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What role the design and choice of CMS have in creating an online store?

Today we have prepared for you a special material that contains not only introductory content, but also expert opinion. We know how important it is for customers to make the right choice, so that the online store as soon as possible begins to accomplish its main function - the attraction of new orders.


  1. What are the stages of creating an online store?
  2. Why the choice of design and CMS play a key role in the development of the site?
    • How should be the modern design of the site?
    • Which CMS for online stores are recommended by programming experts and why?
    • What are the pros and cons of ready website templates?
  3. Advantages of ready website templates
  4. What role does design and CMS play in promoting the site?
    • The secret of the successful launch of the online store

What are the stages of creating an online store?

As is known, the development of an online store is divided into several segments:

  • evaluation of the target audience;
  • selection of products and suppliers;
  • development of site structure;
  • designing the site;
  • Filling content;
  • optimization.

Before building an online store, you need to carefully study your target audience: age, prospective income, interests, pastime, etc. After that you will be able to determine the choice of the products, and based on the product category and the intended audience to decide on the colors and the design styles of the site itself, as well as the most suitable CMS.

Роль дизайну і CMS в створенні сайтів

Why the choice of design and CMS play a key role in the development of the site?

One of the biggest challenges for customers is exactly the stages of site design, because this includes the development of the design of the online store and the choice of a convenient and reliable CMS.

A modern user of Internet resources is very demanding, so developers have to make every effort to create a truly competitive online store.

Such a site should be convenient, intuitive, fast, not annoying, and this is the task before the design and CMS.

Яким повинен бути сучасний інтернет-магазин поради NeoSeo

How should be the modern design of the site?

The modern design of the site is not only beautiful and convenient, for which the chosen CMS is responsible. Today the design plays a key role in the promotion of the site. According to statistics, the user has 3 seconds to decide: to stay on this web resource or close the page and go further. That's why design is given so much attention.

The designer has a task which is to design not just an attractive shell, but a website that should the user from the first seconds. It should be easy to use and attractive, thought out from the point of view of psychology (in fact the red button rejects, and the green one causes trust).

But that is not all. Each element of the site must have its own place, combined with the existing components and correctly displayed on each device. By the way, which device you are most often using to visit Internet sites? Write in the comments, we are very interested.

It would seem that if the designer really thinks about everything to the smallest detail, what role does the CMS play in all of this, may you choose any system?

This is a big mistake. After all, CMS is the heart of the body of your site, and design is its appearance. If the CMS is picked up incorrectly (does not correspond to the initial tasks of the site), even the most ideal design may suffer.

Взаємозв'язок дизайну і CMS для сайту

What is the difference of existing CMS, what are their pros and cons. Therefore, we created a survey for programming experts.

Which CMS for online stores are recommended by programming experts and why?

Today, one of the most popular CMS for online stores are:

  • OpenCart;
  • WordPress;
  • 1С Bitrix;
  • Magenta;
  • Joomla.

We interviewed specialists who work in our state, as well as programmers who are experts in programming and creating various sites and online stores, to slightly open the curtain in the choice of CMS.

NeoSeo (NS): "What is the difference between the CMS data and which one is best for the online store? What is the advantage of each of them, how are they connected with the design? "

Яку CMS вибрати для інтернет-магазину, рекомендації експертів

Respondent (P):

  • OpenCart - friendly to the user. Friendly to the developer (confirmed myself). ِAbout the prices of modules - judge the store by yourself. Initially it is an online store and nothing more. As a consequence, nothing excess in the admin panel and in the code. I really like OpenCart.
  • WordPress - popular, friendly to the user. But not friendly to the developer. It was originally created as a blog, and now it is riveted with anything. In developer’s eyes it’s difficult to call that an advantage. WP at the same time is a knife, a spin and an opener. But in practice - a bad knife, a bad spin and a bad opener. I do not recommend it.
  • 1C Bitrix - is not cheap. Not friendly to the user. Not friendly to the developer. A large complex admin area with a bunch of functions (often not necessary for a beginner entrepreneur). Expensive modules and expensive to maintain (those support for free do nothing). Perhaps, it will suit a large enterprise. I do not recommend a start-up company.
  • Magento - very expensive in service. This is for those who can afford to keep in the Senior Programmer staff. It is very expensive to maintain and complex in terms of cost / architecture.
  • Joomla - CMS, which gradually deteriorates. Inconvenience and poor functionality doing their job. So, OpenSart is beyond competition!

