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Change history of the module "Exchange with 1C:Enterprise"

Version 141 of 10/18/2018

  • Implemented accounting for the manufacturer_description table when unloading goods from the store

Version 140 of 09/10/2018

  • The mode of tree deletion of old images obtained through 1C has been changed (now the folder does not empty, but it checks by file whether this file exists or not)

Version 139 from 09/20/2018

  • Added processing of related products

Version 138 from 09/20/2018

  • Added processing of additional categories by the tag Additional categories in Properties with delimiter through; (Category; Advanced Category)

Version 137 of September 18, 2018

  • Added cleaning of parent categories

Version 136 from 09/18/2018

  • Added the ability to tree-delete old images in full exchange with 1C
  • Version 135 from 09/07/2018
  • Added the ability to select a group of buyers when exchanging stocks for goods

Version 134 of 08/21/2018

  • Added the ability to disable / enable updating order statuses from 1s, provided that 1s transfers the changed statuses of orders to the site

Version 133 of 08/07/2018

  • Added support for unloading the manufacturer of goods in the unloading of orders for versions 1.5-3.0

Version 132 dated 07/11/2018

  • Implemented support for version opencart 3.0
  • Added the ability to delete warehouses in the Catalog / NeoSeo section Warehouses for versions 2.0-3.0

Version 131 dated 07/10/2018

  • Fixed behavior of unloading into forced categories

Version 130 dated 06/26/2018

  • Added support for accounting for the price of goods in the order from the invoice

Version 129 dated 06/20/2018

  • Added support for accounting for the quantity of goods in the order from the invoice

Version 128 of 06/19/2018

  • Added counting of the Delete flag field - false is considered - includes the product

Version 127 of 04/25/2018

  • In the upload, the jan field is added to the JAN tag. For version 1.5, a key has been added to export all products

Version 126 dated 03/26/2018

  • Added the ability to take the description of the product from the value of the full name. Fixed check for empty settings description in languages

Version 125 of 03/21/2018

  • The principle of module parameter initialization has been changed.
  • Missing localization variables added

Version 124 dated 03/20/2018

  • Added product_id output to OfferId tag in goods export

Version 123 dated 03/19/2018

  • Added default values when installing the module.

Version 122 dated 03/07/2018

  • Notice fixed when updating filter options based on product options

Version 121 of 02/23/2018

  • Code conversion to NeoSeo standard

Version 120 of 02.22.2018

  • Added url connection for version 1.5

Version 119 of 02/19/2018

  • Added the ability to unload goods from the system that are not synchronized with 1s, for version 1.5

Version 118 dated 02/07/2018

  • Now the button widget is used in the module settings template.

Version 117 dated 02/05/2018

  • Added option "Add Transactions to Order" with options:
  • Off - transaction will not be added
  • Always - the transaction will always be added to the order.
  • If the amount or date of payment is changed, the transaction will be added to the order if it has not been added before or the date / amount of payment has changed

Version 116

  • Added button "Download logs" in module settings
  • Improved "Disconnect Products" option. Added options: Missing - enable goods from unloading, disable goods that are not in the unloading. Missing and with a zero price - include goods from unloading with a price> 0, disable goods that are not in the unloading and with a price = 0. Missing and without a main image - include goods from unloading that have a main image, disable goods that are not in unloading and without the main image. With a zero price - disable all products with a zero price, enable products with a price> 0; Without a main image - disable all products that do not have a primary image, enable products with a primary image.

Version 115

  • The following errors have been fixed: explode (): Empty delimiter and Undefined variable: categories

Version 114

  • Removed option "Disable absent". Added option "Disconnect goods" (multiple choice) with options: absent, with zero price, without the main image.

Version 113

  • Added support for forced unloading to a specified category

Version 112

  • Added support for unloading quantity of goods in discounts for customer groups

Version 111

  • Added support for NeoSeoFilter

Version 110

  • Added the ability to nullify related options, along with the usual options, to remove the no longer existing related options.
  • Added the ability to upload images of goods in the export of goods.

Version 109

  • Added the ability to specify in which languages you can update the description and name in the product and in categories

Version 108

  • Added the ability to specify in which languages you can update the description and name in the product and in categories
  • Added the ability to create custom details in a customer order

Version 107

  • Added the ability to create attribute groups and upload attributes to various attribute groups

Version 106

  • Added tag support for statuses if the product is not in stock

Version 105

  • Added the ability to update the filter values will be based on the values of the options assigned to the product. It is possible to exclude certain options.

Version 104

  • Added the ability to set the order status after unloading in 1s from the list of ratios

Version 103

  • Added support for uploading categories to the site

Version 102

  • Added support for uploading custom tags in an order. Important! Reception and analysis of additional tags from 1c should be configured.

