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How we produce the technical support of an online store made on OpenCart

Как происходит техподдержка интернет-магазина на OpenCart
You provide TOR and/or any introductory information in a format convenient for you, or order the preparation of TOR by the efforts of our specialist. For popular services, for example, Integration of an online store with 1C, we provide a brief, all communication takes place through our Telegram chat.
Как происходит техподдержка интернет-магазина на OpenCart
We give an approximate estimate of the time for the implementation of your TORor the provision of services according to the brief.
Как происходит техподдержка интернет-магазина на OpenCart
We sign the contract, you buy the number of hours of work of a certain specialist specified in the Assessment, who will perform your task (programmer, designer, layout designer, etc.). We enter your project into the Worksection task tracking system, deploy a test site.
Как происходит техподдержка интернет-магазина на OpenCart
A specialist performs a task on a test site.
Как происходит техподдержка интернет-магазина на OpenCart
We hand over the completed task. And after your verification, this refinement or the result of the task is transferred to the working (main) site.


  1. How the technical support service is provided in the NeoSeo web studio
  2. OpenCart technical support and improvements: how we work in the context «typical» and «atypica» tasks
    1. How do we work? A dedicated Team is at your service!
    2. How can I get an information support service and solve my question as quickly as possible?
    3. I need help when drawing up a technical task (TOR), do you have such a service? Will you provide the service of a project manager (project manager)?
    4. What is “typical” and “Atypical” tasks within the framework of OpenCart software and technical support and how are they evaluated by cost?
      1. What tasks are related to “typical”
      2. What tasks are considered “atypical”
      3. List of services that are often ordered from NeoSeo
    5. How is the time spent on a task measured?
      1. What are the guarantees that your specialist does not drink coffee during my time?
      2. How many projects are served in NeoSeo and why should I entrust you with my business?
      3. Illustrative examples that prove the profitability of working on tasks with per-minute billing
    6. Terms of information and technical support
      1. What consultations on OpenCart are provided for free?
      2. What consultations on OpenCart are paid?
      3. Why is paying for the time actually spent by a specialist the most correct way to estimate the cost of a task?
      4. Examples of tasks when the solution required 2 times more time due to the occurrence of clarifications in the process of completing the task
    7. Detailed description «atypical» (non-standard) tasks
    8. How does the cooperation work?
    9. How can cooperation with a freelancer turn out?
    10. When the task gets into the plan?
    11. Why it is necessary to use a test and local environment?
    12. What is functional testing?
    13. Attention, pitfalls! it is “bug” flaw or “paid modification”?
    14. What you need to start cooperation?
    15. Why without a clear TK-the result is FK?
  3. Feedback from our Customers
  4. Advantages of cooperation with our web studio
  5. Providing daily site support on OpenCart
    1. Configuring the creation of backups for the online store
    2. Summary report of life activity on the OpenCart website
    3. Weekly monitoring of the online store's reference portfolio
    4. Monitoring Google Webmaster Console Messages
    5. Monitoring the loading speed of the pages of the OpenCart Online store
    6. Monitoring the availability of the OpenCart site (uptime)
    7. Monitoring of online store positions
    8. Competitor analysis
  6. Technical support for software solutions
    1. Order paid information and technical support
  • Your sales and business suffer because the site looks like “twisted”, or, God forbid "buggy" making an order, and your programmer says “yes, yes, I'll do it now” and so it continues for the 2nd week?!
  • Is your OpenCart website working with errors, customers are complaining more often, are you losing your image and sales?
  • Would you like to expand the functionality, make the site more beautiful and convenient, so that it sells better and more? Are you looking for a reliable Partner who will do everything within the specified time frame?

We are in a hurry to help you!

How the technical support service is provided in the NeoSeo web studio

Dear Customers,
to discuss the terms and cost of performing technical support tasks for your online store, you need to carefully read the terms of service and pay for project management services in Worksection.

Each task for your project is discussed, estimated at cost, performed in a special task accounting program – Worksection

The subscription fee for project maintenance in Worksection is$50/month, starting from the second calendar month of project maintenance. We issue an invoice for the maintenance of the project 5 working days before the beginning of the calendar month.

After paying for the project management service, you will be able to conveniently discuss, coordinate and set tasks for our specialists, and you will also be able to track the time spent on completing each task. The entire history of correspondence and assessments, consultations on issues and tasks will be saved in the project so that you can return to important issues at any time.

What does project management in the Neogeo web studio include?:

The cost of running your project in Worksection is $50 per month. For new Clients, project management until the end of the first month is provided free.

Technical support of the site on OpenCart. Revision, maintenance, maintenance, opencart programmer services

In order to continue talking on “same language”, let's immediately understand the terminology. What do we mean when we say, I need OpenCart revision, opencart support, technical support of the site on Opencart? What is it about? After all, support can be provided orally, it is possible in writing, and often, these concepts mean the Client's desire to order a programmer's service.

