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When you update a module for an online store on OpenCart, ocStore to the latest version of the data ( filled HTML tags) will not be erased?

Update to the latest version it is actually installing from scratch. Changed the Assembly of the module, changed the module code. When you install a new version You have in the admin panel will be two modules. At the end of the updates You need to stay one topical module. Therefore, the procedure is roughly as follows:

  • Run a backup of the database and project files;
  • Remember to record the current settings of the module.
  • Delete the module modifier (it can be located in the "Add-ons Manager" section or in the system directory on the server);
  • Install the module from the current module archive (the installation procedure is specified in the readme.txt file in the archive);
  • Delete the module of the old version.
  • Delete all files of the old version of the module from the server