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Pulse NeoSeo

The communication between the online store and 1C:Enterprise, 1C:trade Management, 1C:manufacturing enterprise Management, version 8.x - Module for OpenCart 3.0

Version 174

4 13518 Number of sales: 222

Module information
Immediately after placing the order, you can download the license and module files in the Dashboard

Serious business – the right decision! Web Studio offers NeoSeo authoring: sync the online store with the accounting system 1C: Enterprise. This module is included in a special promotional offer "cheaper Together", which we prepared for the 5th anniversary of NeoSeo. Another, more attractive offer is waiting for You here – ready {SEO-Store} "on key". But we digress, let's still about the module Exchange of data between the online store and 1C:Enterprise

Why is it needed?

Of course, if the online store two dozen orders per month, no warehouse, and the whole scheme reminds exclusively Dropship (dropship), the accounting system, You probably don't need. But when Your business involves suppliers, warehouses, mutual – then you just need to synchronize data with the accounting program to keep prices and remains "loaded" directly from there, and all accounting is happening in one place.

If You want to know about the service under the key - you here.

For these purposes, you
and need module
Exchange and Synchronization with 1C: Enterprise for OpenCart version 3.0 If you need the module for version 1.5-2.3 - please come to the Exchange with 1C v 1.5.x-2.x
which will allow you to perform your tasks quickly and efficiently.
The use of the accounting program 1C: Enterprise in the performance of your online store and data sync with offline store or warehouse includes:
  • Automation of organizational activities of the online store, add a resource in the General accounting system of the enterprise
  • The ability to get a holistic picture of financial affairs and the results of the online store, as well as other offline sales points
  • Optimization of financial analysis of the online store on OpenCartThe main advantages of our OpenCart Exchange module with 1C: Enterprise

1. Transparency of work

Whatever happens during the import process, all this will be properly reflected in the logs, which even an unprepared person can read and, if necessary, respond to the problem, if there was one.

2. Full technical support for a fee

If you have any special needs - no problem, we are the developer, not the reseller of this module, so you can be sure that we can all implement and everything will work for you exactly as you need it, but for extra charge.


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14 days

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Russian assembly / ocStore
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+3 600 грн.
2. License price
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+999 грн.
4599 грн.
4599 грн.

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