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Accelerating the speed of loading the online store pages on OpenCart by the recommendations of Google PageSpeedInsights

Speed up the performance of the online store on OpenCart and get an "excellent" rating from Google search engine, which will definitely increase your sales!

Your online store takes the leading position on search terms, but traffic is getting smaller? You invest the same resources in promoting the online store, but the results are falling, and with them sales and profits? Tried to check site`s page load speed for the Google PageSpeedInsights test?

Google PageSpeedInsights

Perhaps it's all about the changes that have recently affected the market as well as the share of the distribution of user demand for segments and the audience in particular. The essence of the problem in a nutshell is a significant increase in the percentage of users from mobile devices and a decrease in the ranking of those resources that gain low scores in the opinion of PageSpeedInsights.

According to statistics for 2017, more than 50% of Internet users already use mobile devices for web surfing: smartphones and tablets. Google's search giant, of course, adapts to this movement in the market and, in order to satisfy the demand of its users, makes adjustments to its ranking algorithms of sites so that the TOPs have those online stores that are convenient for viewing and shopping from "mobile ". In addition, not so long ago we talked about the index of mobile-first.

Accelerating the loading of online store pages on OpenCart by Google Page Speed Insights

How did Google evaluate your online store?

How to test and measure the work of the site? For an independent, objective assessment the mega-search engine has developed a special online test of speed analysis sites - Google PageSpeed Insights. To provide the site with a leading position in mobile and desktop search, your web resource should be adapted for fast downloading and convenient viewing from any device. Therefore, optimizing and speeding up the download of the online store site is of great importance.

Checking the operation of the Google PageSpeed Insights site

As a result of testing, your site receives an appropriate rating:

  • green zone - good (the web page scored more than 85 points, is quickly loaded and perfectly optimized for all types of devices);
  • yellow zone - the resource requires correction (the page does not load fast enough, you need to make corrections in accordance with the recommendations)
  • red zone is bad (the web page is not optimized at all and it is slow to load, corrections should be done immediately).

In addition to the speed of loading pages, the design of the Internet store is also estimated for convenience of the "mobile user".

Adaptive design or how to speed up the site for the convenience of users

Is it convenient for people to use your site? Is it equally good to perceive information from your site by viewing it on a computer monitor or smartphone?

Adaptive design is an integral part of success

Adaptive web design ("responsive web design") is one of the essential components of a successful online store. Adaptive web page design allows the user to fully perceive its content, regardless of the device that it uses (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.).

Adaptive online store design

Site with adaptive design:

  • Provides fast page load time regardless of device type;
  • harmoniously reflects the content of the site on any device from which the user browses the Internet resource;
  • unlike mobile applications, has a single website address, as well as a unified system for managing the content of the resource.

Do you need adjustments? Web-studio «NeoSeo» will help!

What is included in the service?

Accelerating online store downloads

How can I speed up the loading of the site pages? To receive a high rating from Google PageSpeed, the professionals of the web-studio "NeoSeo" will improve the speed of the Internet store on the following parameters:

  • Optimization of the image (possible only if your web resource is running on VPS - Virtual Private Server - a virtual server that has significant advantages over the classic dedicated server: configuration, management, etc.).
  • Enabling gzip data compression (the web page is loaded faster when the image sizes and text files from the server are reduced, which are sent to the user's browser in the optimal extensions of html, .css, .js, etc.).
  • Using the browser cache on the user's side of the site (the browser saves the files of previously visited web resources in the cache, significantly accelerating subsequent page loads).
  • Configuring JavaScript shortening (with the help of certain algorithms, code is optimized, which affects the speed of the web resource).
  • Effective CSS compression (Cascading Style Sheet is used for visual presentation of web pages and after optimization speeds up the work of the site).
  • HTML shortcut setting (HyperText Mark-up Language, with which the browser recognizes the text of the Internet page).

Please note that the "Reduce server response time" option is corrected by our web studio specialists for additional payment.

Web-studio «NeoSeo» does not provide such services:

  • "Remove the javascript and css code blocking the top-of-page display" (Google's mechanisms for this issue are not specified).
  • Remarks that are relevant to third-party sites (for example, Google PageSpeed among comments notes incorrect caching time of your own Google Analytics script, in which case this problem can not be solved. At your discretion: NeoSeo specialists can offer settings that result in verification This service does not provide third-party scripts).

Accelerating the loading of Internet store pages on OpenCart by recommendations NeoSeo service

Cost and terms of work can be negotiated of works with the sales manager, for this, fill out the form below or call back to one of the numbers indicated in the header of the site.

Get the highest rating from Google PageSpeed - speed up the download speed of your online store and, of course, increase your sales with experts of the web studio "NeoSeo"!


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