Version 101

  • Added support for matching order statuses on the site and in 1s

Version 100

  • Added support for the module "Multicurrency products"

Version 99

  • Added button to delete goods only imported from 1s

Version 98

  • Added the ability to choose where to save the dimensions (L x W x H) of the product from the properties. Saving is possible either in the corresponding field in the product card, or in the attributes.

Version 97

  • Improved product description update in different languages.

Version 96

  • Unloading of goods in 1s is added to the modules for 1.5, 2.0 and 2.3

Version 95

  • Added an alternative way to unload orders - by tags. added a meta as a checkmark on order cards

Version 94

  • Improved unloading of the base unit.
  • Two formats are supported:



In this case, the value will be taken from the tag

, i.e. PC




  • In this case, the value will be taken from the International Abbreviation attribute, i.e. pcs, provided that the unit has completed the international abbreviation

Version 93

  • Improved unloading of connected options of goods in orders

Version 92

  • Improved processing of statuses of orders from 1s

Version 91

  • Added setting of notification of the buyer about the change of order status when exchanging 1s with IM. The saving of the declaration number transmitted from 1c as a comment to the order in the IM has been improved.

Version 90

  • Added the ability to specify a warehouse for the purchase of goods. The selected warehouse is displayed in the order in the admin panel and in the user's account. So far only for OC 2.1 and 2.0
  • Compatibility with the old base structure for connected options for opencards 1.5 has been improved
  • Improved removal of options that were left without values.

Version 89

  • Added the ability to unload the base unit for an item in an order based on the option name

Version 88

  • Added synchronization by product code
  • Improved synchronization of localized product names and descriptions

Version 87

  • Improved handling of options with articles
  • A universal crutch has been added that solves the problem with authorization under CGI (previously .htaccess had to be edited)

Version 86

  • Support revision 2.3
  • Finalization of parsing of names of manufacturers

Version 85

  • The calculation of balances has been improved if there are balances only in warehouses and the option "use warehouses" is disabled
  • Version 84
  • Fixed a bug when uploading orders with unregistered customers.

Version 83

  • Added protection against updating the okfilter filter if it is not in the system.
  • Improved IP address protection.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when exchanging only orders.

Version 82

  • Improved export of goods for Class365. Now the goods are divided into files according to the options so that the modifications are automatically created.
  • Corrected auto conversion of currencies

Version 81

  • Now the option “subtract from stock” also works when creating new options in a product
  • Added processing of "Mark Delete" from bitrix. Now such a product will be turned off automatically
  • Set up testing the bitrix format - everything goes fine
  • Added balances on options in the context of warehouses
  • Added button to clear data on warehouses

Version 80

  • A bunch of small compatibility fixes
  • Returned to the option "Use phone number"

Version 79

  • I finalized the algorithm for resetting unnecessary options for integration with the warehouse, which does not know what unloading is in order. However, he knows little.
  • Improved synchronization of categories and products by name, quotes are now correctly taken into account
  • Added support for localized product names and descriptions. Now, in order to keep the name of the product in different languages in 1s, add the name_en, name_ua, name_en, etc. to the product attributes. The prefix must match the language code in the store. Similarly, localized descriptions are added.
  • Added automatic redirect protection solution from http to https for the exchange module

Version 78

  • PHP7 support improvements

Version 77

  • Added support for PHP7

Version 76

  • Improved the operation of the "Delete zero options" algorithm
  • Isolation of algorithms for order status and product status in the order is improved

Version 75

  • Added export of goods for 1s, so that two-way synchronization works, you will need to modify the 1s configurator. Implementation Experience Available

Version 74

  • Now the manufacturer is being pulled, including from the Brand tag (Formerly Manufacturer + Manufacturer and the properties of the same name)

Version 73

  • Added tag loading support (seo_tags, seo_tag, meta_tags, meta_tag)

Version 72

  • Fixed Undefined property: Proxy :: getProductCode1c error
  • Removed unnecessary directory cleaning when loading the archive

Version 71

  • Added synchronization of order statuses if they arrive back in the form of offers.xml
  • Added disconnection of goods if a note about removal was received from the warehouse system ()
  • Added experimental support for ocStore 2.3

Version 70

  • Added a group of buyers to upload orders 1s
  • Added events,,,
  • The post.product.update event changed its name to post.admin.product.update

Version 69

  • Checking for duplicates no longer blocks the synchronization process, just swears about potential problems
  • Added post.product.update event

