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Я согласен
Your gift has been waiting for :)
* when buying from 1 500 грн.
Pulse NeoSeo

Welcome, Dear

We developed this loyalty program to share with You our verified software. We use it ourselves, being sure on our quality customer service.

It’s a “win-win” deal and the
first winner is YOU

  • 1

    Use reliable verified software from NeoSeo (it can be software suite{SEO-Shop} either Model A or separate modules) and you'll save plenty of time and money. You shouldn't install a half-functional module for inexplicable work.Take totally verified software and earn 3 hours of work to improve Customer’s project.

  • 2

    No more shaming after Your Customer asks you about terms of repair. You’ll always know the answers about the reason of software non-working or terms of upgrading. Our specialists made over 50 working modules for You. Even more:

    • You’ve got a huge FAQ base, manuals for {SEO-Shop} Model А and each module.

    • Special rate to upgrade oue Modules - 15$ per hour;

    • Free adaptation (layout) for Your customer’s theme when purchasing modules;

    • You’ll always got a quick advice about modules functionality. Also our specialists will make an Еstimate for its upgrading as soon as possible;

    • All Your tasks will be done on time;

    • If You can’t manage some tasks from Your Customer, take Him to NeoSeo. We’ll meet all his need and You’ll get your profit - 10% from ordered service in points (please, don’t mix up with our module’s upgrading - they are already special priced);

    • Buy our software for 30% of value and pay the difference using points!

    • The support service is available during twenty-four hours in case of free support question. Also you can get Skype or TeamViewer consultation for a very democracy fee.

    - This All is for You!

  • 3

    If needed You always can order the individual upgrading for any NeoSeo module for special price. Please don’t sell Your own work hours cheaper than 15$ per one and get the profit from the difference!

  • 4

    When you get money from your happy Client to purchase our software full-price, NeoSeo gives You a discount 25-75%. Surely you’ll spend the difference on your next vacations, Haiti, for example? :)?

Your projects will work as a swiss watch and Clients will always be satisfied - is there any other dreams?

The deal is simple:

purchase our software, either single modules or verified suite {SEO-Shop} Model A , work with pleasure and plan Your next step of success!

All the Developers, who register and qualify tests, without reference to cash flow will get huge discount 70% till the 1st of August, 2019

From the 1st of August the discount will be calculated on the amount of income:

When turnover
is less 200$

discount 25%

special price to update our modules 15$/hour

When turnover
is 200$ - 500$

discount 35%

special price to update our modules 15$/hour

When turnover
is 500$ - 1000$

discount 45%

special price to update our modules 15$/hour

When turnover
is more 1000$

discount 55%

special price to update our modules 15$/hour

Who can join the discount program?

Any company, studio or self-employed developer who create, develop or serve an Online-Shop on CMS OpenCart. We are opened to cooperate with everyone who appreciate the quality of product and long beneficial years of cooperation

What to do?
  • Register and apply the joining conditions to partnership agreement.

  • Purchase 3 times any our module for actual (even discount) price.

  • You should apply an e-mail linked to a personal account on our site to info@neoseo.com.ua with topic: “I’d like to join myself to a developer discount program”.

  • The second round is to Skype interview with NeoSeo headmaster Mykola Baldin.

  • At once we’ll confirm our coworking agreement You’ll get the personal e-mail from our headmaster. From this moment you’ll get a discount 70% for all our on-line software products.

  • From the 1st of August 2019 the discount for all Web-masters will be calculated from the amount of turnover made in July 2019. Later the same - every month will be recalculated from the amount of turnover from the month before .