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Buy module for data Exchange between the online store on OpenCart and 1C:Enterprise, 1C:trade Management, 1C:managing a small firm, above the 8.0 version

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Immediately after placing the order, you can download the license and module files in the Dashboard

Big ship - big sailing, and big business - process optimization using the data exchange and synchronization module of an online store on OpenCart with 1C: Enterprise, 1C: Trade Management (UT), 1C: Small Business Management (UNF).

We have been developing this module for exchanging with 1C since 2015, monthly expanding its functionality with regular updates, which, after purchase, you can download in your personal account. The instruction for the OpenCart exchange 1C module is attached.

This module for integration with 1C is installed on thousands of online stores on OpenCart, ocStore, {SEO-Shop} model “A” and model “B” (development of IM from scratch and “turnkey”). The module, together with the work of the Team, has collected more than 100 positive reviews and is undoubtedly the best solution on the market.

And if you want to set up an exchange yourself - please, just for these purposes you

and need a module

Exchange and Synchronization with 1C: Enterprise for OpenCart versions 1.5-2.3. If you need a module for versions 3.0 - please, here you can exchange with 1C v 3.0

which will allow you to complete your tasks quickly and efficiently.

If suppliers, warehouses, mutual settlements are involved in your business, you just need to synchronize data with 1C: Enterprise (My Warehouse, Class 365, TorgSoft, Tirika or other accounting program) so that prices and balances are "loaded" directly from there, and all accounting took place in one place.

The module for the exchange of 1C and Opencart allows you to minimize the routine manual labor.

Integration of OpenCart and 1C for trade management is a very popular service, and competent integration of Opencart with 1C solves dozens of tasks at the same time, automating most of the actions and eliminating mechanical errors of managers.

The most important features that appear due to the synchronization of OpenCart with 1C are:

autonomous work on the exchange of orders from different outlets;

unloading from the online store on OpenCart in 1C the counterparty participating in the order;

the ability to create and update a tree of item categories on the site, without reloading;

edit product items directly in 1C with subsequent updating of information on the site;

updating the item on the site, without re-uploading;

uploading characteristics to options;

unloading balances for goods and separately for warehouses;

unloading the length, width, height, weight of each product;

For a competent and complete installation of the exchange module and the integration of 1C with OpenCart, we provide both the instruction and the turnkey exchange configuration service. If you are not a very experienced webmaster, we recommend contacting NeoSeo specialists for help.

In accordance with the requirements of the Client, company employees will calculate the cost of 1C integration with OpenCart, which depends on the number and complexity of the tasks.

If you would like to learn more about the service of setting up integration of data exchange and synchronization between OpenCart and 1C “turnkey”, please click and follow the link.

The application of the 1C: Enterprise accounting program in the operation of your online store, as well as data synchronization with an offline store or warehouse, provides for:

Automation of organizational activities of the online store, adding a resource to the general accounting system of the enterprise;

The ability to get a holistic picture of financial affairs and the results of the online store, as well as other offline sales points;

Optimization of financial analysis of the online store on OpenCart

The main advantages of our OpenCart module for Exchange (Exchange) OpenCart with 1C: Enterprise

1. Transparency of work

Whatever happens during the import process - all this will be properly reflected in the logs, which even an unprepared person can read and if necessary, respond to the problem.

2. Full technical support and assistance in resolving issues.

If you have any special needs - no problem, we are the developer, not the reseller of this module, so you can be sure that we can all implement and everything will work for you exactly as you need it, but for extra charge.

Additional module benefits
  1. Full logging of the process.
  2. Fine-tuning all the nuances of synchronization (more than 2 dozen options).
  3. Possibility of linking goods both by article number and by model or product name.
  4. Work directly with the database (less vqmod and compatibility issues).
  5. Ability to manually import and export data.
  6. Download images.
  7. Attribute loading.
  8. Download options (may require refinement of unloading from 1c).
  9. Loading manufacturers.
  10. Download categories.
  11. Loading dimensions (length, width, height) through the same product properties.
  12. Download seo_title, seo_description, seo_keyword and seo_h1.
  13. Weight loading through the property of the same name.
  14. When goods, attributes and categories are deleted, the corresponding links with 1c are deleted so that the next import proceeds normally.
  15. Does not stain images with a watermark - this is the lot of third-party modules. In particular, you can choose the NeoSeo Watermark.
  16. He is not trying to build a seo generator out of himself - this is the lot of third-party modules. In particular, there is integration with SeoGen.
  17. Guaranteed and prompt resolution of any issues - yes, for an additional payment, BUT! everything will work for you, and your business, instead of downtime, will earn and bring you money, rather than a headache and additional difficulties.

This module runs on OpenCart 1.5.x-2.x. If you need a module for version 3.0 - please go here.

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