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Setting up the module “NeoSeo Bonuses for Managers”

1. Installing the “NeoSeo Bonuses for Managers” module

First of all, you need to make sure that the “NeoSeo Restriction of access for users in the administrative zone” module is installed and configured in the system.

If it is not - you need to install and configure it.

It is necessary to upload files from the Upload archive directory to the root of the site via FTP.

After that, go to the administrative panel of the site and select the section “Add-ons” -> “Modules”

Next you need to select the module “NeoSeo Bonuses for Managers” and click the “Install” button

Then you need to go to the module settings.

Make the initial settings and click “Save”

The following parameters are available for editing:

  • Status - Module status, enabled / disabled.
  • The coefficient is a multiplier that translates the difference in amounts before and after order editing. If the amount has changed to the lower side - 0 points will be credited.
  • Statuses for orders - only orders with selected statuses will participate in the calculation of bonus points.

After changing the settings, you must save them.

Next, you need to update the modifier cache. To do this, go to the “Add-ons” section - “Add-ons Manager” and click the “Refresh Cache” button

2. The result of the module

After updating the modifiers in the “Sales” menu, the item “NeoSeo Bonuses for Managers” will appear.

This section will display the current information about the accumulated bonuses.

Information such as the name of the manager, the number of processed orders and the amount of accumulated bonuses are displayed.

You can search by the name of the manager, it is also possible to sort by name, number of orders and the amount of accumulated bonuses.

It is necessary to take into account that only those orders that have the corresponding status specified at the stage of module setup are included in the sample.

Also, only those orders that were created after the module installation will be displayed here.

The button “Write off bonuses” will reset the number of bonuses for the selected manager and create an entry in the History of debits.

So at any time you can go back in history and find all the write-offs of bonuses for all managers, or for a specific manager.

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