Let us introduce ourselves, we - NeoSeo Web Studio - specialize exclusively in services that are related to sites based on CMS OpenCart.

As part of the technical support, OpenCart developer services, improvements, opencart cms support, opencart programmer services, opencart website maintenance, opencart configuration services are provided.

All technical support services for sites on OpenCart are divided into typical and atypical, and are provided in two versions:

  1. 1Planned tasks - are put in the plan to specialists after confirmation of payment, we start to perform within 10 working days
  2. 2Urgent tasks - on the same day or the next, but at a double rate.

Technical support, OpenCart revision: how we work in the context «typical» and «atypical» tasks

All the information that the Client needs to know before transferring money for services is collected here. YOU MUST READ IT!:)

Dear Customer,

we are ready to take your online store developed on the OpenCart CMS (any versions and assemblies) for daily maintenance and maintenance.

By developing your business with us, you will provide yourself with a reliable Partner who will be responsible for a full range of services related to the life of your online store:

As you can see, we solve any issues that you may encounter in the process of developing your online business.

By cooperating with us, you have the right to work calmly on what you know and do best. Our team suggests that you delegate the technical support of your OpenCart website to us and focus on your main business processes, – engage in where you will be most effective to increase sales in your business.

Take off this headache associated with the next search “non-matching” and reliable specialists. Entrust it to those professionals in their field who do this every day, those who loves do this and have the appropriate professional knowledge and experience.

Order a technical support service right now

How do we work? What is “dedicated command”?

Dear Customers,

Continuing our acquaintance, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that by default we work as your dedicated Team (dedicated Team).

This means that:

You act as a Project manager and you give clear technical tasks to specialists, as well as supervise their actions, ask what has been done, at what stage the task is being implemented, etc. All tasks that you provide are considered by our specialists as "the task needs to be done", that is, the performer does not think "is it necessary to do this? or “is it possible to do it somehow easier, in a different way and faster? and can I advise the Client something? and what does the designer do at this time? and does the online store provide the functionality that the designer drew? and so on - no, it performs a clearly defined task based on the fact that you have already thought about everything. The specialist performs "a tool" to achieve your goals, without thinking about why and why he does it.

You understand the essence of the tasks, why, for what purpose you set them, determine the plan and the order of their implementation.

It is you who lead the actions of a dedicated Team, where the simultaneous work of a designer, a layout designer, a programmer and a marketer is possible, and it is you who are responsible for obtaining the final result.

If you want a specialist to be assigned to your project, who will think about all the issues listed above, please order the service “project management by a project manager”.

To clarify all the questions about the work of information and technical support as deeply as possible, let's try to understand:

  1. 1How does the information support department work??
  2. 2Why are the answers provided to everyone in the order of the general queue?
  3. 3Why does it happen that the solution of your question is delayed for several days?

Information support is provided through the forum

Therefore, in order for information support to be provided to you as quickly as possible, please make sure that by contacting our support service you have provided full information about the error (all points are mandatory):

  1. 1A detailed description of the problem/ question. I.e., just write "your module is not working" it will not be enough, since we will ask clarifying questions, and your request will again get to the end of the queue.
  2. 2What version of the module is currently being used?
  3. 3Attach images that demonstrate the problem itself, how does it manifest itself?
  4. 4What actions or after what actions did the module fail / stop working? What work on the site or on the server was carried out «till», or “parallel”?
  5. 5What messages did you receive during the problem/error?
  6. 6What is written in the server logs? Attach screenshots of the server logs (not to be confused with the store logs). If you do not know where to view the error, you can contact the hosting TP.
  7. Specify the phone number, Skype login and TeamViewer code, tell me how you can be contacted?

When asking to understand the problem of the module's operation, be sure to provide:

  1. 1Administrative access to the site control panel, if possible with administrator rights (often limited rights do not allow you to fully test the problem), example:

login: admin

password: admin

  1. 2FTP access (Server name (host); login, password)

Server name (host):

port: 21

login: user

password: pass

  1. 3Database access (aka phpmyadmin).

login: mysql

password: mysql


Who is a project manager and why is it so necessary?

  1. 1The project manager acts as a single representative from the NeoSeo Team with whom you will communicate on the project.

It is he who, first of all, understands how to make the only correct and optimal plan for performing several tasks by different specialists, so that they act smoothly when working together.

Your advantage here is that our specialist will take care of the correctness of the task statement, i.e. you will not have to make a TOR. It is he who will communicate with each of our specialists individually, finding out the stage of readiness of each task. The responsibilities of the project manager also include a holistic view of your project.

You should understand that if you assign us a task for a specific specialist, then he is only responsible for completing his task, and not monitoring and interacting with other specialists. If this is a designer, then he looks at his task from the point of view of design, a programmer —from the point of view of the working code, the front end — layouts. It is the project manager who combines all these elements into one puzzle and makes sure that all participants understand and perform tasks to achieve the overall goal of the project.