Version 68

  • Added option "Consider missing balance zero" for those options 1s that stubbornly refuse to unload 0 as zero balance.
  • Added ability to record property values in product fields

Version 67

  • Fixed initialization of connected options
  • Removed "not set" for the description, model, goods

Version 66

  • Added synchronization of OCFilter filter options with product attributes
  • Added protection against gluing counterparties in case of an unregistered client without email (the identifier in this case will be md5 from the phone, first and last name of the client)
  • Empty attributes are now ignored

Version 65

  • Improved product availability status processing
  • Improved compatibility with clean opencards

Version 64

  • Fixed errors when working with article options
  • Now the status of a product can also be affected by its availability. Added option "disable those goods that are not in the unloading or which have a zero price"

Version 63

  • Added the ability to set the type of created options (switch or drop-down list)
  • Added the ability to set the mark "required" for the created options
  • Added the ability to create options from packages (in case it is lazy to create options)
  • Added the ability to set positive prices with discount results for the order (1s does not accept negative)
  • Added support for the Category attribute, where you can specify the names of additional product categories separated by commas.
  • Added support for the attribute Category Codes, in which you can specify comma separated codes for additional product categories.
  • Added support for the Minimum attribute, in which you can specify the minimum quantity for the order

Version 62

  • Added ability to set default values for product availability status
  • Added the ability to set promotional prices
  • Fixed bug with SET construct duplication in SQL queries

Version 61

  • Added the ability to automatically monitor the status of goods. When you turn on all the goods that are not in the unloading will be automatically disabled. And vice versa, those goods that were disconnected but are in the unloading will be included.
  • Added option to enable archiving
  • Added option for uploading extended order notes

Version 60

  • Added ability to set discounts according to prices from imports
  • If the characteristic Weight came empty, then its value is ignored, and not used as 0
  • Added the ability to process archives from 1s
  • Options for prices and balances are separated into separate tabs for ease of use
  • Added option "Main warehouse", which allows you to set the balance of the goods according to the balance in the main warehouse

Version 59

  • Added option "delete options with zero remainder"

Version 58

  • The functionality of assigning goods to several categories by the method of setting correspondence is stabilized
  • Improved order deletion for version 2x

Version 57

  • Synchronized module functionality for all versions of opencards
  • Added conversion of prices in foreign currency on the fly. Use the column "Currency Codes"

Version 56

The mechanism for working with characteristics has been completely redone. Now all three options are supported:

- Property Values in offers.xml (UT 11.2 for Russia)

- Product specifications in offers.xml (UT 11.2 for Russia)

- Product specifications in import.xml (UT 2.3 for Ukraine)

Version 55

  • Added uploading of additional data on the order (country, region, etc.)

Version 54

  • Added the ability to upload the results of the order and delivery as an item 1s

Version 53

  • Added log output to update description and title
  • Added options for processing price options
  • Added a separate option "update description"
  • Added option "update article"

Version 52

  • Added setting "where to record Product / Barcode"
  • Added setting "where to record Product / Code"
  • The category_to_1c.1c_category_id field is renamed to 1c_id
  • Modified product binding in case of option goods

Version 51

  • Improved filter by characteristics

Version 50

  • Balance recalculation for conventional options has been improved in the case of using connected options

Version 49

  • Now the manufacturer is pulled, including from the Manufacturer tag (Formerly Manufacturer and the property of the same name)
  • Added the ability to upload orders under one client.

Version 48

  • Now supports multiple categories when unloading from 1s
  • Now the properties are drawn from the characteristics (there is no need to modify unloading from 1s)
  • Improved manufacturer name import for ocStore

Version 47

  • Removed the work about deleting a nonexistent directory
  • Another bitrix refinement
  • OpenCard 2.2 support

Version 46

  • Improved support for the Bitrix exchange module
  • Added editing of warehouse information

Version 45

  • Added the ability to edit binding codes for goods (OK2)
  • Units are loaded in the mpn field (or as indicated in the settings)
  • Improved filter by IP addresses
  • Added ability to specify attributes for exclusion
  • Fixed errors in the use of stock balances

Version 44

  • Now the seo generator is called not only to create goods, categories, manufacturers, but also to update them
  • Experimental Bitrix Support

Version 43

  • If the Code field is present in the upload, then this field sits in the UPC field of the product
  • Fixed defect Column 'date_available' specified twice
  • Fixed defect Undefined variable: delete

Version 42

  • Added integration with NeoSeo SEO Generator

Version 41

  • Unloading of goods in the order takes into account option codes in 1s
  • Improved support for connected options

Version 40

  • Check for availability of prices in the offer section has been added

Version 39

  • Added support for connected options

Version 38

  • Added algorithm with stock prices in options (only 1.5.X, only for special unloading)
  • Converted unsuitable for vin1251 characters conversion

Version 37

  • Eliminated overwriting of price and quantity in case of disabling the "update price" and "update quantity" options

Version 36

  • Added protection against incorrect encoding in win-1251

Version 35

  • Removed file gluing, now the whole file is accepted and processed as a whole

Version 34

  • Added accounting for stock balances in warehouses
  • The principle of version numbering based on browser versioning has been changed

Version 1.33

  • The weight property is ignored if it is not filled (previously it was brought to zero and the weight of the goods was reset)
  • The unloading of goods also takes into account the weight column.

