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Competent e-mail distribution as a way to increase sales

An influential marketing tool in promoting Online store and the successful positioning of the company is an e-mail newsletter. How to use it to increase sales – our article will tell.

Despite the fact that many consider e-mail as an outdated mode of communication, it still brings tremendous results for website promotion. With the help of such mailings, you can keep in touch with customers, get their feedback, and please special offers. Competent e-mail newsletters allow you to make customers permanent and help increase sales.

But the result is brought only competently thought-out newsletters. If you conduct them incorrectly, they can reverse, scare off customers. So you need to think carefully before sending an email to your customers.

Advantages of e-mailing

The main advantages of sending emails to email

Let's highlight the main purposes of conducting e-mail newsletters:

  • forming a database of customers who are ready to learn more about the company's products;
  • keeping regular customers and increasing their number;
  • establish regular sales;
  • motivation to buy certain products;
  • support of relations.

There are several common mistakes that are allowed when managing mailings. Often letters are sent without a special reason to just congratulate with unremarkable holidays or tell news that is not particularly interesting to buyers.

Do not send newsletters that do not support customer relations and do not encourage them to buy, register, and other activities.

Here are a few steps for those who start corporate newsletters:

  • Learning goals. This can be not only sales, but also customer retention and support of communication with them.
  • Determine the style and nature of messages sent. To do this, you need to know who are the main customers of the company and what interests them.
  • Determine the frequency of sending letters. Experience shows that it is best to send out letters once a week, and more rare or frequent mailings can give negative results.
  • Testing the sending. For this, a database of several test addresses is used, to which letters are sent, preferably with images and links. It is necessary to investigate, whether all received letters, whether their elements are correctly displayed.
  • Start of mailing and results analytics. With the help of special tools you can find out how many customers have ignored the newsletter, how many unsubscribed, how many just read it and closed it, etc.

Rules for successful email distribution

Rules for a successful e-mail list

To send the newsletter to interesting customers, you need to work on its texts. A sound and attractive title, an intriguing beginning is very important, and the content of letters should push for action. The text is key to making the mailings effective.

Consider the tastes and interests of most of your customers. First, store owners do not understand who their customers are. But over time, the customer base is gathered, from which one can determine what interests them most.

You need to focus the attention of customers on certain actions, for example, click on the button or go to the page. This is especially beneficial for publishing special offers and promoting certain products.

How to correctly conduct e-mail newsletters

Avoid standard phrases that irritate users and are recognized as spam. Look at the letters from your folder «Spamming», to understand exactly what phrases should be avoided when writing letters.

Personalize the mailings, use the recipient names inside the headers. Make letters more individual, so that customers pay more attention to them and open them more often, after reading the headers. But, when the readers of the mailing list follow the link, it is necessary that they get on a quality website. It is these sites that NeoSeo develops for its customers.

Where can I get the subscriber base for e-mail newsletters?

Buyers are usually very reluctant to publish their data. But there are several ways how to learn more about them and build a base. It can be used for further mailings, advertising certain services and goods.

Effective ways to create a mailing list

First, create a subscription form on the site. The user can enter his e-mail and click the appropriate button to subscribe to the newsletter. After that, he will receive regular letters from the company.

You can also offer a subscription at the time of registration or ordering. The e-mail field is usually mandatory, but not always the buyers are ready to receive the newsletter, so it is better to give them the opportunity to subscribe on their own.

You can make special offers for those who subscribed to the newsletter. These can be discounts, notifications of the beginning of fashionable sales, or the ability to quickly find out about the receipt of goods.

Sending suggestions by email

As for the tools, there are many different solutions with different prices and conditions for customers. You can try the popular Mailchimp, Unisender or eSputnik, but you can also use other services. Before that, you just need to familiarize yourself with their terms and read the reviews of those who already use such services, this will allow you to choose the right distribution tool for specific companies.

For today, there are many services for mailings. It is important to use them correctly, correctly select the frequency of the mailing, to pay attention to the key moments of the letters. Web-studio NeoSeo will help you to use e-mail newsletter in a competent presentation and successful promotion of the company!


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