  1. 2The project manager acts as your "a translator for setting tasks" and a consultant.

We could probably defend a doctoral dissertation on the topic of why paying for the time actually spent is the most correct pricing model and the first reason for that – this is the lack of a clear TOR (technical task). Usually, from a position of economy, the Client independently makes up the TOR, often without having behind him “technical base”, describing what you want in a clear language, missing important points. In turn, the programmers of the web studio, even after a dozen clarifications, take into development such a TOR, which the Customer insisted on, and in the process of implementation it turns out that:

Therefore, sometimes it happens that a programmer starts work, performs a task, i.e. spends the time allotted for it, bought, and then it has to be redone, because no one is happy with the result. Yes, we will finish everything to your complete satisfaction, but often the Client is indignant, because he believes that the programmer should have somehow telepathically understood what the Client really wants. Unfortunately or fortunately, this does not happen, what has been done has been done and now it turns out that you need to buy more specialist work time to get the desired result.

To prevent this from happening, try to describe your tasks and the desired end result in as much detail as possible (what you want to get as a result at the output). It is the project manager who will listen carefully to you at “your language” and “will translate” it is included in the correct Technical Task to our specialists, simultaneously offering you the most optimal way to solve the task.

It is profitable for you, because buying the project manager's working hours, you will make the project faster, more correct, and in the most optimal way, because he understands your goals and knows how to better implement them with our Team of specialists, simultaneously saving both your time and your money.

  1. 3Coordinates every moment with the Client in a convenient form.

You can go about your business and benefit your business exactly where you are most effective. And our project manager will coordinate with you all the nuances of the task in a convenient form: by phone, Viber or telegram. After coordinating all the tasks with the Team, it will offer you the best option for performing the work to receive your confirmation.

  1. 4The project manager makes a plan of work and payments.

It is the project manager who coordinates the estimated time for the task with you and, if you agree, puts the task in the plan for execution to the developer, monitors the completion of the task on time and makes a payment plan for the tasks, makes sure that if the specialist reaches the time limit, notify you in time and after receiving consent, continue working.

If the task goes beyond the estimated time, it solves all the questions for additional time (explains the reason and the need for time overruns based on information from the developer).

You will not have to delve into the technical features of the project and negotiate with the developer in his confusing slang :).

  1. 5Regularly compiles reports.

So that you can get acquainted with the progress of technical support for the Opencart website: what has been done, what is planned to be done and what kind of participation is needed from you. Provides a report to the mail, to the messenger or in any other way convenient for you with a specified frequency.

For you, this means that you will always be up to date on the project and it will not take you much time.

  1. 6Analyzes the project and recommends improvements.

Offers the best way to achieve your goals, what can/should be finalized, improved, understanding the specifics of the project and the availability of ready-made solutions.

Our specialist has extensive experience in developing online stores and will tell you how to implement your idea in the best way.

  1. 7Your Project manager is always in touch, he is always happy to discuss your questions or new tasks.

The specialists working in our web studio do not know how to read minds, but having a lot of experience gained directly in practice, they understand what is needed for the successful launch and development of your online store, how exactly to bring you closer to the desired result and are sincerely interested in making the project profitable.

When you buy a project manager's watch to create your online store, you buy an active member of your Team-a professional who will lead you by the hand through the thorns to the stars, avoiding stepping on obvious rakes and not stumbling over the pitfalls that we already know.

Typical – «fix», Atypical – «in fact»

“To be or not to be?” – it's too easy! You try to give a correct and accurate answer to a more eternal question in the circle of OpenCart programmers: how to correctly estimate the cost for completing a task “Х” on the project where she worked “{-X} specialists of different levels” and where is there a dozen modules from different developers?

We admit that we suffered for a long time making mistakes in evaluating ourselves in the negative, but over time we came to the realization that the most fair formula – this is the payment formula for exactly the time spent on the solution.

Different tasks have their own individual nature and history of occurrence, features of manifestation, nuances that generate misunderstandings and conflicts in the software environment and in the procedural plan, and accordingly, each task needs its own solution (including due to the specifics of different versions and assemblies on CMS OpenCart, as well as significant differences when writing code by a dozen specialists before us).

All these numerous factors have different effects on the time required to solve various tasks, so we have divided all these tasks of technical support of the site on opencart into «typical» and «atypical», what does the pricing model depend on?.

Типичные и нетипичные задачи

To «typical» include tasks that are done by our specialists on a regular basis: with clear initial data and preliminary terms of reference (TOR). For example, install the module «quick site map», like any other module that does not require integration with external services (these tasks, if the online store was developed by us, go according to fixed cost).

К «atypical» include tasks that concern:

«Atypical» also, all tasks for integration with external services are considered: 1C-Accounting, Bitrix24, Retail CRM, Brain API, etc., because it is very common here «they climb out» unforeseen circumstances that stretch the execution of the task in time. All these tasks are evaluated «approximately … hours» and are paid for in fact the time spent.