Version 1.32

  • Added the ability to handle categories with the same name in different parent categories
  • Added option "Subtract from stock"
  • Added option "Use full name"
  • The module is renamed to "NeoSeo Exchange with 1s"

Version 1.31

  • Counterparty format changed from "phone" to "customer_id # email"

Version 1.30

  • Added export of goods from the store to excel

Version 1.29

  • The situation is processed with hosting services on which mbstring.func_overload is enabled (
  • Another refinement for integration with seogen
  • Search for categories by name in all languages

Version 1.28

  • Added processing of simple properties (no more than one property per sentence)

Version 1.27

  • Added the ability to specify pre-processing of the database with sql queries
  • Added ability to specify database post processing by sql queries

Version 1.26

  • Improved integration with SeoGen
  • Added forwarding of the requisite "Image address" to the product image

Version 1.25

  • Added the ability to select the encoding of orders (sometimes you need utf8, and sometimes win1251)

Version 1.24

  • Added optional category name synchronization

Version 1.23

  • Modified the creation of manufacturers in the database taking into account ocStore
  • Improved integration with SeoGen

Version 1.22

  • Added uploading order status
  • Added payment method upload
  • Added upload method delivery
  • Added uploading of shipping costs (item with code ORDER_DELIVERY)

Version 1.21

  • Modified price processing with pennies

Version 1.20

  • Modified product name update

Version 1.19

  • Added button "delete links", which allows re-linking products
  • Options are arranged in the corresponding tabs.
  • I fixed the growth of image sizes
  • Added the ability to rename goods when unloading from 1s
  • Added reading of quantity from the first available warehouse if the Quantity tag is missing
  • Added a table of links by category

Version 1.18

  • Improved support for reference properties
  • Added support for special properties seo_description, seo_keyword, seo_title, seo_h1

Version 1.17

  • Added work with file chunks for older versions 1s
  • Added currency setting for export
  • Optimized file size limits for data import
  • Now the import file is not deleted before importing the proposal file
  • Minor logging improvements

Version 1.16

  • Manufacturer property processing added

Version 1.15

  • Improved unloading of the client’s address in case they are saved not in delivery, but in payment

Version 1.14

  • Improved alternative value source
  • Fixed work with images in 1.5

Version 1.13

  • Added the ability to synchronize by model and disable synchronization in general
  • Fixed a defect that led to a reset of the settings for unloading orders

Version 1.12

  • Added processing of special properties "Weight", "Length", "Width", "Height"

Version 1.11

  • Added property handling
  • The quotation marks in the name are now escaped to html characters
  • Image import improvements for 2.0

Version 1.10

  • Fixed path for recording product image with opencards version
  • Text line separators replaced by html in the product description
  • Added option "add phone to customer’s name" so that there are no conflicts with customers with the same name when uploading orders in 1s
  • Fixed processing of additional images

Version 1.9

  • Authentication code has been improved in case the web server or php block HTTP_AUTH transmission in the native format
  • The processing of the Status property has been improved so that from 1s it is possible to set statuses for goods

Version 1.8

  • Product description is taken from the correct field
  • Ignored system characteristics such as TypeTovar, Full name and others

Version 1.7

  • Modified the binding of goods to categories

Version 1.6

  • Link tables are cleared when the corresponding objects are deleted.
  • Now the creation of new categories is regulated by the option
  • Now the initial status of new categories is regulated by the option
  • Now the appearance of new categories in the menu is regulated by the option
  • Now the creation of new manufacturers is regulated by the option
  • Now the counterparty’s identifier is his phone
  • Version 1.5
  • Added control of the initial status of the created goods and categories

Version 1.4

  • Added options for synchronizing balances and prices
  • Added forced database cleaning when creating products and categories
  • Added support for OC 2.0

Version 1.3

  • Refined communication by article and name
  • Logging has become more intuitive

Version 1.2

  • Completely changed data processing algorithm
  • vqmod is no longer required

Version 1.1

Improved use of article

Redesigned module interface

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