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Service Integration of Boxberry delivery service with OpenCart online store

The joy of a large number of orders ends at the delivery service. Stand in line, listen to scandals between visitors, fill out invoices ... As a result, spend a lot of time, the expense of which could be reduced to one task - to give the goods with ready invoices. And for this, you just need to integrate the Boxberry delivery service with the site on OpenCart.

If you need high-quality and fast integration of the OpenCart online store with the Boxberry delivery service, contact the NeoSeo web studio. We ourselves will carry out all the settings on the side of the site on OpenCart and Boxberry, and give you the tool ready for full work.

Steps for setting up website integration with Boxberry

  1. Module installation.
  2. Registration on the website of the transport company. After registration, the company gives the keys to access the API service
  3. Initial setup of delivery methods. The right settings will allow the buyer of your online store:
  • immediately on the site, select on the map a convenient point for issuing orders. This is not only convenient and innovative, but also will reduce the time of placing an order, since you will not need to look for the location address or remember the number of the nearest warehouse.
  • order courier delivery to the door. When choosing this order method, the approximate time required for delivery to the selected PVZ will be shown. When viewing the order in the admin panel, the manager will display the PVZ indicated by the Client, so that there will be no need to waste time searching for information about the department that is necessary for the buyer.
  1. Checking the correct use of the modifier.
  2. Checking the work in the window. If necessary, a conflict is resolved in the operation of the Yandex-card with other modules using it. The functionality of the javascript of the selection of the PVZ is also checked, which gives the Client information about the desired PVZ. And if he does not correctly accept a click on the map, troubleshooting is being done.
  3. Verification when editing an order. It is necessary in order to exclude the possibility of a conflict with javascript.
  4. Adaptation of the module in the window for a custom design theme. At this final stage, a check is also carried out to exclude conflicts in Yandex-card scripts and other used scripts.

The completion of the installation and configuration of the module is indicated by the appearance of the Boxberry Delivery delivery method in the online store. And now, if the Client chooses Boxberry delivery during checkout, you just have to form an invoice and print it. It will already contain all the necessary data, including the type of cargo, and the tracking number.

It is important to properly conduct and configure the integration of Boxberry with your online store. Contact the web studio NeoSeo and we will do all the work efficiently. You can find out the actual cost of the service on the page here.

Always happy to help

NeoSeo Team.