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Unloading of goods from the online store {SEO-Shop}, OpenCart 2.x, 3.x, ocStore using the module "data Sharing" in the 1C:Enterprise

When working with module data Exchange Protocol CommerceML does not support data loading in goods out of the box. However, if you are a programmer 1C:Enterprise or want to hire a programmer, then here is the instruction how to implement it:

From the 1C:Enterprise load the goods, which are not synchronized at the following link:

http: //your domain/export/neoseo_exchange1c.php? type = catalog & mode = export

From the side of 1C: Enterprise, download all the goods at the following link (from 119 versions of the module):

http: //your domain/export/neoseo_exchange1c.php? type = catalog & mode = exportall

Important! Module code prior to version 121 is soforp_exchange1c. If you have a version less than 121, use this code in the link.

The module will give all the goods that are not yet synchronized with 1C: Enterprise, in the following format:

hanks to thoughtful details, it seems that this furniture is handmade by a skilled craftsman.


Use the remote control of audio and video equipment it is possible through the glass with the doors closed. Sliding doors with an integrated door closer close smoothly and silently. Compartment for wires; wires at hand, but not visible. Removable shelves; install at different levels as needed. ]]>












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