All atypical tasks are evaluated as “approximately … hours”, and the actual cost is calculated based on the number of hours spent upon their completion.

How is the time spent on a task measured? Do you really count in minutes?

Yes, each task is measured in minutes. Every programmer of the NeoSeo web studio, when starting a task, includes a special timer that you will see in your personal account and this is a huge advantage for you. After all, working for a fixed cost, you do not even know how much time the specialist actually spent and whether there was a rate of$80\hour. When does he finish his work – he presses the button «fix the time».This is the net cost of the watches you bought, everything is accurate and transparent, honest and fair.

What are the guarantees that your specialist does not drink coffee for my time?

You monitor the execution of tasks from the Client's personal account, where time costs are visible, and it is also convenient and easy to communicate with our employees - direct performers, without intermediaries. If necessary, you will be able to communicate directly with the company's management.

How many projects are serviced in NeoSeo and why should I entrust my business to you?

At the moment, 178 active projects are served in our web studio.

And also, at the moment we have 599 projects in the Archive - these are those projects for which active work is not currently being carried out, but which from time to time return to the state "Active".

Welcome on NeoSeo board! - we will be glad to see you in our decent party :)

Examples of the profitability of per-minute billing

We don't round up 37 minutes to 1 hour and vice versa: when the task was estimated at 2 hours, and it was done in 1 hour 33 minutes ,you have 27 minutes left to complete other tasks for your project.

  1. 1Task from the Client - “SEO landing pages filter”

Lead time: 27 minutes

  1. 2Task from the Client - “Stylize buttons in the comparison list”

Lead time: 16 minutes

  1. 3Task from the Client - “Output of the image slider in the product card in the mobile version”

Lead time: 30 minutes

  1. 4Task from the Client - “Do not display products that are out of stock and discontinued in the articles”

Lead time: 33 minutes

Order a technical support service right now

Terms of free or paid information and technical support

Dear Customers, since we are sure that any High-quality work should be paid for, all consultations that require preliminary preparation of an answer are paid for by us

The following are free of charge:

A very important point is that if we have already prepared an answer to your question, you will receive it for free, but if in order to answer you need to spend time to understand the question, study the files, find an error and think before answering something, we will ask you to pay.

After we introduced an unprecedented profitable system for Customers with a per-minute billing of the remuneration of our specialists, we had to make all consultations where deep immersion of programmers is required paid, because:

а) a lot of time is spent on high-quality answers, the time that our programmers could spend on directly performing tasks that have already been paid and are waiting in the queue.

A programmer must study many factors before he, taking responsibility, offers you his expert opinion. It is thanks to his experience and the offer provided on a platter that you can save a considerable amount of money by making more balanced and optimal decisions. They will tell you what really needs to be done, and what can be done differently, and how it will be better to do both cheaper and faster.

б) we do not include time for answers, consultations, etc. in the cost of work. Someone needs them, and someone does not. We all pay every minute and exactly for the time that is spent for their benefit.

If your case falls under free support, write your question on the forum and you will receive an answer from us, usually during the day during working hours. If in your case it will be necessary to look for the problem and understand "why does the module not work in your case"?, - we will ask you to pay for the working hours of our specialists at a special, economical rate.

Also, we recommend that you look at the FAQ section, on our website. Perhaps the answer to your question already exists.

Situations when the solution of the problem required much more time

And yes, it is very important! If you put before the specialists of the NeoSeo web studio «atypical tasks», then you should trust us unconditionally and be financially and morally ready to pay more, and sometimes – it is significant, because for such tasks it is very often «preliminary assessment» it turns out to be inaccurate.

In the picture below, you can see the situation when the task was initially estimated at 7 hours, but the solution of the issues that arose during the execution, which all came and came from the Client, increased the actual time spent more than twice, we even took it out a separate case, so that you can really feel how it really happens.

Завершение задачи

Accurate estimate of the time required to complete the task – this is the No. 1 problem in the field of software development (and not only), which exists all over the world. This is how everyone works: we plan based on experience, but we do not take into account what we do not know, so, as a result, it happens that we just need more time. Solve this problem and you will become a billionaire.

Dear potential Clients of NeoSeo web studio, if you are not mentally or financially prepared for such risks – do not contact us, we do not need to talk about the fact that a programmer today «drank a lot of coffee» etc. Indeed, if you do not initially trust us – it is better to order services elsewhere.

More details about the process, how we work in the context «atypical» (non-standard) tasks.

By «atypical» tasks (that is, this is not a simple typical service, such as installing a standard module «quick sitemap») we sell the programmer's hours of work, and do not tell you the cost of solving the problem. It is very important that you are imbued with the awareness of this nuance even before the transfer of money.

