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Mail confirmation authorization - module for OpenCart 3.0

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The customer base with customer contact information is one of the most important resources of the online store. At your disposal there is a large number of users already loyal to your store. Many of them have already made purchases from you and, most likely, your online store they have on good accounts.

Working with old Customers is also, and maybe more important, than working to attract new ones. You will be able to carry out e-mail newsletters, informing your Customers about various promotions, discounts or new products. And even if the Client did not think about buying any product, then having seen a message about the action in his mail, he will most likely go to the online store to see offers that are advantageous to him.

After the above advantages of having a client base, a logical question arises: “How to collect this very client database?”. For such purposes, the web studio NeoSeo created a module for the online store on OpenCart 3.x, ocStore 3.x and {SEO-store} - “Authorization with confirmation of mail”. The module allows you to configure text templates for different stages of authorization, namely:

The text at registration. Here you can post a message with a request to confirm the mail, which will be displayed during registration.

Text of the letter. After registration, the client receives a notification of successful registration by mail, the text of which you can indicate at your discretion. The body of the message contains the {link} variable, instead of which a link should be placed to confirm mail.

Topic of the letter. You can set a subject line for a letter that notifies users of successful registration.

Notification of successful confirmation of mail. After confirming the email address, the user will receive a notification, the text of which you can edit.

In our module, we also took care of the convenience of administrators by adding the section “Notifications for the administration”, in which you can:

Appoint a person who will receive letters with information about new Customers.

Indicate the subject of the letter to the administrator.

Configure a template by which a letter to the administrator will be generated. The following variables are used in the template body: {firstname}, {lastname}, {email}, {telephone}, which in the letter will be replaced by Name, Surname, Mail and Phone, respectively.

Keeping in touch with customers is one of the most effective methods of increasing sales. Do not miss the opportunity to earn more! Get a license for the module today and start moving in the right direction of business development.

Additional module benefits

1. The module is easy to use;

2. The module does not require complex settings;

3. It is possible to specify templates for letters to the user and administrator, as well as the ability to specify the messages shown to the user during registration and after successful confirmation of mail.

This module runs on OpenCart 3.0. If you need a module for versions 2.1.x, 2.3.x - please, here you are

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