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The procedure for updating the module data Exchange to version 121 and more for the online shop {SEO-Shop}, OpenCart 2.x, 3.x, ocStore

With version 121 module data Exchange module code has been redesigned according to the standards of NeoSeo. In this regard, the file names were changed. If you previously had a version of the module is less than 121 and you would like to update the module to latest version, you must perform the following procedure:

UPDATE oc_setting SET `code` = 'neoseo_exchange1c' WHERE` code` = 'soforp_exchange1c';

 UPDATE oc_setting SET `key` = replace (` key`, 'soforp_', 'neoseo_') WHERE `key` LIKE 'soforp_exchange1c%';

where oc_ is the database table prefix. You can see which prefix is used in the config.php file;

Run a backup of the database and project files;

Delete the module modifier (it can be located in the "Add-ons Manager" section or in the system directory on the server);

Install the module from the current module archive (the installation procedure is specified in the readme.txt file in the archive);

Run queries in the database;

Delete all files of the old version of the module.

Do not forget to change the link in the "Exchange with a site" module in 1C: Enterprise.

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