Simple rules for saving links with the "Redirects Manager"

What about saving links when moving a site to another domain? In this case, you can go in two ways: the first is a long and routine (at the shape of the file .htaccess), the second is easy and pleasant, which we'll talk about now.

When changing the address of the site or the address of the page, it is best to use the "Redirects Manager" software solution. With the help of redirects (or in other word - redirection), the user moves from the old address to the new one. Please note: if transferring to another domain only change the domain name, and links remain unchanged, you simply need to correctly configure the domain transfer, for example:

Redirects manager : Why do you need it?

The software solution "Redirect Manager" will help you with:

  • keeping the position of the online store in search results and the results of website promotion in search engines;
  • prevent loss of traffic for search engines when transferring to another domain;
  • automatically configure redirects from old links to new ones.
  • generate a map of the necessary redirects;
  • unload the list of pages from the old domain and the new site;
  • Form a correspondence of old and new url-addresses.

You agree, it is very convenient and effective!

Redirect Manager: Clear Advantages

Module "Redirect Manager" works on all versions of OpenCart. Among his undeniable advantages is:

  • Supports search by rules, can be disabled if necessary;

  • works with references, sort of internal (those that contain keywords category_id, product_id, etc.);
  • correctly fulfills and supports import and export for csv format;
  • supports various redirection codes (HTTP 301, HTTP 302, HTTP 307);
  • necessarily takes into consideration the validity period of the redirect;
  • ignores accidentally inserted spaces at the end and at the beginning of the link;
  • Works out joomla links without CNC (Computer numerical control);
  • works out site settings, immediately forming a redirect to http: // www. or other;
  • supports masks in two versions, etc.

"Redirect Manager" is the best software solution for those who appreciate the functionality and quick solution of tasks.

Information about the software solution "Redirect Manager"

The main requirements for setting up the software solution "Redirect Manager":

  • PHP 5.3;
  • OpenСart 1.5., 2.0.;
  • VQMOD 2.4.1 і више;
  • IonCube Loader (domain license).

Note that the module is incompatible with Internet store caches, for example, boost.

Technical support

Web-studio «NeoSeo» provides free technical support of the software solution «Manager of redirects» for OpenCart.

If you need to improve the functionality of this solution, write to .

Cost and terms of the work you can specify from the sales manager, for this, fill out the form below or call back to one of the numbers indicated in the header of the site.


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