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Configuration of the module Arbitrary scripts for the online shop {SEO-Shop}, OpenCart 2.x, 3.x, ocStore

  1. Module installation “NeoSeo Arbitrary scripts”

To install the module “NeoSeo Arbitrary scripts” for OpenCart, you must:

  1. Go to admin panel and click on “Extras”->”Statistics”:
  2. In the list of modules that opens, select “NeoSeo Custom Scripts” and click the “Install” button:
  3. Go to the "Add-ons" -> "Add-ons Manager" section and click on the "Update" button in the window that opens.

This completes the installation of the module and you can proceed to editing the module settings.

  1. Editing module settings

To edit the module’s settings, go to the site’s administrative panel and select the “Add-ons” -> ”Statistics” section. In the list of modules that opens, select “NeoSeo Custom Scripts” and click on the “Edit” button:

After that, the window for editing module settings will appear on the screen:

In order to connect the module to the store, go to the “General” tab and select “Enabled” in the “Status” field:

The “Scripts” tab is designed to connect to the online store using scripts and various services (Yandex.Metrica, Google Analytics, online consultants, etc.):

To add a new script, enter the name of the script and click on the “Add” button. For example, add a script that connects the JivoSite online consultant to the online store and call it “JivoSite":

As a result, a form for configuring this script will open:

The form must fill in the following fields:

Status. The field is intended for connecting / disconnecting the script to the pages of your store.

In order to connect the script, in the “Status” field, select “Enabled”:

The script. This field is used to add the script code that you receive after registering on the official website of the service that you need to connect to your store.

For example, to get a script for connecting the “JivoSite Online Consultant” service, register on the JivoSite official website

When registering, indicate the address of the site to which you want to connect the service:

Upon successful registration on the service, the script code for the JivoSite online consultant will be available to you:

Copy the script code and paste it into the “Script” field, in the module settings. The field is multilingual, i.e. allows you to add a script for all languages that are installed in your online store:

Important!!! After adding all the changes, click the “Save” button:

As a result, after saving all the changes, the online consultant “JivoSite” will be available on your website:

Thus, using this module, you can easily add an arbitrary number of scripts to the pages of your store.


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