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Notify your customers via SMS. Our solution for OpenCart is at your service!

Order the installation of the software "SMS-Informer" for OpenCart "turnkey" and get loyalty benefits from your customers!

Every owner of an online store on OpenCart seeks to have open and productive communication with his customers. What could be better than instantly informing customers about the status of their order using SMS messages?

Do you want to inform the administrators of the online store as quickly as possible about the received orders? And what about the possibility of an automatic SMS sending by the online store on OpenCart about the shipment of the goods by the transport company with the waybill? These and many other possibilities are available for you by the software solution from the web-studio «NeoSeo» «SMS-Informer»

SMS-Informer for OpenCart from NeoSeo web studio: successful solutions for your business

Web-studio "NeoSeo" offers you a unique technical solution that allows you not only to report the receipt of a new order, but also to automatically send informative and meaningful sms messages in according to the changes of their status to the admin panel of the online store.

SMS-Informer allows you to solve the following priority tasks

  • Improve the image of the Online store in the eyes of customers;
  • Establishing organizational and communication activities of the Online store;
  • Reduce the amount of routine manual work and avoid countless mistakes;
  • Informative and exhaustive messages to clients about the status of their order, taking into consideration several personal parameters;
  • Sending sms messages to the customers with an individual declaration number of the waybill of the company.

Recipients of such messages will always be satisfied, replenishing the ranks of regular Clients.

Once again, briefly, what messages and to whom can send our solution:

  1. Message to the administrator about the receipt of a new order.
  2. Message to the Client about the successful confirmation of the new order.
  3. Message to the Customer informing that his order has been sent.
  4. Message to the Customer that you will be glad to see him again in your online store.

Features of the software "SMS-Informer" for OpenCart

To set up the sending of sms messages, you need to select a certain sms-service, register on its site, get data for the API-mailing (login, password, sender) and specify them in the "General" tab of our software solution. After configuring all necessary parameters, you need to click the "Save" button.

You must use {status_comment}, in order to send the "Comments to Order" field in the SMS message,

You can edit sms message templates at the "Message templates" tab.

To link the SMS-Informer for OpenCart with the module "any transport company API", you need to configure the sms-message template on the "Cron Task" tab, which adds a comment when the order status is changed.

Nota Bene! Between the configuration of the personal account and the activation of the service of the sms-informer usually takes several hours, therefore, sending the sms messages will take place after some time.

"SMS-Informer" from the web-studio "NeoSeo" supports the work of such "gateways":


Nota Bene! Web-studio "NeoSeo" can add any other "gateway", on this issue, please contact

Technical support of the software "SMS-Informer" for OpenCart

Web-studio «NeoSeo» provides free technical support for the developed software «SMS-Informer».

If you need to develop additional functions, please write to

The time and the cost of setting up the "SMS-Informer" for OpenCart "turnkey" check with sales managers or fill in the form below, we will contact you.


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