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Publication of guest articles in our blog

Why is this necessary?

Who better to talk about online business, if not someone who is constantly confronted with it?

It's about programmers, marketers, and businessmen who have gone this route and have already gained their experience.

If you are from among these people, then youhavesomething to tell!

You can write an article about what you do every day, what difficulties arise, how toovercome them and declare yourself asan expertin your industry.

We are read by SEO professionals, content marketers,freelancersand business owners who want or are already developing their online stores.

They come to our blog every day to:

  • learn more about online business
  • how to organize everything on the side of the Internet store: site management, sales managers, etc.
  • to understand how Internet marketing works, to try workinglife-hacks, check-lists, to get knowledge about the independent promotion and maintenance of the site

You can help them a lot, write acool articleand we will tell about it to our subscribers in the next newsletter, and from the article we will put an active link to your blog or company website.

Which topics are right for you?

Our audience is interested in a variety of topics: from the entry level instruction "how to start your online store from scratch", "how to take the first steps?", "How to reach a new level?" And up to the complex instructions "how to develop your brand in a few months of work for the whole country. "

Just tell me about what you know well.This can be marketing research, chips interacting with developers when creating an online store, developing business from the ground up, an online marketing guide for beginners, orlingridyabout content, SEO and programming onOpenCart- the main thing is that your articles are full of real experience.

What are the requirements for articles?

In order for us to publish your article on the blog, it should be:

  • Unique, previously never published (rewritealso does not fit)
  • With statistics, examples with one's own or another's practice, with references to studies and books - like our readers we like facts, and not "water."
  • Using images, screenshots that would complement the article.
  • Applicable in practice and useful.
  • Structured and readable (use subheadings, lists, highlight key phrases)

We do not have specific requirements for the volume of the article, since the main thing is to open the topic to the fullest. The average length of our articles is 5 thousand characters. You can rely on this number.

We wish you inspiration

Be ready to finalize the text at our request.We are interested in quality materials, so we are ready to help with tips for improving the article so that the result will satisfy everyone.If you are ready to write an article for us - just fill out the form below, where you need to specify your mail, the approximate topic of the article and we will contact you.

We wish you inspiration,



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