We give an estimate of the time so that you understand how many hours you need to buy approximately. We give an approximate, rough estimate according to the time required to solve certain tasks, based on personal experience (time spent on performing similar tasks in the past).

But since each project has its own specifics and its own characteristics, among which are:

The experts of our web studio even No pretend to be accurate. Estimated time indicated by us – this is by no means the exact time required to solve any «Untypical» tasks.

And once again the most fundamental points:

  1. 1You buy from us the working hours of a highly qualified Programmer, Designer, Marketer and his replacement in case of illness, absence, etc. How much will he manage to do for the paid time – all yours. You can always add new requirements and wishes, change the original TOR, etc. – no problem, we will do everything to the end, everything will work like a Swiss watch, but the payment, accordingly, – on the fact of the time spent.
  2. 2We do not give a fixed cost for solving the problem, we can only give an approximate estimate of the time that may be required to complete the task, based on the technical assignment you submitted. If our programmer fails to complete the task in the estimated time – this is not a reason or basis for a claim for a refund of funds already paid. At your request, we can inform you about this in advance, and only after confirmation and your consent (payment), we will continue to work on the task.

Оплата работ программиста

How does the cooperation take place, the main points, how much does it cost to finalize the site for an opencart? :

Order a technical support service right now

Ballad of «freelancer» or a story about why he is again «gone»?!

Let's say right away, we do not get inspiration from «muddying» competitors, but we will share and tell you a classic case, perhaps not the most favorable way of developing your project, if you decide “save” and make the guys “cheaper”.

Преимущества работы с веб-студией

You can find a freelancer who looks like a decent guy at first glance, but soon turns out to be:

So that's when «freelancer» Due to his inexperience, gives a fixed estimate of the cost of work in the context of such a difficultly predicted type of atypical tasks, and later, in the process of already performing it, realizes that it takes another 2 hours, and then, passing the task to the Customer, the latter says: «but here it has not been done yet, I said, you didn’t hear, finish it ..., and then the bug needs to be corrected ..., look, but here it’s ugly ... and also here ...» etc., – life of the classic «freelancer» turns into hell.

Such a customer becomes a freelancer simply not profitable, because for the paid $ 300 he suddenly has to work 20 and 30 hours, and it is natural that the freelancer begins to avoid contact with the last one. That's when «freelancer» grandma starts to get sick, then «electricity goes out», then suddenly «Internet provider has disabled», and in general here the UFO is constantly circling, does not allow you to concentrate – it's not for us to tell you these tales, everyone who has ever tried to work with freelancers goes through this horror. It is a fact. «Freelancer» is already beginning to curse this Customer, and that – him, and all because of what? – That's right, due to the fact that an inexperienced freelancer appreciated «atypical» a task on a fixed cost model and now the Customer requires the final result, and the freelancer, meanwhile, is looking for another Customer, because you always want to eat.

You are really rich enough to entrust the foundations of your online business to some freelancer you met yesterday?

The main differences in collaboration with a web studio and a freelancer

NeoSeo Web Studio

We work under a contract. We give a guarantee of Promptness of response when contacting and Guaranteed terms for starting work.

Yes, cooperating with our web studio, which employs a staff of programmers who are fluent in the specifics of programming on OpenCart, for your comfort, we were able to organize the process in such a way that you receive an assessment on your tasks as quickly as possible, and we begin to perform the task itself and we finish, on average, up to 10 days from the moment of contact.

Cooperating with our web studio, you can count on the fact that your tasks will be done on time and without downtime, we have interchangeability of specialists. If one programmer falls ill, does not show up for work for family or other reasons, you will not feel this, his colleague will perform your task. The work of programmers is monitored daily by account managers and a manager who is directly interested in the delivery of projects on time.

In case of any misunderstanding, you can contact our most important department - the Customer Support Department with a corresponding request. You always have the opportunity to contact both the sales manager of services and the heads of the web studio.


Lack of any guarantees and liability for oral agreements.

Well, very often Customers come to us and tell the same story about the fact that at first everything was fine, and then, suddenly, the person was changed - the freelancer took the money and disappeared ... Result: a lot of time wasted, the online store continues work with mistakes, investments in promotion are ineffective.

And this is not at all surprising, because oddly enough, but,"freelancer" - this is an ordinary person who, most often, appreciates and loves freedom very much, he works at home, wherever you want or not, and his wife, children, neighbors interfere in the process of work). A freelancer works as long as he wants and does not bear financial responsibility for the result. In addition, we all sometimes get sick, go to birthdays, go to rest, and if there is no interchangeability, then there is no one trite to transfer business to.

But the saddest thing is that in trying "pseudo save $ 100"Customers find a wonderful freelancer on their head who "everyone can"! But this, in fact, does not happen. A freelancer, at best, interacts with other freelancers, so there will always be uncoordinated actions, inconsistencies in timing and the absence of the most important thing - who is responsible for the final result.

