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Service integration for New Mail with an online store on OpenCart

Integration of service delivery with the site - it saves time the owner of the online store. By integrating an online store on OpenCart with the service delivery, no longer have to stand in line departments and to dictate the data of the recipient/sender for each invoice. Especially if we are talking about such a popular transport company, as a New Post. Book a service integration site on OpenCart (Therefore,) with a New Post and will be able to create an electronic invoice directly to the admin site and print blank invoice. Not leaving the office before sending you can change the data of the buyer/sender to send the buyer the number of the waybill or to monitor its status.

If You need a service integration New Mail from the online store on OpenCart, contact web Studio NeoSeo. We efficiently carry out all the necessary settings, and within the stipulated time will give You ready to full work tool. Call or write us Mail right now!

What does the service include the Integration of an online store on OpenCart with a delivery service New Mail

  1. Installation and configuration of the module delivery
  2. Registration on the website of New Mail. After registration in the personal Cabinet appear the keys to access APIs that are provided with the opportunity to work with the API of New Mail.
  3. Module installation in online store and making all the necessary settings.
  4. Specify the API key. After the key updating directories. To upgrades take place automatically in the server's scheduler task is added and is the time for self-renewal of books. The best option - once a week. This allows you to keep up to date database of branches and cities in which there is a delivery service New Mail.
  5. Configuring shipping methods. At the moment the company has 2 method: shipping by courier and delivery to the Department. At the default settings, each of them has different variations of “Door - Door”, “Door - warehouse”, “warehouse - Warehouse”, “Warehouse - door”. What options will be offered in the online store, depend on the wishes of the owner of the online store. If he wishes to send their goods via courier to the warehouse, in the office, a New Email will need to specify the address of the warehouse. If it is to deliver packages to the post office, you need to specify the number of post offices and the city. This step You can adjust yourself, but if you have difficulty or no desire to understand the settings, please provide us with a username, password and SMS code to enter the office, and our specialist will generate the address under “My addresses” or “Counterparties”. Also have to configure the type of shipment depending on the sent product: “package”, “cargo”, “parts”, “tires”.
  6. Configure the addresses of departure. This step is required so that you can choose the options of departure: sending to the sender, or to specify the address of the client. The use of targeted delivery requires an address in the personal Cabinet of the “New Mail” in the section “My addresses”. If you do not, the addresses in the list will not. All these data are necessary for the main task module, automatically generate an electronic invoice.

What difficulties may arise during the integration on site Therefore, with a New Post

If the integration of the New Mail is from {SEO-Shop}, a shop with installed module in the order from NeoSeo or stock OpenCart, setup will not cause any difficulties.

In the case of using Simple checkout or templates Journal, PixelShop, TechStore or something else for functionality integration and exception failures need to “make friends” method of delivery and order processing. This is necessary if:

  • the City field is not a standard name. Sometimes it happens that the input field is named or not city shipping_city, and on the other, for example shipping[city] or city_1 or has a text name. In this case, you need to choose a more convenient option or to fix the code in the module name field or rename a field in the module checkout.
  • city code is transmitted correctly. After setting, the City field is checked the correctness of the transfer code to the module. If this is not done, the city will be determined by the text name, which may lead to conflict with the same names of cities. If the code is transmitted incorrectly or not transmitted, the reason for this may be that the JavaScript from the module New Email is processed incorrectly, or it is not connected due to modifications of the code and was unable to handle the modifier that prescribes it. After identifying the causes of problems we eliminate them.
  • there are problems with the creation of electronic invoices. In a standard consignment note must be filled in last Name, first name, middle Name, area code, Street, house number of the Client. If something is not, it is necessary to clarify the cause or to add a missing field, or edit the title, for example “Enter the Name, the “Enter Name, Surname, Patronymic”.

Common cause not all the filled information is an incorrect phone number or name. Server for new Mail once he verifies the name and phone number of the recipient at their bases and may refuse the invoice with the error “recipient Data is not correct”. Therefore, if you write Cat Murchik or specify unrealistic phone, New Mail eliminates them and refuses to create the invoice. Accordingly, even when testing a module, you specify the actual data to ensure that the integration of the online store on OpenCart with New Mail is set up correctly and everything is running smoothly.

At the request of the Client, the functionality of the integration for New Mail on OpenCart can be expanded. For example, to make the selection field offices in other place or to modify or change it. But then the service integration will take more time. The actual cost of the service can be found on the page here.

In fact, the integration of OpenCart with delivery service New Mail is no big deal. The main thing to choose the responsible persons for this service, which in this case has teeth ate. Can spend looking for them weeks, or just contact the specialists of web-Studio NeoSeo. Order the integration of the New Mail site on OpenCart today, and after a few minutes our Manager will contact You for further details.

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