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Selection of best SEO module for OpenCart

All of us, when we need to find the necessary information, go to the sites search engines Google or Bing to get the answer from the Almighty. Search engines, of course, try as best you can to help us, presenting in the search results most relevant (the most suitable request), on their opinion page. You, as the owner of the online store on OpenCart, of course, would be free, organic traffic in their area. Hence the question: how to make search engine decide what pages of your online store are most suitable for customers to appear in their search results?

The answer is simple – you need at least to carry out all works, which belong to the basic SEO optimization, and of course to work in the direction of creating useful content buyers, improving on the road, the figures of the reference weight. We all know (for which he blamed largely OpenCart) that "naked OpenCart", which you can download and use to create your own online store for free created well enough, in terms of even basic search engine optimization. And where are today without basic SEO, when the cost per click contextual advertising in Google Adwords or Yandex.Direct constantly increasing, and in some categories it has already reached$ 10 and higher, and the competition continues to grow? Correct, nowhere in this direction is to work and better to start late than never.

To ensure you spent at least elementary, basic SEO optimization of the online store on OpenCart you will need a selection of the TOP 10 SEO module from our web Studio.

SEO-modules for OpenCart will help you greatly simplify and automate processes so as not to write code from scratch. Of course, modules alone are not enough to take a leadership position in search results, however, they are the foundation from which to start.

Consider the main points of basic SEO-optimization and our software solutions that we ourselves use to promote the projects of our Customers (these modules are already in our SEO-Shop assemblies by default, but not only them ...)

1. SEO-structure of the online store

Solution: Module Product Filter {SEO-filter} for OpenCart - creating filters and landing pages.

Correct SEO-structure of the site is necessary to obtain high positions for medium and low-frequency queries. In order for search robots to issue your online store for an extensive, very wide number of queries of your subject, they must identify and recognize such pages on your site as the most suitable for user queries (the most relevant). If you create a separate landing page for each semantic group of products, then you can satisfy both the search robot and the customer's need, and thereby ensure high sales.

The SEO filter module makes it possible to create any landing pages you need. With it, you can create thousands of landing pages by combining the necessary filter values (by color, by type, by class, by manufacturer, etc.) and category values. That is, for any possible combination of filters and categories, the most relevant landing page with a human-friendly address (CNC URL) will be created for which it will be possible to register meta tags. More details here.

2. Fast site indexing

Solution: Site map module for OpenCart - automated site map generation

In order for robots to quickly find out about all your new products, you need to give them the appropriate information in the format recommended by them. It is in the site map that we tell robots which page and when to index, how often they should do it, etc. In order not to bring this information into the hands of the store manager, we created this module, which does all this automatically. To achieve greater speed of data output, an opportunity has been developed to break groups of goods into 10,000 units.

The Site map module for OpenCart independently generates and gives search engines all the information they need and makes changes after any updates in the online store: adding new categories, landing pages, product cards, blog articles, etc.

3. Correct indexing of the necessary pages

Solution: The Robots.txt Generator module for OpenCart - automated file generation with the indication of "allowed" and "forbidden" directives.

After you have created many landing pages, you have determined what and when you need to index using the site map, you need to specify what exactly you need to index and what you should completely close from search robots so that the robots do not spend the so-called The crawling budget of your online store at OpenCart. This is very important for online stores with a large number of products. So, when combining filters in different order, but with the same combination, pages with identical content (duplicate pages) may appear. This, in turn, negatively affects the uniqueness - an important characteristic of the site.

Also, bots need to close pages that the user does not need (html-files with information, pages with archives, scripts and other unimportant resources). You can automatically generate a robots.txt file using the Robots.txt Generator module, filling it with the necessary links in the site administration panel.

4. SEO URL, H1, meta tags

Solution: The CNC and metadata generator module for OpenCart - providing human-readable website URLs and generating meta tags according to the specified template with the ability to add funny EMOJIs.

The human-friendly appearance of the URL has a positive effect on the ranking of the site in search results. That is, sites with SEO-URLs are more likely to get high positions in search results, when URLs look so that they can be read in transliteration. This is convenient for customers, when cross-links from other sites or snippets point to your link, users will understand what exactly is on the site after going to the specified address.

SEO-optimized metadata makes it easy for search engines to read and understand information from your site. If you correctly specify the title, Title and Description for each page (and they should ideally be unique), search engines will most likely index you faster and better (giving you an advantage over sites that did not take care of this). The CNC and metadata generator module automatically converts the URL to the CNC type, and, having set the correct templates, generates all the necessary metadata.

