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How to measure the effectiveness of email newsletters

Everyone knows that e-mailing is very important for the development of online stores. They allow you to attract customers to communicate with them, advertise them different products, etc. But little will to arrange such an email, it is also necessary to analyse it and to learn its effectiveness.

Not so important which of these purposes puts before itself the online store, conducting email-newsletter. It is important that if this mailing is ineffective, it will lead to a cost budget and poor communication with customers. To understand whether the newsletter reaches their goals, it is necessary from time to time to check its effectiveness.Модуль

As practice has shown, not all email organizers know:

  • What percentage of customers received the letter?
  • How many emails were marked as spam?
  • How many clients have opened the letter?

But all these indicators are important indicators, on the basis of which you can judge the profitability of the newsletter and understand what is being done wrong and what can be done better.

What indicators need to be tracked

In addition to the percentage of open letters, there are several key indicators that you need to pay attention to. If desired, you can also explore additional parameters, if the company has the opportunity to assemble them.

The percentage of discoveries. What part of the clients who received the letter opened it. This indicator provides an opportunity to find out which headings attract the attention of customers, which letters they are most interested in, which days of the week are best suited for mailing. If you compare the least open letters with the most open, you can understand why certain headers open much more often.

Clicks on links. If the letter should help the client click on the link, it is important to know the number of clicks on these links. Many of those who decided to open the letter do not follow the links from it. If the letters contain several links, this allows you to find out which of the products is most interesting to customers. It also allows you to understand how much the text of the message attracts customers to click on the link.

The percentage of unsubscribes. This is the name of the ratio of unsubscribing participants to the number of existing and recently signed up. A large percentage of unsubscribes is a negative signal, which indicates that the newsletter is not interesting to many readers. You can track what exactly leads to unsubscribing, for example, an incorrectly selected day of the week or unsuccessful jokes from letters. It also helps to understand how many signatories are not fans of the company's products.Модуль 2

Conversion rate. If the purpose of the letter is for the user to perform some action, then you need to determine how many recipients have committed it. So you can find out what percentage of letters were really effective.

Subscribers growth dynamics. This indicator also needs to be monitored by those who wish to increase their customer base. It makes it possible to understand how many people are interested and how effectively marketing programs to attract customers work.

Social effect. If the letter contains the “Share” buttons, then customers can upload content from the message on their Facebook pages and other social networks. If many customers do so, this is an indicator of loyalty and trust in the company.

Spam tags. The more subscribers mark emails as spam, the more you need to work on the quality of the newsletter. Observe exactly which letters most often become spam and how you can correct the trend.

By following these tips, you can increase the profitability of your email newsletter. For its implementation, it is recommended to use mailing services that allow you to track many more different parameters. NeoSeo Web Studio uses email newsletters as an effective tool for Internet marketing - and you can successfully use this!

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