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Creating an Online store from scratch: developing your own business

In the modern world, the processes of trade are rapidly moving to the Internet, so without the online store today, a successful trading business will not succeed. How to create an online store from scratch? Read in this article.

Creating online store

Many beginning entrepreneurs understand that the company simply needs its own online store. But not everyone understands how to start its creation and development. This is really not so simple, but if it's right to start, you can soon get a decent result.

A very important part of this process is thinking over strategy and direction. You can not go directly to the development of the site, if you do not know what it will be devoted to, what direction its business activities, how much money it will be spent on, etc. Also it is necessary to consider many additional parameters, such as: the availability of special opportunities for customers, the expected number of customers and the costs of promotion.

Creating an online store from scratch: solutions

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Before you order the creation of a website from scratch by professionals, you need to consider your budget and company goals. Entrepreneurs need to know that there are many different ways to create websites. Most companies order one of two ways:

  • website development by development specialists;
  • Purchase of a ready-made package of solutions.

The first option has many different advantages. You can customize the site as you like, make changes as you develop, and connect all kinds of plug-ins, if the system supports them.

To start, you need to pick up a company that develops sites in good faith and quality, at the same time quickly and at an affordable price. This is sometimes very difficult, because in companies with cheap prices or freelancers, the results are not of the best quality, and experienced professionals require large investments. Creating a site from scratch takes a lot of time. Therefore, this option is not suitable for those who need a quick solution.

For many companies, it is more profitable to create a site on the basis of ready-made solutions. This allows you to save costs, while quickly getting the finished result, which can immediately be used to make a profit.

Advantages of creating an online store from scratch

The advantages of an online store from scratch

There are many advantages of ordering an online store from scratch on a ready-made platform. To begin with, it should be noted that customers immediately receive a ready-made solution, which you only need to customize at your discretion. Downloading the platform for hosting and connecting additional plug-ins are pretty fast, a lot of time takes only the filling of goods and other routine tasks.

Such systems contain a lot of interesting, convenient settings. They can be tailored to suit their needs, the categories of their products, the appropriate structure, etc. It is convenient for almost all Clients, as each business has particular characteristics.

Consider search promotion! Ready-made platforms usually offer opportunities for making promotion more efficient. They contain already prepared plug-ins that help to optimize the site for search engines. Management of such systems is easy, it can be performed even by managers without special technical knowledge. A certain level of training is still required, but all tasks are carried out simply, so they can be quickly learned.

NeoSeo web studio specialists develop selling online stores on the OpenCart platform (SEO-shops), which have:

  • High speed of loading pages on all types of devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone);
  • The correct SEO structure (landing pages for specific groups of requests);
  • Protected communication protocol, etc.

The process of creating an online store from scratch

Creating an online store

Creating sites from scratch usually starts with creating a strategy and thinking through the main elements of the site, as well as the schedule of the plan for the next few months. From the very beginning it is important to determine whether a unique site will be created, or a ready solution will be purchased.

First of all, you need to purchase a domain, that is, the name of the site where visitors will be directed to your portal. The name of the site must match the name of the company for which it is created. It should also be user-friendly and user-friendly.

It will take a site and hosting, where it will be posted. It is important to pay attention to the stability of the work, the size and hosting capabilities, as well as further expansion as the number of customers grows. To date, there are quite a few services that provide such services to website owners at very competitive prices, including constant support for their customers.

When the domain and hosting are purchased, you can install on them a ready-made platform for creating an online store, then to configure it. Typically, the installation is done by specialists, it does not take much time, it allows you to start setting up the site, its plug-ins soon.

When the system is fully installed, the adjustment for a particular online store begins. This takes into account:

  • features of the site,
  • the way of promotion,
  • groups of goods,
  • number of categories,
  • feedback, etc.

If you need additional plug-ins that extend the site's capabilities for clients, you can easily install them and also customize them as needed.

In addition, regularly release fresh versions of many ready-made platforms. They should be regularly updated to maintain the security of sites, get more opportunities, make their sites more user-friendly.

NeoSeo web studio experts recommend OpenCart platform for their Clients, on the basis of which they create selling SEO-shops ready for successful promotion.

Tips and tricks for those who wish to order an online store from scratch

Tips and Tricks

  1. Read the recommendations on how to come up with a name for the site, before buying a domain name.
  2. Saving on hosting is a wrong decision, because the quality of hosting directly affects the satisfaction of customers with the site.
  3. Take the time to select the platform for your site, so that it has all the features that you need. To date, the leader among such platforms is OpenCart.
  4. You will also need a database of products and descriptions for those that will fill the online store website.
  5. The platform should be set up for search promotion. Modified by our experts OpenCart - this is undoubtedly the best software solution!

Why is it better to order the creation of an Internet store from scratch from specialists

Work with specialists

Let's say the client gets a ready-made software solution, it needs to be properly installed and configured. This may require specific knowledge, understanding the operation of the server, the skills of setting up and promoting sites. It's all much easier and cheaper if you assign such tasks to specialists from the NeoSeo web studio who will perform all the main tasks, and will also help to quickly launch the site and make it convenient for visitors.

Entrepreneurs need to perform many different tasks related to the development of their business and distribution of goods. Studying the technology of website development takes a long time, so few of the businessmen can afford it. NeoSeo specialists come to the rescue, who already have all the necessary knowledge and skills, offering their services at a very advantageous payment.

As you can see, there are software solutions on the market that allow you to save a lot by getting ready-made websites. Using such solutions, you can quickly develop your business by promoting your own online store for the sale of goods or services.

If you needed to create an online store from scratch, NeoSeo is ready to help. We offer a convenient and high-quality OpenCart platform, on the basis of which we create selling SEO-shops. Write or call us right now to find out exactly how the installation procedure is going, what it will take and what services we are ready to provide.

We are always happy to help the development of your online business,

Team NeoSeo.


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