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Popular sales techniques: we use and earn!

Do you want to sell and earn more? Sales techniques help you in the help! Having mastered these techniques, you will ensure your company a consistently high level of income.

Methods for increasing sales

The more competition in the market, the more sellers are looking for ways to advertise and distribute goods. Even for non-competitive goods, you need to find methods that will make them popular in the market. Therefore, more attention is paid to sales techniques that provide an opportunity to attract customers, show them the advantages of goods, make interested customers regular customers.

Sales techniques are not limited to ordinary stores or only Internet sites. They can be used for online sites, and for wholesale or retail, and completely outside of online stores. It is important to choose the right methods that will increase the number of sales, and the cost of them will pay off. It is also important to use these methods competently, taking into account the target audience of specific goods.

Sales techniques: how is it done?

Team of Sales Specialists

Usually a team of specialists is hired to improve sales, which will serve customers through the Internet and by phone. This team of specialists should have the following qualities:

  • Politeness and good tone.
  • Ability to generate trust.
  • Ability to respond competently to disagreement.
  • Professionalism at the sales level.
  • Restraint and patience when working with even complex customers.
  • Special stress resistance.
  • The technique is of interest to buyers.

In addition to these characteristics, theoretical training and knowledge of how to apply sales techniques in practice are also needed. The more people know and know how, the easier it will be to respond to the actions of competitors.

The main types of sales techniques

The main types of sales techniques

Active sales are the most laborious kind, but they are usually the most productive. First you need to collect a database of potential customers, their contact information. Then it is possible to organize dispatch and cold calls, which will make it possible to interest customers.

Passive sales do not imply a direct appeal to customers. If the customer calls or writes to the online store support service, you need to help him decide on the purchase, find out more about the profitable aspects of the goods, and also correctly place the purchase order.

Direct sales - manager and client appoint a meeting, the client looks at the presentation, and if you want to buy the goods, signs a contract with the manager. This method is advantageous in that it allows you to work with clients directly.

Indirect sales are used through methods such as franchising and merchandising. Franchising implies the right to open a branch of an existing business, and merchandising - the laying of goods on the shelves of stores and supermarkets.

Sales for 5 steps

Sales for 5 steps

It's quite an old system that remains popular today. Here are the steps taken by sellers:

  • Establish contact with the client, who may be interested.
  • Define his interests and needs.
  • Present him the goods.
  • Handle objections, if any.
  • Complete the transaction for sale.

It is important to have all the steps, the correct order. Also at each stage you need to show professionalism in order to achieve specific goals.

Technique of Spin-sales

This methodology has been around for more than 20 years, and it does not imply the existence of concrete steps. The main aspiration of this technique is to understand the customer's needs, and to turn his attention only to the goods he needs.

The technique involves addressing clients with leading questions. They allow you to identify the problems of customers with goods, extract information and make customers think, and also send to buy specific goods.

The technique of "intimidation"

The technique of "intimidation"

In practice, it does not look as aggressive as it sounds. It involves manipulating the fears of buyers, for example, that they do not have time to buy goods at a bargain price or will not buy the best product from their category.

Here are just a few possible methods of manifesting this technique:

  • The quantity of the goods is limited. This technique works even when the goods are not very popular, not famous for their quality, but it is presented as scarce.
  • All buyers have already bought it. This motivates also to purchase the goods in order to be no worse than the rest.
  • For exceptional customers. The goods are presented as exclusive, for those who are specialists.
  • Closed clubs. Buy goods can only members of these clubs, which makes them inaccessible to others.

Technique "work with prices"

A great influence on the purchase of goods is provided by their prices. Therefore, it is important to choose the right prices so as not to make them too small with a profit shortfall or too large, limiting the number of buyers. Also, prices can be used to encourage customers to purchase specific goods, especially if they correctly use the appropriate sales techniques.

  • A sandwich or sandwich method, when together with the price they sell the basic values and advantages of the goods, arguing that they even increase the price.
  • Response to objections. Sales experience allows you to prepare answers to popular objections of customers in advance.
  • Comparison of price and benefits. If you list the full value of the goods, you can intelligently explain its price.
  • Decoding of the price. If, for example, the goods are expensive, but will last for many years, you can divide its price by the number of years, the same method is used to sell credit goods.

Technique "work with prices"

NLP sale

Neil linguistic programming technologies for the increase of sales have been devoted to a lot of work. Specialists should learn some techniques from this category.

  • Mirroring. The manager takes the buyer's gestures, his manner of conversation, to arrange it to himself.
  • Nonverbal contact. Performing friendly gestures that have a positive effect.
  • Compliments. At the same time, one must be cautious, since outright flattery will be immediately identified and spoil the impression.
  • Listening to objections. It is necessary first to listen to the claims, and only then to give arguments for their refutation.

There are quite a few sales techniques that are suitable for those or other customers. It is important to know each of the basic techniques to be able to apply it when required. This is especially true for those online stores that want to beat competitors.

NeoSeo wishes you successful sales - and we will help you with this!


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