5. Operational detection of broken, 404 pages

Solution: DeadCat Tracking module for OpenCart - automatic search and detection of nonexistent and / or 404 pages.

Broken Link Tracking Module for OpenCart

The site’s bounce rate is also a pretty significant factor for search engine robots, which they take into account when they determine page quality through the eyes of the user. Pages with 404 errors can occur if you delete or move the page, if you change the URL, or if the user made a mistake.

The first two points can be completely under your control with the help of the Tracking broken links module. Such a software solution generates a file with a list of such pages, and you can easily fix this situation. For example, create a redirect to a relevant page, which minimizes the number of 404 errors and maintains a link weight, which is also an important factor in determining the position of your online store on OpenCart in search results. Why lose customers and weight? Just redirect on time!

6. Saving link weight and traffic from old URLs

Solution: Redirect Manager module for OpenCart - redirect requests, weights and traffic to relevant pages.

Redirect Manager module for OpenCart

Among the reasons when you need to do a redirect, you can highlight:

gluing a domain with www and without www;

domain changes from old to new;

page break: search engines and visitors go to a new page instead of a broken one.

deleted a category, article or product and the 404th page appeared

As you can see, a redirect is useful for both users and search robots. It also combines page indicators and allows you to not lose position in the search results. The redirect manager module automates this process. It is simply irreplaceable if there are a lot of positions on the site, and manually doing this work is extremely difficult.

7. Only relevant information on the site, but do not lose traffic from the search for well-ranked product cards

Solution: Archived goods module for OpenCart - assignment of status “archived” to irrelevant goods.

Archived module for OpenCart

Over time, many products in the online store become irrelevant, and those who do not know the managers and administrators of such online stores simply take and delete them. As a result, non-existent pages with the 404th error appear, the negative impact of which we examined above. There is also a negative effect when users have saved your product or link, and upon going to it received the 404th page.

In order to save customers and not lose reference weight, you can use the Archived goods module. He will transfer the product to the “archived” category, thereby preserving the opportunity for the client to go to the site with search results or a direct link, although such a product will not be displayed when searching on the site itself. If you saved such a visitor, it’s likely that when he sees that the product is not in stock, he will switch to a similar product or select a category that interests him, i.e. will remain on the site and thus, you save the chances that the user will make a purchase, and not just close the browser page.

8. Effective Internet marketing, analysis of traffic purchases

Solution: Source order module for OpenCart - monitoring customer referral sources before purchase.

Source order module for OpenCart

In order to conduct an effective advertising campaign and understand what income you get from advertising on various sources (including to increase the budget for effective ones), you need to clearly understand what promotion tools give results. Clients, of course, can come from different sources. It could be:

organic delivery;

contextual advertising;

social networks;

marketplaces and price aggregators;

links from other resources.

In order to determine which method is most effective for you, you need to install the Order Source module and trace where the client came from. In the future, you will be able to strengthen your presence and promotion in those sources that bring the most revenue.

9. Analytics from Google

Solution: Google Analytics module for OpenCart - collecting statistics for building a website promotion strategy.

Google Analytics is a better tool for determining user behavior and analyzing the spending of advertising budgets than the previous module. Using this service, you can generate a lot of reports, which is very effective for analyzing and determining ways of website promotion.

The Google Analytics module makes it easy to connect a script and set up e-commerce in your online store. That is, you will need to copy and paste only the Google Analytics ID in the corresponding field. The script itself will be created automatically. Among the advantages of a software solution are:

  • greater flexibility and ease of use of analytics;
  • automatic generation of remarketing tags and setting up an advertising campaign without additional effort;
  • the ability to set up e-commerce and receive data on each transaction, incl. and for each traffic source.

10. Promotion in the Yandex search network

Solution: Yandex Metrika Connectivity Module for OpenCart - collecting statistics for building a website promotion strategy.

Yandex Metrika Connection Module for OpenCart

Like Google Analytics, Yandex Metrika is a system that collects data about traffic to your site and generates them in a convenient form for perception.

The Yandex Metrika module provides similar functionality as the Google Analytics module, but here you can also see the customer’s behavior on the site using a web visor. Setup and installation does not take much time, but it provides a lot of food for thought, including You can understand how convenient it is for your customers to use your online store.

SUMMARY. If you are not satisfied with the indicators of visiting your online store from organic search results - sooner or later you will have to do search engine optimization. Our selection is a must have for basic SEO - buy a package, install, configure SEO-modules from NeoSeo, links to instructions are on the module cards or order the turnkey services from our specialists, we are always happy to help.

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