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FireStore 3.0
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Configuring FireStore 3.0
System requirements
  • OpenCart 3.0 version NeoSeo/OpenCart 3.0.2 + SEOPro
  • PHP 7.2 - 7.4
  • ioncube loader: 6.0 and higher
  • License type: for one domain and its subdomains
6.08.2021. Version 1.19
  • edits on the checkout page
  • added the ability to hide the menu and footer on the checkout page
  • edits on the contact page
  • edits SEO blog styles
  • edits the block of pictures and prices in the product card
  • edits Vertical Menu Styles
  • added output of category description
30.07.2021 Version 1.18
  • A number of minor bugs have been fixed in the template
28.07.2021 Version 1.17
  • Fixed a bug when processing mobile templates
27.07.2021 Version 1.16
  • Fixed modifier for better compatibility with different versions of OpenCart 3
  • Added blog comments
  • Fixed blog search results template
  • updated blog templates for mobile
22.07.2021 Version 1.15
  • Updated Seo Blog Templates
  • Minor errors in applying the modifier have been fixed
20.07.2021 Version 1.14
  • Improved template work on "Pure" OpenCart
  • Minor bugs in the code have been fixed
20.07.2021 Version 1.13
  • Fixed the work of the CNC generator module after installing the theme
  • Fixed a bug with the menu in the storefront
15.07.2021 Version 1.12
  • fixed the position of the login in the header, if there is no choice of languages
8.07.2021 Version 1.11
  • Fixed the module operation when the license was entered incorrectly
8.07.2021 Version 1.10
  • The error in the operation of the CNC generator has been fixed
30.06.2021 Version 1.9
  • Fixed bug in language variables
11.06.2021 Version 1.8
  • Fixed a bug with the remainder of the product
9.06.2021 Version 1.7
  • Fixed a bug when entering the admin panel. part from mobile device
  • The close button in the subscription form has been changed
3.06.2021 Version 1.6
  • Fixed a bug in the news subscription form
31.05.2021 Version 1.5
  • Fixed bug when adding to cart in mobile version
  • Changed the display of options on the product page
  • Anchored block of images when scrolling on the product page
31.05.2021 Version 1.4
  • Improved theme compatibility with pure OpenCart 3
  • Added quantity of item to mobile shopping cart dropdown and replaced total cost with unit price
27.05.2021 Version 1.3
  • The performance of the caching module has been improved
  • Fixed cart bug in mobile version
  • Added styles for 1-click ordering when multiple products are selected
  • Unnecessary style files have been removed
26.05.2021 Version 1.2
  • Fixed operation of the module Order in 1 click
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