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Where it is impossible to buy for OpenCart modules, including modules of web-Studio NeoSeo

Dear existing and potential Clients of the web Studio NeoSeo, never buy our modules or our build on pirate sites, which sell our software solutions without appropriate authorization.

We, as a developer of modules for OpenCart 2.x and OpenCart 3.x, and software builds for the development of the online stores {SEO-store} model “A” and {SEO-store} model “Next” to officially announce our software solutions are sold from our corporate sites. No one else in the Internet had not received authorization and has no right to sell the products of our intellectual property.

Online divorced huge number of sites Warezov (from wares, mn.h. software, software, SOFTWARE) — software solutions, copyrighted and distributed illegally.

That is, the module is a hacked and modified to be able to use it for free or to sell to those who are looking for OpenCart modules at the lowest cost. In the form of "bonus" users of hacked modules and templates get all kind of malware — Trojans, miners, hidden advertising, etc.

Give some disadvantages of using Warezov:

1. All the payment transactions and personal data can get into the hands of fraudsters.

2. Your site will be infected and the most harmless that can happen is the display of advertising third-party resources on your site and redirect these resources from mobile devices.

3. Sites with warez with enviable periodicity becomes trivial distribution of SPAM. In the end, all the email addresses, including domain and email fall into the spam list, which greatly affects the receiving of your emails by customers.

4. Simply install one warez-module and you can easily become part of the complex process between the author and your website. As a result, your site can be closed with the help of the host and of course you'll have to explain how you have turned this template or module.

Please do not try to save $ 5, respect copyright and the work of others, buy modules and build only on our official websites, get updates on the modules in your account and help on the forum,

Work with professionals and grow your online business

Team NeoSeo



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