Express offer for the development of a fast online store for 7999 UAH details...

Welcome, Dear

We developed this loyalty program to share with You our verified software. We use it ourselves, being sure on our quality customer service.

It’s a “win-win” deal and the
first winner is YOU

  • 1

    Use reliable verified software from NeoSeo (it can be software suite{SEO-Shop} either Model A or separate modules) and you'll save plenty of time and money. You shouldn't install a half-functional module for inexplicable work.Take totally verified software and earn 3 hours of work to improve Customer’s project.

  • 2

    No more shaming after Your Customer asks you about terms of repair. You’ll always know the answers about the reason of software non-working or terms of upgrading. Our specialists made over 50 working modules for You. Even more:

    • You’ve got a huge FAQ base, manuals for {SEO-Shop} Model А and each module.

    • Special rate to upgrade oue Modules - 15$ per hour;

    • Free adaptation (layout) for Your customer’s theme when purchasing modules;

    • You’ll always got a quick advice about modules functionality. Also our specialists will make an Еstimate for its upgrading as soon as possible;

    • All Your tasks will be done on time;

    • If You can’t manage some tasks from Your Customer, take Him to NeoSeo. We’ll meet all his need and You’ll get your profit - 10% from ordered service in points (please, don’t mix up with our module’s upgrading - they are already special priced);

    • Buy our software for 30% of value and pay the difference using points!

    • The support service is available during twenty-four hours in case of free support question. Also you can get Skype or TeamViewer consultation for a very democracy fee.

    - This All is for You!

  • 3

    If needed You always can order the individual upgrading for any NeoSeo module for special price. Please don’t sell Your own work hours cheaper than 15$ per one and get the profit from the difference!

  • 4

    When you get money from your happy Client to purchase our software full-price, NeoSeo gives You a discount 25-75%. Surely you’ll spend the difference on your next vacations, Haiti, for example? :)?

Your projects will work as a swiss watch and Clients will always be satisfied - is there any other dreams?

You must be a webmaster (understand the intricacies of development)

If there is a large number of commonplace questions , we will return you to the Retail customer group
and close access to Model A and module discounts.

What to do?
  • Register and apply the joining conditions to partnership agreement.

  • Purchase 3 times any our module for actual (even discount) price.