Order a technical support service right now

Planning of work: are we working according to plan or is it urgent?

We have two types of work: planned and urgent. All tasks, by default, qualify as «planned», we start their implementation within 10 days from the date of confirmation of receipt of payment.

If you have a situation «everything is on», we can start the task on the same day or maximum – the next, but payment is carried out at a double rate.

Срочные задачи

Test and local environment. What is it and why is it needed?

Important. Before starting work, so that possible changes in the program code do not affect the performance of the online store and, in the end, – for sales, we must definitely set up the local and test environment.

«Setting up the local environment» – this is the creation of a local copy of the site or its analogue for full-fledged work with the code, while not affecting the main site.

For this you need:

  1. 1«To raise»Apache based domain.
  2. 2Depending on the required parameters, install the correct PHP version, ioncube, xdebug.
  3. 3Create and transfer databases (DB) from the original site.
  4. 4«Upload» site locally via FTP.
  5. 5Creating a project in IDE and git.


This is not a test environment, but a local environment, which is intended for the programmer's work. Additionally, we `` raise '' separately and a test site for testing the project together with the Customer.

Тестовое окружение для проекта

The cost of this service is shown in the table.

Attention, it is important, we will duplicate some points from the Agreement, which will be provided to you before starting cooperation, which relate to the test environment.

1.3. The Worksection program describes all the technical requirements for the Tasks, their execution time and other necessary information. All work is performed on a specially created test environment.

1.3.1. Due to the fact that it takes a lot of resources to maintain and create backup copies of the test environment, the Customer's test environment will be stored by the Contractor free of charge within 30 calendar days after the completion of the last task for the project. After 30 days of inactivity on the Customer's project, an automatic script will delete all files from our servers.

1.3.2. If the Customer plans to contact the Contractor later than 30 days, the Customer can order the service of saving the existing test environment in his personal account on the website for $ 2 / month. or, then, when he applies for services again, for example, in 2-3 months, the Contractor will deploy a new test environment for the Customer's project (1 hour of programmer's work).

1.3.2. Before deleting the test environment existing for the Customer's project, the Contractor undertakes to send a notification to the mail specified during the registration of the project 5 days in advance.

1.3.3. Please take care of making a decision and paying for the test environment save service in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises and style conversations. "why didn't you warn?!" We warn :).

About functional testing

It is important to note that there are simply no basic tests on OpenCart, so testing is carried out either by our programmer or by a professional tester, whose service must be paid for separately.

According to the standard, after completing the task, our programmer is obliged to conduct mandatory, basic tests and additionally check whether the main functions of the site are working: ordering, discounts, etc. The programmer performing the task checks the performance at an intuitive level: if the module affects such and such parameters, then all variants of these parameters are checked, but nothing else. For example, the option «carousel of hits»: it should be displayed correctly, spinning, showing the desired products, displaying data, not affecting the rest of the modules on the page. Writing automated tests is not included in the price and can be implemented for an additional fee.

The newly created functionality verified by the Customer and the Contractor is transferred to the working site after written approval by the Customer.

Setting up the local environment – this is the additional time of the programmer's work, which is taken into account 1 time at the beginning of the work on the project.

Attention, pitfalls! it “bug” or “paid revision”?

In the process of completing tasks, many controversial issues arise and so that you, as our most dear Client, do not have a feeling of deception, unjustified disappointments from illusions of an imaginary order and arrangement of processes, PLEASE, read carefully and understand why there are inaccurate estimates and flaws in the tasks, for the elimination of which we will ask you to buy ANOTHER work time of specialists >>here<<

Order a technical support service right now

What you need to start cooperation?

Write to us at your task, and also indicate:

  1. 1Administrative access to the store control panel, example:
  1. 2FTP access.
  1. 3Database access (aka phpmyadmin).

If you have read to the end and share our thoughts, vision and values, we will be glad to see your project in our family.

Благодарные клиенты веб-студии NeoSeo

We are always ready to help develop your online business!

NeoSeo Team.

And finally, a little more :)

I have a technical assignment for 10 pages – explore, please, rate…

Dear Clients, we do not give an assessment (exact or even approximate) within the framework of free support, since the study and proposal of a high-quality expert opinion, and not «sparrow shooting», time-consuming Team work. In this case, there are 2 options for continuing our relationship:

  1. 1You immediately buy 30 hours of work, and we begin to do and solve problems one after another, without wasting time.
  2. 2We are working with you on a detailed TK in order to provide an approximate, but very close estimate, in order to discuss all the nuances at once, but this is at least 5 hours of our paid work.

Feedback from our clients


Обеспечение ежедневной поддержки сайта на OpenCart

The activity of the online store needs constant attention of caring “Parents”. Don't leave your "Child" to the mercy of fate. Buy a watch from our specialists and we will be happy to take care of it!

