or summary usage information, such as visitor and user views and a click sequence when using our website, click-through heat logs of a session using a website or scrolling a page, not identified information regarding the visitor or user operating system, internet browser, screen resolution, language and keyboard settings, Internet service provider, referring pages / exit pages, date and time, etc. .
  2. Individual identifying information, namely, information that identifies an individual or may be of a private or delicate nature (“Personal Information”). The personal information collected by us mainly consists of contact information (ie email address or phone number), payment information (name, physical billing address, payment method and details of the transaction), which is collected only in respect of Users signed paid services, software products and services, detailed information about a work session or a session using our website (IP address, geo-location and / or an individual device identifier), details regarding about connected user accounts of third-party resources (for example, email or username for connected PayPal, Google or Facebook user accounts), scanned identification documents provided to us (such as ID, driver's license, passport or official registration documents of the company) , correspondence (including the one that is completed through or uploaded to our resources, incl. and a task accounting program) and any other Personal Information provided to us by Visitors and / or Users when they access and / or use our software or website. To avoid double interpretation, any information that relates to or is related to Personal Information (for example, to improve the quality of the Services we offer) is considered and considered by us as Personal Information as long as such an attitude or relationship exists.

We collect two types of information: Personal information (such that can be used to identify an individual) and Impersonal information (which does not identify the individual).

We collect such information about our users and visitors, candidates for work and all other persons who can provide it to us.

3. How do we collect such information?

To collect information we use two main methods:

  1. We collect information obtained from your use of our Services. When you visit or use our Services, including when you browse the Website or any User Website, register a User Account (account), edit your User Website and download information or other content, this information becomes us available and, as a rule, we will collect, save and record the facts of such use, sessions and related information either independently or with the help of Suppliers of such services, including the use of cookies s and other tracking technologies.
  2. We collect information that you provide to us voluntarily. For example, we collect the Personal Information that you provide to us when registering; when you subscribe to our services through third party services such as Facebook or Google; when you make purchases and / or register domain names; when you provide or upload such Personal Information when using our Services; and / or when you contact us directly through any means of communication (for example, through NeoSeo Customer Support Services, emails).
  3. We also collect information from third party sources.

You can also provide us with certain information in the process of visiting our website or using our services (this happens either automatically during the process of using the Service, or by providing information manually).

4. Why do we collect such information?

To provide our services and sell our software solutions;

  1. In order to further develop, customize and improve our services and software solutions based on general or individual preferences, experience of use or difficulties encountered by Visitors and Users;
  2. In order to provide our Users with constant customer assistance and technical support;
  3. In order to be able to contact our Visitors and Users for the purpose of general or individual notifications related to the provision of services or the sale of software solutions, and advertising messages;
  4. To assist or initiate certain contests, events and promotions, determine the conditions for participation, ensure performance evaluation, communicate with the winners and award prizes and benefits;
  5. To create aggregated statistical information and other aggregate and / or derivative Information that we or our business partners can use to provide and improve our respective services;
  6. To enhance our ability to protect data and prevent fraud;
  7. To consider candidates for work in NeoSeo;
  8. In order to comply with any applicable laws and regulations.

We will use your Personal Information solely for the purposes set forth in Section 4, and we are confident that:

  1. our use of your Personal Information is necessary to fulfill an agreement or take steps to enter into an agreement with you (for example, to provide you with a website designer, to provide you with our help and technical support), or
  2. our use of your Personal Information is necessary in order to comply with the relevant legal or regulatory obligation that we have, or
  3. our use of your Personal Information is necessary to support the legitimate interests that we have as a business (for example, to maintain and improve our Services by identifying trends among users, the effectiveness of NeoSeo campaigns and identifying technical problems), provided that they are always proportionate and in a manner that respects your privacy rights.

Access to our services is not permitted to persons under the age of 18 years. No one under the age of 18 should provide us with personal information through any of our Services. We do not purposely collect personal information from persons under the age of 18. Parents and guardians should constantly monitor the related activities of their children.

We collect and use information to provide our services, improve them and increase their security. We also collect and use information in order to be able to contact our visitors, users or job candidates, as well as to comply with any applicable laws and regulations.

5. Where do we store your information?

Personal information of Visitors and Users of NeoSeo (potential and existing Clients) may be stored, processed and stored by NeoSeo, our authorized subsidiaries and Service Providers in the United States, Europe (including Lithuania, Germany and Ukraine) and other jurisdictions at our discretion.

Information of applicants for work in NeoSeo will be stored, processed and stored in Ukraine, in the place (s) where the application was submitted for work, and, if necessary, in a secure cloud storage provided by our Service Providers.

All NeoSeo subsidiaries and affiliated companies and service providers that store or process your Personal Information on behalf of NeoSeo, on a contractual basis, strive to protect and preserve it in accordance with industry standards and do not take into account any smaller legal requirements that may apply in their jurisdiction.

We may store and process Personal Information in the United States, Europe, Israel or other jurisdictions; this is done either by us or with the help of our affiliates and service providers.

At your request, NeoSeo can provide information about whether we store any of your Personal Information. You can access, make changes or request the deletion of your Personal Information. We will respond to your request within the time limit stipulated by local laws or a reasonable period of time.

Please note that deleting your NeoSeo account on an ongoing basis also deletes all your information from the NeoSeo databases. After completing this process, you will no longer be able to use any of our services or services, your user account, and all your data will be permanently deleted, and NeoSeo will not be able to restore your account or your data in the future. If you contact NeoSeo support in the future, the system will not recognize your account, and support agents will not be able to find the deleted account.

Contractual NeoSeo information storage service providers strive to protect and preserve your information.

Data localization obligations: If you live in a jurisdiction that imposes obligations on “data localization” or “residency information” (i.e., requires that the personal information of its residents is contained within the territorial boundaries of this jurisdiction), we can ensure that your Personal Information is stored within such territorial boundaries, if such legal obligation is imposed on us.

You acknowledge and agree that by doing so, we may continue to collect, store and use your Personal Information elsewhere, including in the United States of America, as described above.

6. Personal Information Exchange with Third Parties

NeoSeo may transfer your Personal Information to third parties (or otherwise give them access to it). NeoSeo has partnerships with a number of Service Providers whose services and solutions complement, facilitate and improve the Services we provide. These include hosting and server colocation services, communications and content delivery (and distribution) networks (CDNs), data protection and cybersecurity services, billing and payment processing services, domain name registrars, fraud detection and prevention, web analytics, email distribution and monitoring services, recording work sessions and remote access services, performance measurement and data optimization services, marketing services, content providers and our legal and financial services x consultants (all together, "Service Providers").

Such Service Providers may receive or otherwise have access to the Personal Information of our Visitors and Users and / or Personal Information of Users Users, in full or in part, depending on the role and goals of each Service Provider in the process of promoting and improving our Services and business. ; in add