NS: "Can I use free templates?"

Respondent (P): "Free templates can be used if they are downloaded from resources moderating products in their store. Otherwise, there is a probability of falling into the code of your project deliberately left vulnerabilities through which pests can make their filthy business. On WordPress - this is a common practice. "

Переваги та недоліки готових шаблонів для інтернет-магазинів

NS: Why do many people choose OpenSart?

Respondent (P): "The OpenSart system is more flexible and simple, that allows to perform its functions much faster. But the point is not even this ... The most vulnerable place in any system is the database. That is, it all depends on how much the system reboots various tables, links, categories, etc. In OpenCart a little reduced functionality for the developer, but it is quite diverse for the user. Together, this gives a significant advantage in data processing, and thus acceleration of the site itself.

For example, Magento is an enterprise solution, and it is usually set not on a shared, but on a dedicated server - that's why the "readers-users" have a stereotype that it's faster. On the contrary it is slower, it requires more resources, and for it VPS are minimum requirements ".

That's why we work on the basis of CMS OpenCart, so that when you receive a ready online store you get:

  • high speed of work;
  • quality support;
  • flexible to system changes;
  • secure database.

What are the pros and cons of ready website templates?

Many business owners prefer to save on the services of companies to create sites and simply download ready templates to reduce costs and time. But such savings can play a cruel joke, especially when it comes to long-term online shopping. Consider the main advantages and disadvantages of ready website templates.

Advantages of ready website templates:

  • free of charge;
  • Reducing the time to create the site;
  • a large selection of ready options.

Perhaps, the advantages of free ready templates come to an end, because in time you will start to face significant shortcomings:

  • difficulties in individualizing the design;
  • a malicious code that can lead the site to a damage, and also steal data from your sales and customers;
  • a minimum of individuality (sites whose templates are in the public domain for downloading can be used by several tens of thousands of online stores, which means your site can be similar to them);
  • complexity in the personalization and implementation of the necessary modules;
  • various breakdowns and failures at the most inopportune moment;
  • inability to maintain a constant processing of a large amount of data.

Now you know why you should not download sites from untested resources, especially when it comes to creating a serious online store. This statement applies to sites and other types: blogs, business cards, landings, etc.

What role does design and CMS play in promoting the site?

Of course, the work of CMS and the attractiveness of website design influence the user's interest. If the site has a repulsive design, in which the red purchase buttons, there is no cart, the panels are placed against the rules of perception, and many more different flaws ... To complete the order the user needs to perform a huge amount of actions ... Moreover, the response time of the site leaves much to be desired .. The user simply leaves from such site.

Секрет успішного запуску інтернет-магазину

But with the introduction of artificial intelligence into the work of search engines Google and Yandex, the design and CMS site began to play a role in the Seo-promotion of an online store. For example, Google reported that since this year all sites that do not have a mobile version of the site design will be downgraded.

Also, the response time of the site began to play a huge role, which largely depends on the correct design and CMS.

That's why our online stores are growing so fast in the ranking of search engines. Our specialists do not just use the ready OpenCart templates, but carry out many improvements and various upgrades that make the site not only attractive externally, but also with internal high-speed. You get a ready online store that is ready for successful promotion and meets all the requirements of search engines and modern users.

The secret of the successful launch of the online store

To start the online store smoothly and begin to attract users, its structure should be sustained in a modern style, specified to your target audience. In addition, the very role of the site development itself, because of the fact that inside the engine of the site, its further work and reliability depends.

NeoSeo team wishes you a successful development of an online store, a modern design, reliable and convenient operation of CMS.


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