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"SEO-structure" of a modern online store. What is it and how to create it?

Perhaps the most important thing to grow sales in any online store is to be able to create"SEO-structure" based on the analysis of search demand, self-generating search traffic. Why do we say that the main thing is to "have the ability" ?! - Yes, because in 90% of all known CMS, not to mention the self-written developments on the market, this technical opportunity is simply not available! You will not be able to make an SEO structure to an online store even if you really wanted it.

Few of Customers, understand and think about the importance of having such function when considering different offers from web studios, but this is another story ...

As in the definition of the term "SEO-Store", it's not hard to guess that the "SEO-structure" is a structure of the site that is done specially to optimize the Online store for the search queries of the target audience. Correctly created "SEO-structure" allows you to get from the search engines the maximum possible traffic for free or at the lowest price (for example, in contextual advertising Google Adwords).

What does the SEO structure consist of and how to create it in an SEO store?

To the "SEO-structure" of the Online store, we include 3 components:

  1. Landing pages that are made by creating a tree of categories and subcategories
  2. Landing pages, which are made with our unique development - "SEO-filter."
  3. Landing pages for the coverage of info-queries, using "SEO-Blog".

SEO-store allows you to create an SEO-structure in 4 steps:

  1. At the beginning, landing pages are created for high-frequency key queries through the tree categories and subcategories.
  2. Then on these pages of categories and subcategories the necessary filter groups are displayed.
  3. Further, thanks to the "SEO filter" we created, taking categories or subcategories as a basis, and filter values (options) as additional search entities, creating special landing pages to cover all groups of medium- and low-frequency search queries that only exist on your topic.
  1. And the last step - you display the most attractive landing pages (no matter what way they were created) to the main menu of the online store catalog (mega-menu), so that the buyer could get into two clicks on any page of the site that interests him.

"Mega-menu" in the SEO-store plays out the role of the storefront of a regular store, therefore, as in the case of an offline store, there is nothing to exhibit everything, but you need to place the most enticing "mannequins."

What are the advantages of an SEO store and why should not all landing pages be categorized and subcategories?

Yes, when it was the only possible option, that's what everyone did, turning the tree of categories of the Internet store into a "long-tailor" for a long time, forcing its buyer to be pretty nervous when searching for the goods necessary for it. And yes, if you have 2-3 categories, then in this case, after collecting deep semantics, 200-300 landings can still be done somehow, but what if there are 2 or 3 thousand landing planes ?!

With the help of the SEO-store you can build it convenient for the user and for search engines, a natural SEO-structure of the online store that can cover in advance all the necessary groups of user requests for 5 and 10 thousand pages, and importantly, after, in fact, creating such landing pages, you can optimize them for search robots, i.e. register the corresponding NC, tag <title>, meta-tag <description>, header h1, place so-called. "seo-text".

Is there any evidence of the effectiveness of this approach to creating an online store structure?

- Yes there is. In addition to the fact that this is the way the best online stores of the country work, which in itself, there is already much to say about, there is also obvious logic. Google and Yandex, at every step, ask the owners of sites to create the most useful content that meets user demand. And what are our landing pages, how exactly are these pages that most meet the user's requests?

In fact, on such pages will be exactly the goods that the buyer is looking for. Asking for more specifically requests, your customers will be on the pages with such suggestions, accordingly, buyers will remain satisfied with the results of the issuance, which will inform the search engines of their behavioral factors, but you will be informed by the number of orders, as long ago the proven fact is that it is the medium - and low-frequency requests are the most conversion, people who clearly understand what they want to buy are 2-3 times faster.

What benefits do you get when ordering the development of an SEO store?

After completing all the works on the correct construction of the SEO-structure of the Online store, you have the right to count on:

  1. High positions of the Internet store and the transitions of target users from Google and Yandex search results for a very wide range of search queries
  2. Due to the greater relevance of the pages to your ads in the contextual advertising of Google Adwords and Yandex.Direct, you will receive better estimates of ad quality and pay for each click is significantly less than your competitors.
  3. A high percentage of return on investment in promotion is the ROMI (return of marketing investment), since you will provide a clearly-relevant offer for any specific request of a potential buyer.

How to create an SEO structure correctly and who will / can do it?

There are 2 options:

  1. In the conditions of a very limited budget, you can understand the issues of collecting a deep semantic kernel and do it yourself, and we will always help you and understand the nuances.
  2. If the budget allows, of course, we recommend to apply for this service to us, we will do everything "turnkey", i.e. we collect extended semantics (using special programs), clean requests from "garbage", group semantically and physically create for each group of search queries it’s specifically-relevant, address, landing page, whether through creating a category or, with the help of our wonderful "SEO filter."

How does it look practically?

An example of implemented SEO-structure you can see on the demo version of the SEO-shop, where we collected semantics for the group of products "Laminate" - , let's take a look at the steps:

Step 1. First we assembled the semantic core (found the search demand) for the "laminate" product group. It turned out that potential buyers are looking for a laminate with a wide variety of phrases, adding a variety of "search entities": by brand, by laminate class, by country to the manufacturer, by thickness, by texture, etc. Clearing the collected core of the "garbage" (more than 10,000 original search phrases), we broke them into groups and to catch them from the search, for each such group we ...

Step 2. Have made most relevant landing page by adding to the category "Laminate" the values of these search entities that were output through the seo-filters.

Step 3. Happy end.

We regularly receive calls from laminate buyers, perhaps even more often than requests for an SEO store, although, in addition to creating the very SEO structure for a group of "laminate" products, it's clear that nothing has been done in terms of search engine optimization :)

The cost of working on creating an "SEO-structure" depends on the number and "volume" of product categories of your online store. Please check the details with the sales managers or leave a request through the form below.

Always glad to help the development of your online store on OpenCart,

Team NeoSeo.


Спасибо за советы-)
Команда NeoSeo
Рады быть полезными для Вас)
i've the website and when i search on google the word 'sudoku' it is not found on the search i would have by you a seo indexing please let me know how you can do for my website and tell me wich is the economical effort
Команда NeoSeo
Good afternoon, to resolve your problem, please leave an application on our website, you will be contacted by our manager.
Если я на странице Демо Ламинат ( ) ввожу запрос "женское белье", то попадаю на адрес А должен был бы попасть сразу на готовую (существующую, прокачанную под запрос) страницу В чем работа вашего умного сео-фильтра? Ведь получается - как и во всех остальных движках - вы генерите страницы-пустышки!
Команда NeoSeo
Здравствуйте, Олег. Предназначение SEO-фильтра - создавать статические посадочные страницы на пересечении категории и значений фильтров. Например, Они создаются для поисковых систем Google и Яндекс. Задача этих посадочных страниц - привести пользователя из результатов выдачи поисковой системы на наш сайт. Вы в своем примере говорите о поиске по сайту, это абсолютно другой функционал, хотя и его можно усовершенствовать. Его задача - улучшение навигации пришедшего на сайт пользователя.

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