Get rid of unnecessary - let’s start with images

What to do if there are so many images on your Internet resource that you should think about changing the pricing on hosting? Are all images used? Perhaps most of them have long ago lost their relevance? If today there is no need to use images that take up a lot of space - they should simply be removed. So, we carry out "general cleaning" with the software solution "Remove unnecessary images"!

"Remove unnecessary images": why do you need this module?

The "Remove unnecessary images" software solution helps to check and delete all images that are not used, including their cached versions. In a very short time, this module will free up dozens of Gb space on your web resource.

What images are checked by the "Remove unnecessary images" program:

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Manufacturers
  • Banners image
  • Downloads
  • Orders
  • Options (if available)
  • Images from the settings
  • Images of certificates.

Please note: if the link to the image was added in manual mode, for example, in the html description of the product, then the software "Remove unnecessary images" will not help in this case.

Information about the software solution "Remove unnecessary images"

The basic requirements for setting up the "Remove unnecessary images" module:

  • PHP 5.3;
  • OpenСart 1.5., 2.0.;
  • VQMOD 2.4.1 і выше;
  • IonCube Loader (domain license).

Technical support

Web-studio "NeoSeo" provides free technical support for the software "Remove unnecessary images" for OpenCart.

If you need to improve the functionality of this software, write to .

Cost and terms of the works you can specify with the sales manager, for this fill out the form below or call back to one of the numbers indicated in the header of the site.


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