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Customizing templates SMS notifications to customers and administrators of the online store for each order status (in all languages) with support for over 20 popular gateways: turbosms.ua, sms.ru, sendpulse.com and so on. Module for OpenCart

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Module information
Immediately after placing the order, you can download the license and module files in the Dashboard

Customers online stores on OpenCart are different. Are understanding and patient, and there are those who "want all here and now." For the latter category, the company's specialists NeoSeo has developed a module "SMS informer".

People often leave the application for purchase in the evening, sometimes at night, worried about how their order was executed on time and accurately. Our module will be concerned about their peace of mind for You!

After installation and configuration You can configure in your {SEO Store} the following functions:

  1. Autosubstitution of data from the order directly to the SMS text
  2. Ability to connect more than 20 sms-mailing services
  3. Specify the group of users for whom you want to send SMS notifications
  4. Support for logging sending notifications, which will help identify problems in sending messages (useful for developers)
  5. and further see “Additional module benefits”

A module from NeoSeo SMS Informer for online stores on OpenCart sends out pre-programmed sms. It seems to be a trifle, but it allows you to solve many "uncomfortable" situations.

Imagine that someone made an order and is waiting for the operator’s call, and your office lost electricity / internet / manager / end of the working day or something else ... {SEO-Shop} is available around the clock, anything can happen.

After waiting a while and not receiving an order confirmation, a leisurely or restless client will simply leave for another product in another online store. And having received the automatic SMS “Good afternoon, your order has been accepted, expect the call of our manager tomorrow after 10 am”, he will feel like a participant in the running process and will not go anywhere.

This client will also receive (or may receive, here you decide) SMS with congratulations on Holidays, messages about promotions, tracking their orders by numbers of postal declarations, etc. That is, the module from NeoSeo SMS Informer for online stores on OpenCart is your inconspicuous assistant secretary who performs routine, but very useful, customer-oriented work.

You can install it yourself - all instructions are located in the readme.txt file, which will appear after unpacking the module from the archive file

This module is designed for OpenCart 1.5.x-2.x. If you need a module for 3.0, please click on the link

If you want to know about the turnkey service - you are here.

Post scriptum

When ordering development of an online store, we will deliver and configure you turn-key SMS Informer module!

Additional module benefits
  1. Automatic substitution of data from the order directly to SMS text.
  2. Ability to specify the message text for each status in all languages of the store.
  3. Ability to specify the message text for each status for the administrator.
  4. The ability to customize the sending of messages depending on the status (forcibly, that is, it will always be sent, on — only if the customer notification mark is selected, never — disabled).
  5. Ability to connect more than 20 sms-sending services.
  6. Specify a group of users for which you want to send sms-notifications.
  7. Logging support for sending notifications to help identify problems in sending messages (useful for developers).

This module runs on OpenCart 1.5.x-2.x. If you need a module for version 3.0 - please go here.

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