Interruptions in work Online store lead to: deterioration of reputation, loss of customers, earnings, minus in karma and other lemons. We decided to take care of the healthy sleep of our Clients and created special services for «ensuring the life of an online store on OpenCart». This is a guarantee that your online store will work for you all the time, without interruption. What exactly is offered within the framework of this service?

Обеспечение жизнедеятельности Интернет-магазина на OpenCart

Configuring the creation of backups for the online store

Our team configures the creation of backups and is responsible for weekly checking that they are created. If necessary, we guarantee the prompt setting of the task for the NeoSeo programmer to restore the site from the backup (without queuing, payment by timer).

Настройка создания резервных копий для Интернет-магазина

We make sure that your data is not lost, lost or damaged, therefore we set up backups to save the information on which hours, days or even weeks of your time were spent. The service includes:

Providing general «pictures of the world» – summary report of activity on the site

Every week we can provide you with the latest data on:

An example of such a report can be seen in the screenshot below. This data allows you to generally understand the effectiveness of promoting your online store.

Cуммарный отчет жизнедеятельности по сайту

Weekly monitoring of the link portfolio of the online store

About the role of links in пwebsite promotion Many articles have been written, and many SEO specialists are launching lively discussions about the importance or, on the contrary, the uselessness of links. We know that links remain an important part of promotion, and they can both help to reach the TOP and hinder.

Our team tries to maintain the quality of Internet resources, so we carefully analyze your link profile for low-quality, spam links. In the event of an attack by ill-wishers with such links, we will help you react in time so as not to lose positions in organic search results and close unwanted links in Google Webmaster.

The service is also useful for monitoring «not disappearing» purchased links that the site needs and which webmasters like to remove without notification.

Monitor Google Webmaster Console Messages, Track Bugs and Recommendations from Google

Мониторинг сообщений консоли Google Webmaster

We noticed that some of our Clients do not use at all Google Search Console to track new bugs and the overall health of your online store, although very important questions can often be found here:

We monitor messages from Google, site crawl errors, and search engine recommendations so you can work on your own with peace of mind. business. Now you don't have to worry that you will miss something important while you are at a meeting with suppliers – we will keep you informed of all the news.

Weekly monitoring of website page loading speed

In the circles of SEO specialists, they are actively discussing a new algorithm from Google & ndash; Speed Update. After its launch, the download speed of the mobile version will be taken into account as a ranking factor, and the algorithm itself will lower the search results for sites whose mobile pages load slowly.

This is due to the fact that most users use mobile devices to find information and products on the Internet. Accordingly, they do not want to wait forever for the necessary information to appear on their screen, so the speed is directly related to the behavioral factors of users.

Мониторинг скорости загрузки страниц

After that, is it worth talking about the importance of page loading speed specifically for your online store?

Website availability monitoring (up-time)

For optimal functioning of the online store, its content should always be available to users, but there are situations when you go to the site, and he «lies, does not breathe», those. nothing is displayed. You have ad set up, buyers come, but there is nothing here, they burned up the advertising budget, got a minus in reputation…

A bit of theory: uptime – this is the time that the server and its components (http, ftp, mail, etc.) are available, respectively downtime – times when these same items are not available. No matter how colorfully advertisements of hosting providers are decorated with 100% guaranteed uptime, in fact, no one can guarantee such server availability. You always need to be prepared for the fact that the site can «turn off», be unavailable and have problems due to the fact that the search bot decided to visit at the wrong time.

Мониторинг доступности Интернет-магазина

To prevent this from happening, we monitor the availability of your online store 24/7 and are ready to quickly restore the site's operation in case of problems.

Online store position monitoring

Мониторинг позиций Интернет-магазина

To understand how effective the strategy of promoting your online store is, you need to track its position in organic:

We monitor the position of your online store in the organic search results of Google for 50 key phrases in order to «keep abreast». And in the event of a sharp drop, you will have the opportunity to identify the reasons in time and take appropriate measures.

Competitor analysis

To improve the performance of your online store, you must always monitor your competitors in order to constantly grow and be better, to occupy the TOP places in the search results. To do this, we conduct an analysis of competitors and give a choice of two options:

Service cost «Ensuring the life of an online store on OpenCart» depends on the number of options chosen, you buy hours of work or a marketer or programmers. 

Technical support on software solutions (modules and platforms), and general questions about cooperation

We divide support for software solutions into 3 groups:

  1. 1Information
  2. 2Information and technical
  3. 3Software and technical support

Let's understand each of these concepts in order to order exactly what you need, if necessary.

