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We increase sales of the online store on OpenCart:uploading and placing the products on price aggregators Idealo, Kelkoo, Pricerunner and Amazon

Uploading and placing products offers of your online store on price aggregators: Idealo, Kelkoo, Pricerunner and Amazon, as one of the most effective sales channels

And do you know that, the traffic from price aggregators is the highest-conversion?

Uploading the products from the online store {SEO-store} on the price aggregators adds one more effective sales channel, which with proper configuration, will significantly increase the profit with one-time payment for our services.

The principle of operation is simple - we upload and put the necessary products from your online store on the site of the price aggregator, and then you get a hot target audience with payment for the transition to your site. You will pay the price aggregator (as well as on average you pay for the cost of a click in contextual advertising). BUT you will sell more, because this audience,according to statistics buys in 2-3 times more often than potential buyers, which you will result from organic search results or from contextual advertising. As a proof you can see the printscreen from Google Analytics below:

1. Online store for building tools

Traffic from Hotline2.png

2. Online store for products for children

Traffic from Hotline.png

What do our work include:

1. Registration in the personal account of the price-aggregator or the marketplace.

We indicate your contact and payment information so that you can simply pay for the services of the price aggregator yourself.

If you have already been registered, but the account has been blocked, we will restore it. Once we finished the setup, the full access will be given to you.

2. Setting up regions for display

According to your wishes, we set up where and at what time to show the goods. For example, it can only be your area or the whole country after subtracting several areas, etc.

3. Uploading data on the side of the online store

We configure the automatic upload file generator taking into consideration the specificity of the price aggregator. This file includes only those products that meet your selection criteria - price, categories, manufacturers, availability, etc.

4. Setting up the data reception on the side of the price aggregator

We set up automatic regular data reception on the side of the price aggregator so that you do not need to interfere with the unloading mechanism.

Our work doesn’t include:

  1. Entering unknown data for us, for example, installing the manufacturer
  2. Entering additional data on the side of the price aggregator, as in the case of unknown products on
  3. If there is a need for this kind of work, then it is performed either by the customer himself or by us for an additional fee.

What is included in the monthly support for additional payment

  1. Analysis of problems with visibility. It often happens that there is a product and it is unloaded, but there are no transitions, because the products were described incorrectly, or the article is incorrectly specified, or for some other reason. In this case, employees of our company will find out what exactly is wrong with the products through consultations with site representatives.
  2. Analysis of transitions and conversions, discovering additional possibilities of the site for obtaining more transitions.

What is required for the work:

  1. Name of the owner of the online store, to whom we will register a personal account.
  2. Access to the mail to which the personal account of the price aggregator will be registered. You can change the password later.
  3. Access to the admin area of the store.
  4. Access to the FTP of the store.
  5. Access to the database of the online store.
  6. Access to the hosting panel.
  7. The contact person for solving operational issues.

Cost and terms of the work, you can specify from the sales manager, for this, fill in the form below or call back to one of the numbers indicated in the header of the site. Or you can mail us at

And let the technical solutions from NeoSeo web studio help in the evolution of your successful business!


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