Coming soon, fast templates with an unlimited number of modules for 1 UAH/order

Our Assembly to create a selling online store has run for 1 year. Vivat {SEO-store}!

We have grown so much and has significantly improved both the design and the functionality of our framework for an online store. A year ago the first version came out {SEO store}, where we collected CMS OpenCart, modules 67 and 4-ready version of the design.

This year we added to the Assembly 18 of very useful modules, horizontal and vertical menus and more than 50 options to customize the appearance {SEO store} and, of course, fixed dozens of small bugs.

To celebrate in a big way

Stratospheric price for a license for 1 domain only 50$!

Introductory price only until 29 August 2020!

Incredibly rich in functionality and design build to create a selling online store for only 50$?!

is crazy 0_O.

Remember the most important changes during the year

There-TA-da-dum! This year we contributed to the Assembly of more than 400 improvements! Some very large and Grand, like adding new modules or ready-made color schemes for the decoration of the store. Other less significant: styling individual elements of the site and improvements minor flaws. But all the changes are aimed at improving your management experience {SEO-Shop}, to improve his selling abilities.

At the start of the build included 67 modules, and now 85! Was added is very important for promoting further development

  1. SEO-filter – for coverage of search traffic at low - and mid-frequency queries with the help of landing them in thousands of landing pages that are created by adding categories to the filter values, for example: iPhone white Samsung TV in the kitchen, evening Dress color red where iPhone, a TV, a Dress is a category, and “white,” etc. the values of the filter options in these categories.
  2. Gift in a basket – to motivate the buyer to make faster ordering and to get a nice bonus.
  3. Together cheaper – to increase the average check, the ability to form sets of complementary goods, such as Phone Case = cheaper than individually.
  4. Wall categories – colorful, attractive showcase popular categories on the Main page.
  5. Autodetect currency, language and location on GeoIp – the buyer got on the appropriate language version of the website, and seen a variety of promotions and discounts, is used in its region.
  6. Show more in the category – adds a button “Show more” at the bottom of the catalog where all items loaded on the same page on click without a transition and reloading the page.
  7. Archival goods – to avoid 404 pages and offer the buyer similar goods to replace.
  8. Loyalty program – for providing any kind of discounts: group, personal, savings or the amount of the order.
  9. The data markup to configure advanced snippets in the results pages of the store.
  10. Tracking broken links to quickly identify previously working, defunct and broken links (404 pages).
  11. Message pop-up to 5 minutes to create a modal message about promotions, new arrivals and other important information.
  12. Watermark – protect images from copying.
  13. Receipt – to create informative sales receipt.
  14. Tracing the source of the order – to know whence came the buyer and understand where to invest resources more efficiently.
  15. Manager of promotions (discounts, gifts) to encourage repeat sales, increase average ticket and customer loyalty, updating inventory.
  16. Capture Customer contact – to configure the feedback form on any page.
  17. Featured products PRO – to create an advanced unit of recommended products with a large number of tabs. So You will be able to recommend more, and to sort the featured products in different areas.
  18. Backup for backup (backup) online store.


Let's remember some of the embedded chips to customize the look of the online store:

  • Added the ability to change the color scheme of the store in a couple of clicks and 8 ready-made color schemes to choose from;
Модуль Глобальные настройки, Веб-студия NeoSeo Модуль Глобальные настройки, Веб-студия NeoSeo
Модуль Глобальные настройки, Веб-студия NeoSeo Модуль Глобальные настройки, Веб-студия NeoSeo
  • Added option to toggle the font of the site.

  • Added the possibility of choosing different types of “preview” of goods in the categories.

  • Added a new template with a big picture for the item card.

  • Added a more compact and convenient form of filter for mobile gadgets and tablets.
  • Made compact and lightweight header.

  • Added a new kind of sticky menu.

  • Added option to enable/disable the caps website at checkout.
  • Added the ability to choose the types of templates on one theme:

  • Added the ability to select a gradient for the background blocks

  • Updated set of labels for goods.

We made a huge effort to each web master it even easier to create online stores, earning more.

Create online stores using our Assembly is very simple and profitable:

  1. Downloaded the distro
  2. Installed it on the server
  3. Set up modulebuilder your Customer.
  4. Passed a workable solution, earned money.
  5. And everyone is happy :)

Run conditions and the cause:

  1. In this promotion you cannot use previously accumulated “points”, combine with other promotions and special offers.
  2. But you can buy the Assembly “in reserve”. To do this, in the domain field enter “next work”. Prerequisite: to activate the license you need to 31.12.2020 city, otherwise the license will simply expire and be null and void.
  3. To by the Assembly on the page: or write to us at mail so we called back and was billed.
  4. The offer is valid until 29 August inclusive.


Celebrate and earn together with us

Team NeoSeo