✶ So, the first, the simplest is the OpenCart informational support, and it is provided in two formats:

  1. 1Free information support when the answer to any of your questions information and reference character is provided on a first come first served basis, usually within 1 working day. In all cases when the situation does not require the transfer of personal data and concerns the operation of modules or the SEO-Store, you write your question on the forum
  2. 2Paid informational OpenCart support, when the answer to any of your questions of an informational and reference nature is provided immediately (after confirmation of receipt of payment), i.e. out of line. This includes detailed assessments for tasks with an in-depth study of all output data and analysis of the features of the existing code. And also, within the framework of paid information support, prompt answers are provided to all those questions that are in the instructions of OpenCart, or to our modules for OpenCart or {SEO-Shop}, but you, as a busy business Client, have no time to re-read them to find the answer. You are ready to pay here and now for our specialist to explain everything in a popular way in simple language and what is important even without queuing, and, if necessary, provide a link to the required paragraph of the article on 50 pages.

    Information support also includes Assessments for tasks, which do not imply a deep study of the output data, as well as the study of the features and nuances of the work of installed modules from various kinds of previous developers, various assemblies, themes, and all possible conflicts between the three components.

What questions relate to information support for OpenCart?

- These are questions and assessments on tasks related to OpenCart, our modules and the work of our assembly based on OpenCart - {SEO-Store} in general. For example: where are customer orders displayed? but how to customize the display of landing pages in the mega-menu? How much does it cost to revise a module? How to make an exchange with 1C: Enterprise in OpenCart? How to create a landing page using 2 SEO filter values? etc. Those. these are answers to all those questions that are in the instructions for OpenCart, modules or {SEO-Store}, but you have no time to look for them or detailed, deep and thoughtful assessments of your tasks.

Order a technical support service right now

The cost of the paid information support service OpenCart:

  1. 1If the answer is provided in writing with screenshots from the instructions - $ 4 for 15 minutes. or a complete answer to the question / provision of an estimate, whichever happens faster.
  2. 2If the answer / rating is provided by voice via Skype + TeamViewer (by controlling the mouse of your computer) - $ 7 for 15 minutes. or a complete answer / assessment to the question, whichever comes faster.

For clarity, see Table №1.

  Information support
Free of charge Paid (in writing) Paid (Skype + TeamViewer)
What issues are being resolved? Information and reference questions
Service provision form In writing to or by email, if personal data is transferred In writing with screenshots to email Online voice
Submission procedure, terms On a first-come, first-served basis, usually within 1 business day Skip the line Skip the line
The cost 0 $ 4 for 15 minutes or solving the question, which will happen faster $ 7 for 15 minutes or solving the question, which will happen faster
How to order? or email, if personal data is transferred or email, if personal data is transferred Call the phones on our website

✶ The second type is information and technical support for OpenCart.

It can also be provided free of charge when the answer to the information technology question does NOT require additional analysis of the problem by a specialist. The main difference between informational and informational and technical support of OpenCart is that in order to provide a qualified answer, we need to involve an already highly paid OpenCart programmer. There are 3 types of information and technical support:

  1. 1Free technical support. The answer to any question of an information and technical nature is provided in writing on a first-come, first-served basis, usually within 1 business day. In all cases when the situation does not require the transfer of personal data, you write your question and receive an answer on the forum remind you that these are answers to questions that do not require additional study of the problem by programmers, designers and other specialists. Only ready-made answers to questions already known and analyzed by us earlier.
  2. 2Paid technical support related to the installation of our OpenCart add-ons / modules on the Client's website is provided at a special rate - $ 7 for 15 minutes. or for a complete answer to a question, whichever comes faster. The service is provided by voice via Skype + TeamViewer (if necessary, control the mouse of your computer to make it faster).
  3. 3Paid technical support NOT related to the installation of our modules. This includes general questions on the creation of a selling online store on OpenCart, application development, drafting a technical assignment instead of a Client and any other express help from an OpenCart programmer from our web studio on any information and technical issues (not to be confused with software and technical support where our specialists actually provide:

The service is provided by voice via Skype + TeamViewer (if necessary, by controlling the mouse of your computer). Service cost - $ 7 for 15 minutes. or for a complete answer to a question, whichever comes faster.

To use free information or information and technical support, write your question on the forum: or by email (if personal data is transferred).

  Information and technical support
Free Paid at a special rate (Skype + TeamViewer) Paid for all other issues (Skype + TeamViewer)
What issues are being addressed? Questions that do not require additional study. Related to the installation of modules from the NeoSeo web studio Составление ТЗ, консультации по вопросам работы ИМ на OpenCart
Service provision form In writing to or by email, if personal data is transferred Online voice Online voice
Submission procedure, terms On a first-come, first-served basis, usually within 1 business day Skip the line Skip the line
Skip the line 0 $ 7 for 15 minutes or solving the question, which will happen faster $ 7 for 15 minutes or solving the question, which will happen faster
How to order? Write a question on Email, at Telegram-chat, or Email, at Telegram-chat, or
Order a technical support service right now

✶ The third type - software and technical support for sites on OpenCart.

As part of this type of support, services are provided for the OpenCart developer, revisions, support for cms opencart, the services of an opencart programmer, maintenance of the opencart website, and services for setting up an opencart.

We are always happy to help the development of your online business,

NeoSeo team.