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3 reasons to change your web hosting company and Why you just can’t wait

Three years ago I’ve seen a revolution, that wasn’t. It happened on a hosting company forum: the users started to complain about the quality of services, because this quality suddenly become very, very low. The servers were slow, the speed of loading was low, consequently, and the websites were down every single day.

It’s easy to understand why hundreds of people argued and complained, but this “revolution” led nowhere.

The hosting company didn’t do anything — they didn’t solve the problem, moreover, they didn’t even explained what happened with the quality of the services. In the end, the users didn’t leave this company and stayed with it — they just didn’t think about switching to another web host.

Why? Well, some people thought that switching to another host is a very expensive or time-consuming process, while the others thought that it could lead to the problems with SEO optimization.

But well, it’s really not so bad. Changing a web host takes up to 6 hours (if a webmaster knows what he’s doing), it isn’t expensive and it doesn’t worsen SEO optimization. If all those people from that forum knew this 3 years ago, they wouldn’t have to tolerate the terms of that provider company. And of course, they wouldn’t have to lose clients, money and their Google or Yahoo positions.

In this article, we’ll tell you when you must change a hosting provider and what problems are going to happen if you don’t do it. We’ll also explain what will you get after switching to another web hosting, how we switch hostings and how much does it usually cost.

3 cases when it’s absolutely time to change hosting provider

  • When a hosting provider works slow (when the equipment is outdated)
  • When a hosting doesn’t work stable (when they just don’t want to buy new equipment)
  • When a hosting provider company worsen the terms (and expects you not to leave them)

Why these three cases?

Slow work of a hosting provider means slow loading of your website. When your website loading speed is slow, you lose both clients and Google Rank.

Unstable hosting provider can’t provide a stable work of your website — as a result, your website will get down or under maintenance, and you won’t be able to open a web panel.

A hosting provider that worsens the terms is a highway to hell. Today they increase your monthly payment, tomorrow they’ll make a paid customer support, what’s next?

What will happen if you don’t switch a hosting provider?

There is a rule, confirmed by Amazon specialists: each 0.1 second takes 1% of your potential clients away. If your website loads 7 or 8 seconds, 30-40% of users will close the page and end up with competitors.

Search engines don’t like slow site, either. If your website doesn’t achieve good results in Google PageSpeed Insights, it will most likely lose some positions in SERP.

Unstable hosting leads to problems with clients and search engines, too. If your website is always down, clients will go to your rivals and search engines will reduce its rating. It makes sense that you will lose both profit and position in SERP, and it leads to even bigger SEO-related spendings.

If a hosting company worsens the terms, it’s obvious that there’s no future with this company. What’s next, they will double the monthly payment or make you pay $50 for one conversation with the support team? Such cases have already happened, so if you don’t want it to continue, leave this company.

How do we switch hostings? How long does it take?

  1. We set up a new server. It usually takes up to 3 hours.
  2. We transfer all the files (your website, actually) to a new server. It takes up to 1 hour.
  3. We test a website on a new hosting server to make sure there are no problems with it. It takes 2 hours usually.

What will you get after switching to a new hosting? How much does it cost?

We transfer the websites to new hostings in 6 hours. As a result, you’ll get a fast and stable website, better rankings in search engines, user-friendly and simple web panel.

VPS/VDS hosting with SSD, powerful CPU and at least 8 Gb of RAM will reduce the loading speed to a minimum. It will lead to better user behaviour factors and it will increase the number of clients that don’t close the page when it’s loading. Such web hosting will not let your website get down because there are too many users on it.

Improved load speed will also improve your position in SERP, because fast websites rank better (I mean, those with 90-100 points in Google PageSpeed Insights). You can get 90-100 points with a fast hosting server only.

You’ll also get ISPManager, one of the best web hosting control panels. It’s very cheap ($4 per month), it’s simple (user-friendly, with intuitive interface), it’s powerful — with the additional modules like DDoS-protection or antivirus, it becomes even more multifunctional.

In short words

If you have problems with your hosting provider, you shouldn’t hesitate. We highly recommend not to wait — because if you do, you will lose clients, ranking, spend big money on SEO-optimization (yes, one more time!) and lose the potential profit.

Just remember: if a hosting is bad, you just have to change it, that’s all.

It’s not difficult — just place the order, wait for few hours and get a fast and stable website!


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